DIY Weekend Garden Project

Who doesn't love a wicker basket filled with flowers?

Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar California 
started this "trend" of living plants in interesting baskets
years and years ago 
and it has become one of their signature gift items 
at the nursery

They have mastered this look by making the baskets and wooden boxes waterproof
 for use inside 
or outside on your porch or garden table

hide the soil and roots 
with moss and tuck little ferns, Ivy's and succulents 
into every square inch

I have quite a few pretty little baskets
 to use for this weekend project
 I have followed the "Rogers Garden method" of containing the soil 
by lining the baskets with waterproof floral paper
 You can find this paper at craft stores and floral supply stores

It's a bit like aluminum foil but has a plastic over lining 
which makes it completely waterproof
If you are using these out side you will need to poke a few holes for drainage

I secure the paper to the baskets with heavy duty staples 
so it stays put along the sides of the baskets

 Here is the little oval basket 
 It has a new home on the garden table 
in the apple orchard 

 I used some succulents in the little square ones
You can cut the paper as needed or just shape it unto your basket

 This is an old hand picking orchard bucket 
used to pick and load fruit from the tree to the bushel

It definitely  looked like it was in need of 
some cheering up

 I added some geraniums and petunias
and hung it by the little buckle on the back 
over the top of my garden gate
It will be fun to check back on these in about a month 
to see the flowers spilling over the edges

Have a fun weekend 
 try this little DIY project

And don't for forget about the special post on Tuesday

"Dream Home Ideas"


  1. Oh how I love Roger's Gardens...I haven't been there since we moved away a couple years ago. I'm going to add that to the list of places we need to go when we're down there next week. And I always wondered what was used to line the baskets - now I need to add waterproof floral paper to my shopping list!

  2. I love these baskets you made. I have a few wicker suitcases I would like to fill and that paper is just what I need. Hopefully they have it at Michaels?

  3. Kelley -
    I'm so glad you shared this. I saw a basket on sale the other day I wanted but thought.."I don't really need it." Now...I realize I DO need it! I'm going to get it tomorrow and turn it into a planter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. So pretty! It is still far too cold here for putting flowers in baskets. I have bunches of daffodils in a white pitcher on the kitchen table though and they look so pretty. I am so looking forward to pink geraniums!

  5. Oh how I wish I was planting! Spring will just not come this year! They are saying snow Sunday night and Monday..measurable snow. Argh!

  6. This idea is charming. I especially like the picking basket on your garden gate.

  7. Kelley,
    I love baskets and this is a wonderful idea. I saw an image with some rather large baskets, three in a row with just a big ball or boxwood and fell in love with the texture it gave the plantings. Your flower baskets are a great addition to your already beautiful yard. Love, love the pouch hanging on the gate!
    xo Kathysue

  8. Kelley,
    I live about 15 minutes from Rogers and have received as gifts many of their indoor floral baskets...I always wondered what the magic green foil- like paper was...thanks for the information.

  9. are so talented! the basket of flowers are so pretty...

  10. Lovely! The orchard picking bag is perfect on that little spot on the fence!

  11. Love these! Looks like the spring I need to see on this cool and dreary spring day. I have always used garbage bags to line my baskets, but this paper looks so much easier to use! I will definitely look for it.
    Looking forward to your Tuesday post!

  12. what a flair you have. I love living arrangements. Hoping to see follow up shots in a few weeks.


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