Bob The Baker

I am a wanna be baker 
so when feel the urge to bake a loaf of bread...almost from scratch 
I find Bob
Bob supplies almost everything you need in a nifty little bag 
with simple instructions on the rear
Today I'm baking Bob's whole wheat bread and I always add about a tablespoon of honey which is not in the instruction but you can really taste it in the end result
Just dump it all in a need to use a mixer or bread machine
It's much more fun to use your best kitchen tool
your hands of course!

It comes together pretty quickly and then you can plop it on a counter top and start the kneading process

Bob puts all kinds of seeds and lovely little grains in his mixes
I usually knead this mix for about 10 minutes 
This dough goes through a double rise
I like to use these Cambro plastic measures
 because you can see when the dough has doubled 

When the dough gets to the top of the 2 L  Cambro
I punch it down gently to remove the air

Cover it again and let is rise a second time
After the second rise 
I tuck it into a lightly greased bread pan
It does deflate a bit so if you have time 
let it puff up again
And finally pop it in the oven
425 for 30 - 40 minutes
did I mention the smell?

pure heaven
If you have never tried a Bobs Red Mill product I highly recommend all of them
He also make mixes which are gluten free
: 0)

I just love Bob

have a scrumptious weekend!

  1. I still love bob.

    he is wonderful

    xxx kelley

  2. Kelley

    I am so not a baker! I love to cook but HATE to bake! I do love bread though and you have made it sound possible!

    1. Cindy it is so easy and fun! Nothing better than the smell of bread in the kitchen...except maybe coffee or bacon....or cookies!

      xx kelley

  3. Kelly....I am gluten free and I miss warm bread right out of the oven....I could it the whole thing with butter at one sitting....I can smell it now..YUM!

  4. Hi Julie, the gluten free is really great...I've tried it too. Butter Yum I agree

    xoxo kelley

  5. I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen... Bob has got it goin' ON.

  6. I love Bob too!
    I'm going to add that little bit of honey next time!

  7. I used to make the no-knead bread from the NY Times recipe and it was delicious, but this looks far better. No such thing as left-over bread when it's home made.

  8. You make it look so easy. Last time the hubs used the bread machine to make bread, it was hard as a rock. Maybe I will show him how easy it is on your blog!


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