Floral Design: What the Pro's Know

You may have noticed from many of my posts that I really enjoy flowers and plants. 
 I even find weeds  interesting sometimes and fun to use in arrangements, especially in the spring. 

 But here is an example of how a professional floral designer can turn just about anything into a work of art.
This is  an old butter churn...no I don't make my own butter, you crazies!

I bought this specifically for this purpose;  I thought it would make a great vase.  

It actually wasn't expensive (around $75 dollars) because it's missing the crank handle and a front leg support.  

But WOW is that blue paint great.
I took this over to the pro's at the Rogers Gardens Floral Studio and let them work their magic. 
 Picking the orchids is the easy part, they have hundreds and then they help with the filler plants. 

The sherbet orange orchids were so beautiful and immediately caught my eye.  

I chose the lime green accents to pop off of the vintage blue paint of the butter churn.
What they do that is so wonderful is  to pack every available niche with plants. 

 Their use of sticks and moss, pulls each arrangement together and makes them look very natural and less formal than a typical arrangement...that I love! 
I had them also do this metal bread bin.  
This arrangement is much taller and more simple, but I think,  just as special.
 I am no pro at this floral stuff but, I thought I'd share a little trick. 

I do this for parties and little events sometimes. 

Pick up a plant at your local grocery, in my case the Albertsons down the street. 

 Pull off the icky, shiney stuff covering the plastic pot.  

I then cut down some brown paper, often the grocery sack, and tie it up with a little raffia.  
Super easy...green...and not all that bad from a novice floral designer!
Have a great weekend
  1. Your butter churner looks fantastic...and love the crate of lemons...everything you touch always looks amazing.

  2. BE-EE-U-TEE-FUL! That gives me some ideas ... hmmmm, where to find a butter churn ...

  3. A butter churner as a vase...now *that's* Creativity with a capitol C. I'm thoroughly enchanted by it! (I'm loving your pendants also by the way...very cool!)
    And thank you so very much for adding me to your blog list, I was completely surprised...it thrilled me to no end seeing that little picture there (first one and all...had to gush a little)!
    xo Jessica~

  4. I'm having a garage sale Saturday...almost about to sell a bread box similar to yours...(mine's the antique repro)but i just don't have a spot at the moment for it...now, i'm going to yank it out of the sale and use for an orchid arrangement! Thanks for reminding me to use something like this for a floral arrangement!! It would be so cute on my island!
    We already have 2 orchid arrangements in our house and I really love them....
    thanks Kelley for the inspiration!

  5. Lovely! Great idea about the grocery sack too! Thanks for sharing! ~Cindy

  6. Don't you just love the revamped floral department at Roger's? Let me know if you plan to take that floral arranging class...maybe I'll join you!

  7. thanks for the beautiful reminder that many unique objects can serve as vases and planters! sometimes we forget to think outside of the box.

  8. You could seriously lock me in Roger's Gardens and I would be a happy camper! Whoever Roger is, he has a seriously awesome garden!
    I love the idea of using different items for flower "vases"!

    PS the brown bag is one of my favorite tricks! : )

  9. Very cool! the bread container would be perfect for a brunch outdoors..in both the orchids are great elegant counterpoints to the rustic containers..very cool!

    have a great weekend!


  10. Hi Jeanette, How crazy when we shop our own garage sales!

    Alicia...love the idea of the class at Rogers!

    Thanks for the great comments about the butter churn, It was sort of a cast off because if it's broken foot and all, but it looks well loved now.

    xx kelley

  11. Love the arrangements. That butter churn is perfect and I love the bread container too.

  12. Stunning pictures! My mother in law is a florest and the things she can do is just amazing! My first time to your blog and I'm really enjoying! Have a great day!

  13. Those are so beautiful. Great ideas. Thanks!

  14. Hi Kelley,

    You know I think I like your brown paper wrapper plant better than the professional one. It looks so organic, simple and totally YOU!



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