Mediterranean COLOR Inspiration

What the world looks like


Photographs by Jeffrey Becom
  1. Wow, such joyous use of colour in their every day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My gosh that first photo is so gorgeous! And the coral and gold wall. . . amazing. I think we should paint our houses those colors. Don't you?

  3. Hi KarenB, yes I do! xxkelley

  4. What rich colors! I tried to paint our house coral, teal and green, but the association vetoed it. They are definitely lacking in color sense. I had it all planned out, too...large shutters, large rocker, and pots of crotons. It would have been so beautiful...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  5. LOVE every one of these photos!

  6. Very beautiful and inspiringly nonchalant use of brilliant colors! Thanks!


  7. First, let me say I'd love to visit each and every one of the places these photos were taken at! The saturation of the color is so wonderful, I guess it comes from age, who knows. All I know is I enjoyed them!

  8. The exteriors of Mediterranean homes are characterized by exposed wooden beams, large, arched entrance doors and large arched windows with wooden shutters and wrought-iron grilles. Balconies also have wrought-iron or wooden grilles. The entrance is often a grand portico with stone columns, balustrades and ornate iron work.


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