Summertime food: The Balboa Bar


This is a what came first...
the chicken or the egg 
the banana or the bar 

 Almost everybody who comes to Southern California for a visit 
usually ends up spending an afternoon strolling down the sunny streets 
of Balboa Island

Well it should be sunny but it's June, 
so we typically never see the sun during "June Gloom"
Ahh who cares about sun...lets eat!
  No visit would be complete without a treat like an ice cream....
 or maybe a frozen banana
 first stop
 "Dads" has been around since the 60s and claims 
that they were the first to sell the frozen banana

 "Dads" is really cute and kitschy and sells donuts and cookies 
and bread sandwiches....?

They sure seem to know their bananas though

 They also sell the  Balboa bar which locals say 
was invented here in the early 50s
 A balboa bar is a square vanilla ice cream bar 
dipped in chocolate 
and then rolled into your favorite topping,
 like nuts or sprinkles
 But right down the street from "Dads"
 is "Sugar and Spice"
 "Sugar and Spice" claims to have invented 
both the Balboa Bar and the frozen banana too
 Well that's some serious bragging rights...
Two wonderful treats invented right here on little old Balboa?
Who would think this up...putting a banana in the freezer 
and then dipping it in chocolate?
 Sugar and Spice is really cute too 
 Sugar and spice has a few more toppings than dads
Hmmm....which one  

 I love happy dancing desserts...don't you?

 I think I'm heading back to "Dads"
and I know I'm not in the mood for a banana

 I want a big giant Balboa Bar please...
 And could you please roll that around in the butter brickle 
then put it back in the chocolate for an extra swim?
 I haven't had one of these for years...
but yummy good stuff like this never goes out of style
Hopefully this post didn't make you too hungry....

Stop by soon and enjoy a summertime treat!

I'll be sitting here in front of "Dads"
enjoying a little piece of history

  1. Please tell me you watch Arrested Development! The family started their fortune with a frozen banana stand!

  2. LOL- I love that both places are claiming the rights to ME FIRST! We have the same thing here...Seymour, WI insists it made the first hamburger in the USA...and every year they set up a huge frying "pan" which old several pounds of ground beef and have Hambuger Day...go figure! However, someplace in Florida (of all places-we know they didn't use to have that many cows) claim that THEY made the first hamburger. Personally, I don't care- I'll take a hot dog...with just a thin line of mustard please...oh yeah...add a Balboa bar rolled in chocolate and nuts! Amen~ xo Diana

  3. Spent many summers in beautiful Balboa....such happy memories of family and joy. You should tell your readers about the wonderful local merchant ...cottage iconic as the Balboa bar. Just love your blog Kelly.

  4. Oh, you are so cruel to taunt!!!! :-)

  5. love balboa island! we had so much fun trying the balboa bars. can't wait to do it again! this post made me really hungry:) xoxo

  6. I just called my son over to the computer. We loved vacationing on Balboa Island, and had one every day! Our mouths were watering scrolling thru your post, we were dying to see a picture of one. :)

  7. got a sweet tooth now ... thanks to you ... wink wink

    p.s. wedding pics are up

  8. My mouth is watering... Who cares which stand was the inventor of the froz. banana or Balboa bar...Just give me one of each!!!

  9. Scooch over, please . . . I wanna join ya! This would be just perfect right about now! I might have to make a Balboa run soon! ! ! !

  10. Dayum....haven't even had my coffee yet, and I am jonesing on a frozen banana!!


  11. Kelley,
    As a local O.C. gal I will have to stop in for a frozen banana. I haven't had one in years and your delicious descriptions and pictures have made me hungry for one, with rainbow sprinkles please.


  12. I love the retro feel of both of these iconic places. And your Balboa Bar sounds yummy, I'll take one please!

    Kat :)

  13. Hey there....I felt a little ill after I ate it....but it was wonderful!

    xo kelley

    PS always room on the bench for one more ; 0 )

  14. My stomping grounds and the ultimate summer treat!

    ciao from newport beach

  15. I would love a balboa bar please!! YUM
    ps I love dancing fruit too!

  16. Thanks for taking me down memory lane! When I was in graduate school I had a summer job babysitting young kids on Balboa Island.(tough job, huh?) Got the best tan that summer... Oh, how I remember those delicious Balboa Bars...


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