Provence Inspired Holiday Mantle

 This year I decided to try something a little different
 on our big wooden mantle
 I ordered 2 dozen packages of lavender, 
that came wrapped in little kraft paper bundles 
and some dried vines with faux bittersweet berries
 I just sort of started working with the vines and then decided a base of some sort would look interesting too, so I added 3 vintage French bread baskets

 I was thinking of using glass balls which would have looked great too but I had a big basket of these old rag balls and guess what....?
 They looked really interesting 
and were really easy to tuck into little niches 
and spots all along the vines

 Using the lavender already wrapped like this actually saves a ton of time and mess.
I pretty much had the thing done and realized I was missing something...hummm

 Hey why not stick a few bread boards in behind the vines!
 The biggest challege was getting the balance right...but this arrangement is so free form that you can keep playing with it until you like how it looks
 I have to admit I started thinking of all sorts of things to add to this display but then thought it might start to look like a French flea market!

 It is kind of a messy project and there were little orange BB's of styrafoam everywhere not to mention lavender...but it smells wonderful!

 I really like those bread boards on the mantle...
those might just stay there after the Holidays
 I can't beleive there are just a few weeks
 left in  2011...where did this year go?

happy decorating!


  1. unique and stunning... your bread board collection is awesome. bread board envy!! Warm wishes!

  2. *** That is SOOOO UNIQUE~~~ tooo cool!!! What a charming, new approach!!! And I ADOOORE your wood mantle!!!

    I have an artillery basket like yours (the tall, rectangular basket standing on the seating area of the FP), and have always just cherished it! Bought it in Switzerland, when living in Germany, and the dealer told me what it was originally used for... to carry ammunition, which explained the round bottom "cut outs" at the bottom, for the artillery rounds...Were you aware of that??? I think it's a wonderful thing to know about this particular piece! Mine is in our dressing room... so, unfortunately, it's relative "hidden" from anyone but us... buuut, it's size and shape PERFECT for disposal of wire hangers from the cleaners!!!

    HAVE A MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS< and thank you for your wonderful blog in the last year!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  3. I love that this is so personal - and no tinsel! a great bonus that it smells wonderful too.

  4. You could leave the whole arangement there after the holidays , it does't scream Christmas. There is just something very warm and wecoming about it , and that's good for anytime !

  5. Such an intersting and unique idea! Love how it came together~ Have a very Merry Christmas!!xoxo, Rachel

  6. fun, different, unique - I love it, especially this time of year as all you see is greenery, red and white. Thanks for sharing! liz

  7. Very cool Kelley~ you are so creative! Happy holidays to you and your family.

  8. Thank you so much! I'm a little OCD about this mantle actually...I keep moving things around!

    I'm not sure what it will look like by Christmas....probably completely different!

    xoxo kelley

  9. Hi Kelley, I adore the old bread boards so of course I love the mantle display. Very creative!

  10. wow how interesting......and would look great anytime of the year.......most of you ladies that i follow just blow my mind with your talents.....Merry Christmas

  11. now this is a first in holiday mantels that i've seen in blogland! it is so very you. love it! happy holidays!



  12. Kelley I love it, and I bet it smells divine! The best part is you can leave it up past the holidays, it's so pretty!

    Kat :)

  13. I am in love with your mantle display. Just fabulous. Have a lovely holiday.

  14. Looks great. Where did you get the faux bittersweet berries?

  15. Such an original display! Beautiful and cozy...nicely done!

  16. What's wrong with a french flea market!;-)
    I love it and I agree on leaving the bread boards there all year!! Wish I had "smell-a-blog" activated so I could smell that lavender!

  17. Hi Kelley,
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday.
    Cheers! -s

  18. Oh I love that! So completely fresh and unique!


  19. That mantle is wonderful! Love it-

  20. Super creative idea - love it. can't wait to see what you have in store for 2012. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year! Lori

  21. That is so unique and I bet it smells amazing...I'd leave it up till Spring!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  22. Kelly, what a wonderful idea. I love how you added the lavender mixed with the natural ribbon running through. so creative. Have a Merry and blessed Christmas.

  23. Oh I just LOVE all your wooden cutting boards!!!Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

  24. I am in LOVE with those bread boards!

  25. Having the scent of lavender mingled with the usual holiday aromas is a wonderful idea...and a beautiful one too!
    Many blessings to you and yours in the New Year Kelley!!
    xoxo Jessica


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