Holiday Decorating Hee Bee Gee Bee's

 I must admit,
 that I am a rather reluctant holiday decorator...
 It's not that I don't enjoy it...
because actually it's fun and it's always nice to pull out 
 "old friends"
 from the storage boxes
 but more than anything,
 I am concerned with overdoing 
and creating something that might look sort of silly and busy...
sort of like putting too much icing on a cake!
 I have had trees that were 15 feet high
and trees that have sat on a table top...
I even had a fake tree one year!
but now I am somewhere in between
 most of my decorating this year
will be simple and natural
 and easy to put up...which also means easy to take down!

This was my Holiday decor about two years ago...
I came across many of these photos from

which is full of great ideas
 this tree is especially thoughtful and simple the bucket!
 somtimes all of the swags and ribbons and jingle bells make me dizzy,
but this house seems calm and warm

I like the smaller trees in the buckets this a trend?  
maybe so!
 these images from House Beautiful photo archives are great ideas...
all purple ornaments and in a garden urn!
...very fun
another smallish tree in a bucket...yes...
definitely a bucket tree for me
 Trina,  from A Country Farmhouse 
has her wonderful  home in Oregon, 
featured in this months Country Living...

Trina's style is so understated and personal
...I love everything about it!
 here are a few more ideas, that might be 
just the thing this year
 those wood sock stretchers are so cleaver
 lime that too
 the simple mantle is so pretty and yet very festive
 great idea for stockings...
who says they have to go in front of the fireplace!
 using things from nature is always a sure bet
 the image below is amazing...the neutrals and then the
 gold and shiny bling of the tree... wonderful!
the pack basket and natural greens

I like the wreath hung low on the screen door too
 this simple tree below is so perfect...and how easy to do
those big tall pine cones 
in the urns are especially interesting

so what shall I do?...
maybe steal a little bit from each!
and hopefully no hee bee gee bee's

have a great weekend!

  1. Kelley I can already tell that whatever you do will be beautiful! I love you room from a couple of years ago with all of the blue accents! I am going simpler myself!

    I am having a Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Event! Many amazing gifts including the first one from Liz at Dovecote Decor, I hope you will stop by!!


    Art by Karena

  2. Alright!! It finally sunk into my thick head...put the tree in a bucket! I've got the buckets, I've got the trees, I love that look, but I had to have someone repeat it to me a few times. Thanks!!

  3. There are no hee bee gee bees from decorating for me - only when it all has to be taken down and packed back away! UGH.
    Love all the inspiration photos - I am definitely inspired!

  4. Great inspirational photos!!! Thanks. I'm having trouble just getting the lights onto the tree!!! Talk about Hee Bee Gee Bees!!! I WILL have everything done tomorrow!!! (at least that's what I'm telling myself) Then I can get to the really fun stuff....creating gifts for family and friends!

  5. You will find the perfect blend of rustic and romance, I know it! andrea@townandprairie

  6. Yes. I am officially on the Bucket List also. LOL I just havent found the perfect day :)
    I cant wait to see your "rustic and simple" decorating. You are surrounded by beauty!!

  7. Kelly, hands down, your home should be in country Living mag. It is so creative! Know matter what you do- if it is simple or over the top, it will look great.I love all of these images, but love your home.

  8. LOVE what you created! All the images are beautiful too....we had our tree last yr in a bucket...
    might have to do that again this yr, off to Christmas tree shopping later today....
    I'm with you on the decor though....too much is too much and does give me hee bee gee bee's lately. I used to have so much STUFF I'd put out each yr.. But this yr I'm barely pulling stuff out and using alot of fresh greenery.....I crave simplicity as I get older....and it's more serene.
    (until the kids tell me they're missing all the nutcracker collection , it will stay stored in the attic :) )

  9. p.s. i adore those mini galvanized buckets on your front door garland! clever...

  10. Great ideas! I think I might try the "bucket" thing myself. Thanks

  11. I went for the bucket this year. Love it... so clean underneith and festive silver sparkle. Go for it...

  12. So all the natural elements to holiday decorating. And simplicity...very important! Now, if only we had snow for Christmas!

  13. Your inspiration images are all in my saved files as well. I too tried to keep it simple this year, but then question if I did enough or not...ugh.

  14. Thanks for all the eye candy! and love your door, I just adore all the bells! Can't wait to see more. I'm now a follower!

  15. I did the bucket tree this year and love it. Go for it!

  16. Kelley!
    These are so pretty. So simple but soooo pretty.
    Each year, I decorate less and less. Mainly because of our schedules. But, I just don't think I could ever go back to "whole hog." Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to do!

    If I may, I like to invite you and your friends to check out the custom pillow giveaway I'm hosting through Thursday.


  17. I have the decorating heebeegeebees too! My daughter & her fiance surprised us with a tree, so of course I had to decorate it. I put only my favorite ornaments on it! Then the living room mantel, but not the family room and that's it. With a wedding on the 17th, I am putting my energy into the decorating of the venue. I long for simple Christmas decor these days too. What you did over your door is simple, creative and beautiful!
    Merry Christmas Kelley! ~Delores

  18. I just love those images of natural Christmas decor. Happy holidays!

  19. Your mantle is very cool! So much texture and interest. LOVE it! Thanks for posting.


  20. If you enjoying decorating and it's fun for you. Who cares if people think your overdoing it.


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