Forcing Paperwhites

 Well I suppose at this point I don't need to remind you that I like to garden
no matter what time of year or how small or large your yard is
there are fun things to do and try
 This is project I have never done before...!
I usually buy paperwhites around Christmas time
already in bloom, at the Nursery
but this year I thought I would give it a try myself 

no shortcuts!

how hard can this be...
you don't even need potting soil!

it's pretty remarkable how quickly these take off 
you can read a quick "how to" guide here
and  if you want even more information on doing this 
here is a link to a post done by a  blogger pal!
Amber has a great crafty blog

The girl is Crafty....

and yes she is

Have a restful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hope we get to see a follow up when these beauties are in full bloom! Love those Mexican ceramic bowls...great way to use them. Cheers!


  2. I just did the same thing in hopes that they'll be in full bloom for Christmas! I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family.
    Big hugs~

  3. I love the look of paperwhites but they few times I have forced them...I could not tolerate the smell. They give off a horrible odor once in bloom. Let me know what you find.

  4. What?! You've never grown paperwhites?! I'm honored you are taking something from me. My paperwhites are cruising right along too. It really is unbelievable how quickly these grow. Happy Thanksgiving Kelley!

    PS- I've never had bad smelling paperwhites like your commenter above. I'm wondering if maybe they were rotten bulbs or something. Mine have always smelled really pretty!

  5. I use to make those when I was kid. It was so much fun to watch them grow.

  6. Oh how funny - I have only ever forced the bulbs - never bought them already blooming. Besides the fabulous fragrance _ I find it almost comical how fast they will grow - I am convinced that if you sat long enough staring at them you would actually SEE them grow!!

  7. i've always wanted to do those too.....your dog pic is way too cute....

    just noticed the "goodie' bag coming soon! can't wait!


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