Ojai Re-decorating and a Something's Gotta Give Rug


 This post is sort of a
what came first....the chicken or the egg?
or in this case it's what should come first... 
the rug or the furniture? 
a very often asked question 
so what is the easy answer?
hmmmm....I'm not really sure


 I made the decision a few months back to start putting some of the furniture 
we have in the rented condo 
into the little Ojai ranch house...

  it was really interesting how many of the pieces
 seemed right at home here
 remember the beige condo photos?

this was the condo living room below

 I also started repeating the use of certain elements in the Ojai house,
like galvanized metal,
 barn wood and grays and reds

 and then there was that little touch of blue
that kept popping up
so I introduced a new blue item....
a nice rug...
and I'm not talking toupee here

 I have always wanted one of these rugs, 
similar to the one in Diane Keaton's liking room
 in the movie "Somethings Gotta  Give"
 Do you just love this room...or what!?
and that rug!!!!

so here is my take on the idea
very different in a little country house...
about a million miles away from the Hampton's

 so what do you think came first?  
the chicken or the egg....

do you buy the rug first and decorate around it?
let the room take shape and then buy your rug? 

  1. Did I miss a post about the finished fireplace? Isn't this the one we last saw "dis-mantel-ed"?

  2. Kelley!!!
    I love, love, LOVE your house in Ojai! IT's just perfect with your condo furnishings. I can't get over how they just "fit" here! Tell me you had all of this in mind - and that you're not a decoaring jedi master. (I'm not a trechi - so I have no idea if I'm spelling these idioms correctly!)


  3. All I have to say is you wow me everytime. You never fail. And, I have purchased both first on separate occasions and still had to go back in for exchanges b/c it (the rug) still wasn't working. Beautiful, Kelly. Epic. Your style spans decades. andrea@townandprairie

  4. Looks great! I'm wondering what you did with your white couch and wing chairs...I loved those too. Oh, and I'm going to need a post on that awesome turquoise bench on the porch. I wanted to jump in the picture and take a closer look! :)

  5. Thank you...
    Steve that was years ago...where have you been dude?

    Yes Artie...I am a decor-jedi-master yoda type of a person....more yoda then jedi

    thank you Andrea...I'm glad you shared your rug conundrum too.

    and Hi Anon...yes that will be a post soon...the title will be:
    "the too stinking cute porch swing"

    xoxo kelley

  6. Kelly in your case and with your talent you know how to pull everything together. Before, after, it does not matter. You will be able to make it work.

  7. Kelley, The rug is perfect and your living room is beautiful! You always use the most unique and wonderful items in your home. Love the buckets and the turquoise metal bin.

  8. LOVE it all!;) I have always purchase the rug last..but would love to build a room around a beautiful rug.I always love the house in that movie too! :) xoxo Rachel

  9. I choose the furniture first. I know some start with the rug, but that is if you are starting from scratch. I am usually starting with furniture from other homes or family treasures and, as the room evolves, I then choose the style and color of the rug.

    I love the look in your Ojai home...the galvanized pail lamps, the cutting board in a woven basket (What was that used for originally?) and the introduction of blue/aqua -- my favorite color.

    It would be interesting to know who styled the sets of "Something's Gotta Give." So many bloggers use that living room and kitchen as examples of good design. Kudos and thanks to whoever it may have been.


  10. Can I just gush for a moment...you have such a touch when it comes to getting that curated look in a room....there...that is said. Now for the question about the rug...I think it can go either way...you find a rug you love and build a room or you get the room done and think "what does this room need?" In both cases it can turn out well I think. Love how all of your things are working in both places...of course why wouldn't they????? You got cool shit!

  11. I love the look and the additions from the condo. I have usually bought the rug after the room is nearly furnished, but that is often because I can't always find the rug "of my dreams". I love the blue and white rug in your living space...the pieces you have are so great and pull me in...I want to hear the stories the antique and vintage pieces tell.

  12. Kelley, I have found rugs first. Or at least early (maybe a sofa before the rug). Our living room rug was a purposeful find in NYC at ABC Carpet & Home for my 45th birthday. Great memories, and now the inspiration for upholstery fabrics and color details.
    Love your collection of iron puppies!

  13. What a beautiful room! I love the way your furnishings look in both the condo and in your country home! Love the new rug! I tend to let a room take shape and then buy a rug, of course, that leads to an exhaustive search for a rug that will work with what I already have going on. Thanks for sharing your process.

  14. Let me just say that I love everything you do Kelley! The condo is fabulous and so is the Ojai house. That rug is great. I never decorate around the rug, but prefer to find a rug that compliments the room and furnishings after. I just met with clients today who had the most hideous green $25,000 rug that I had to decorate around. I wanted to tell them to ditch the rug. Actually, your blue stripe rug would have been so much better in their wonderful traditional house. Lesson learned: don't start with a rug. Especially an investment rug! It would harder to get rid of a husband!
    BTW, that arrangement in the turquoise bucket is killer! And I'm sure it all came from your garden!

  15. Um....did you say something?

    That's just me...in the corner...drooling.

    Linda@lime in the coconut

  16. Perfect! It's perfect! Now, if you could just get Diane Keaton to stop by.....heaven! How about a post on SOFT seagrass carpeting and rugs. I've just discoverd there is such a product and it's beautiful! Would LOVE to find a place to buy it retail! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. I have to say...another fabulous post! As for the movie - well I am going to be re-watching it so I can drool over that house (and rug) all over again - you did a great job channeling that room into your room. As for your question... I say get the rug first because you can always adjust your paint colors and order a different fabric for the furniture. Despite some thoughts above I think better to decorate around the rug. But I also have no patience so it is hard for me to wait and discover the perfect rug!

  18. I love your ideas for Christmas decorating ideas was searching the net and I came across your wonderful blog, congratulations and Merry Christmas from Spain.

  19. LOVE THE RUG! and the furniture here. wondering how the condo looks now?

    the blue and white rug just looks perfect!!!

    cote de texas

  20. Saw your feature over at Eclectically Vintage. I love your style, so many fun items mixed together in such a seamless way. Just beautiful. :)


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