Using Reclaimed doors: A cabinet project

we are at it again
using reclaimed vintage stuff from other peoples houses...
with their permission of course! 

This is Dave
he can do/fix just about anything 
...or so he tells me

 for this project he is sanding and scraping
and making sure I like the way the door looks!

Dave happens to like to have his picture taken too.

Hey Dave!!!!
looks pretty good!

 the door is about 7.5 feet tall and about 26 inches wide

about perfect
for a nice cabinet for the bathroom
I paid about 60 dollars for the door

it will go in this corner in the guest bathroom

many of the small details in this bathroom are very rustic
have peeling paint and natural wood
but the colors are actually
rather neutral

the vanity is very fun with its
little turned legs and a spot for a basket

the actual bath fixtures and tile
are contemporary and streamlined

but it is interesting how the two
concepts of rustic and contemporary work well together
especially in a space this small

here is our spot for the new cabinet
and a close up of the door in all of its
 painted chippy vintage wonderfulness

we chose to build the cabinet in on an angle
 so it took up a bit less space
and of course every old door needs an old twist the knob and the woodpecker knocks!

The interior is built of simple pine and finished with a white pickled stain
this is the other side of the door
which was originally going to be the front but when we set it in the room
is was too busy and distracting
the only thing missing is a great big old knob...which will be fun to search for

so there you have it!


thanks for stopping by!

; 0 )
  1. OMG, Kelley, I love your bathroom.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Wanna come do one at our house?

  2. Love this bathroom...swoon!!!! Brilliant use of the door. Gosh I wish I had a Dave.

    I did a post about using salvage today as a matter of fact.
    xo Ashlyn

  3. Love that door knocker! Where do you find all these great things?

  4. Amazing! How did you come up with such an original storage solution? It is just perfect for that bathroom. I need Dave in my life!

  5. Dave is not only handy he is very funny too!

    thanks for the was a pretty easy project actually!

    xoxo kelley

  6. I love your bathroom and that door is fantastic. Dave is much better than Vanna, he's not just a pretty face, he can build and install also!

  7. Love the new door and the whole cabinet! It's the perfect item for your gorgeous bathroom! The door knocker is such a fun touch, too! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gosh can I not even spell!

    the first word should be Yep or yarp or anything like "yes"

    just not hep....ugg

    I won't change it so you can have a good spelling mishap chuckle at my expense!


  9. This is the cutest bathroom I have seen! I love the sink/vanity-the cabinet-I LOVE it all!

  10. Your whole bathroom is charming and that new cabinet with its perfectly chippy door is the piece de resistance!

    Kat :)

  11. Kelly, SO so cute. What a great idea. Let Dave know he did a great job. There is something about rustic and contemporary that i love. I find it to be interesting and creative.

  12. love the corner cabinet!! Dave is a good man to have around;)


  13. Fantastic use of the chippy/yummy door. I'm seeing a vintage glass knob in your future :) Well done you and Dave.

  14. Hi K!
    Thx for stopping by blog today.....I started to comment this morning on your post, but I was kinda blurry eyed and the font is small in this box early in the morning! Was afraid I'd make a few typos.....
    I had Lasik surgery in one eye a mth ago and so now my near vision is spotty blurry at times in the morning....
    anyways, LOVE the door cabinet....and the knocker is very cool.

    You know my fave item? The antique dog! I loved it on your mantel and now here! Kudos Kelley!

  15. I absolutely love that you put the door on an angle in the corner. I dislike it when everything lines up exactly square-wall-to-wall. Your bathroom has lots of bits of cleverness and serendipity, mixed in with utility. It couldn't be more lovely. I can't wait to see what magical knob you find for the cabinet door!

  16. I love it all Kelley and that door is perfect!! I do like the combo of the contemporary and new fixtures with the patina of the have quite an eye my friend.

  17. Love your bathroom....perfect blend of rustic & beautiful!


  18. Dave looks like he enjoyed the attention! Well done.

  19. Looking good! I love the door...Well done.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  20. OMG!! I love/want that cute knocker!! (and the bathroom cabinet is pretty great too.)
    again clever solutions with an eye for style

  21. Nice work on creating your own corner cabinet as they are hard to find! Nice work on the knocker too! Always a big fan of your creativeness.

  22. brilliant! I love the look and it's perfect at an angle. A crystal door knob might work....but I trust you have the perfect thing in mind!

  23. Incredible, again!!! You never cease to amaze me with your talents!!

  24. You're a genius Kelley, an absolute genius! The bathroom is spectacular...the mix of contemporary and vintage is perfect, they play off each other and compliment each other so well...I just love it all, well done!!
    xo J~

  25. I love your corner door cabinet project! I'd like to do the same for our tv, but am wondering should I be concerned about the door I'm using and lead paint? What did you do?

  26. Well, that is just AMAZING! I have an old, reclaimed door in my livingroom, that I suddenly got the urge to make into a big corner cabinet for my upstairs bedroom hall. Maybe to contain linens?
    This is just amaxing inpiration!

  27. I like your cabinet door. your bathroom is looking awesome.

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