Holiday Table Ideas


Can you believe
Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away
A wonderful and generous fellow blogger Susan, asked me to share some ideas of what I might use this thanksgiving for a table center piece.
The idea was to have some sort of a "coastal" feeling..but there was not a shell or a piece of driftwood to be had that day, 
so I did my best with "coastal inspired" colors.
I had these really pretty dyed quail eggs and thought that  they might be fun to use
This is just a little wood salad bowl with some stones,  
carrot tops and some society garlic blooms from the yard

The main centerpiece is in an old French baguette basket which I filled with dried artichokes and butterfly bush blooms

The old camp blanket over the chair was going to be the table cloth but it was just too busy...but the colors are great!
The huge succulent box spends all year on this table 
so why mess with a good thing!'s kinda heavy.
I put a few more of the blue eggs in an abandoned birds nest and just layered the rest of the  greenery along the length of the basket
The place mats and napkins are simple ticking in black and white 
and a bit of that robins egg blue color that you see in the little eggs

I stuck in a few pepper berries from a California Pepper tree in the front yard,
Very festive!!!

I really like to do tables for the holidays...which is pretty much the only time I do them.
It forces me to get creative with what I have just laying around and things that are blooming in the garden.
I always think you can't go wrong with the colors found in nature

Susan wrote an article about this which you can read here.
She included many of my favorite blogger friends too, 
and their ideas are really will get you inspired!

Be sure to check out Susan's won't be disappointed.

Thanks for checking in and have a great week!

  1. Loving the organic feeling of this table.

  2. Your table looks so pretty with all the soft colours and things from nature set out down the middle.

  3. Your tablescapes are amazing.....They look so the color and texture......

  4. oh my gosh I say the same thing all the time,, you can never go wrong with the colors of nature.
    I lost my whole blog last week and my blog list everything,, I'm trying to find everyone, I knew I followed you, I hope if you were a follower of my old blog that you will follow my new one.

  5. Colors, textures, all beautiful. It looks like you are ready for your friends to come dine al fresco with you! What a treat that will be.

  6. always love your tablescapes! in my next life, i want to live in Calif and have year round dining like pretty in the garden!!

  7. Looks like fun; I agree, use what is fresh and natural and it's hard to go wrong. Off to see Susan's blog.

  8. Thanks, Kelley, for the shout out!
    I appreciate that. And I REALLY appreciate your help with the Coast magazine article!! You possess such a gifted eye -- not to mention the talents to make it "all happen." Take care.

  9. Love the idea of the table in among the trees. I suppose in Southern California we could get away with Thanksgiving being served outside. I always love dining al fresco.

    Thank you for the beautiful pics. Cindy

  10. Love the rustic elements and the natural California style. And I especially love the farmtable set in the garden!
    What time should I come over? ;-) Best, H

  11. love this kelley. love the chargers, i think they really make the table. and that table outside. perfection. xo

  12. I love that you didn't use the obvious "cues" from the coast - better and more beautiful that you used the coastal color inspiration. The ticking material for the place mats has an instant "nod" for me to east coast cottages with their feather beds and the dried artichokes, succulents etc transport you back to California. Perfect. coast-to-coast. Oh and can I say I am insanely jealous that your butterfly bush is still blooming because mine is going to sleep for the winter here in the Boston area.

  13. such a gorgeous table- I love the colors, the textures, the natural setting... just beautiful!


  14. I agree with what you said. If you look at nature like animals or plants. All the colors are beautiful. Very rarely do you see a ugly plant. Plants need to be colorful in order for them to attract insects to spread their pollen.

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