Collecting: Vintage Christmas Ornaments

 My poor little blog got stuck in "Thanksgiving land" 
sorry about that ; 0 (

I would love to show you some really pretty
 vintage ornaments that I have collected over the years
 Almost all of these were purchased at small antique malls or on eBay
 and none of them were very expensive

I have heard that there are some really avid collectors who pay hundreds,
for antique and rare glass ornaments 
but mine usually cost about a dollar each
 I started collecting these in groups of two or three, but the more I collected, the more I began purchasing in larger lots of 12 to 24

I actually find that a good way to start a collection like this
 because you get a larger, nice variety right from the start...
the down side is that the condition of some may not be very good,
 but they are still usable.

Above is a box of 24 which originally sold for 99 cents!!!!  
These were made in Poland and are probably 1950-1960's
 Most have pretty hand painted details and come in wonderful colors
 The three above are newer from Germany
 but still very vintage looking and shiny
 I originally used these on a very small little table top tree, which children love by the way, I think because the ornaments are so tiny

 I have about a dozen of these little baskets...which are about 2 inches in diameter
 These long icicle shapes are interesting
 with the glitter and flocking

 Adding little odd items, like the miniature flocked trees and the wreath makes the collection 
more interesting I think

 This is an old tinsel tree topper...super cute

 I have quite a few of these little pine cones too...they are just 2 inches long

 Once I started collecting this type of ornament I stumbled across garland ...which is just as pretty and you can find it in all different colors and sizes

Its funny, but I am sort of attached to these little guys, even though I don't use them every year

Here is my favorite...this tiny little stocking
It is just 3 inches long and gets lost in the tree, but I know its there and so does Santa!
Happy collecting...and if know more about these vintage ornaments...please share!

  1. I have some vintage ornaments I have been collecting also. I have found some great deals on them at yard sales and estate sales. Yours are beautiful!

  2. I love all my ornaments soooo much! Such a treat to open the storage boxes year after year! Some are vintage, some from when I was but a wee one, and some my boys (when they were small) would buy at the Ventura flea market at the fairgrounds. Precious ornaments that speak volumns!

  3. Oh I LOVE vintage ornaments!! I have sooo many and just love looking for them:) I really look for the pink ones.
    You have a beautiful collection!!

  4. I only have a few vintage ornaments, but I really like them. You have an amazing collection. I wrote a post about my parent's ornaments ( and you might be interested in it because some of theirs are like yours and my mother knew how old they were (like your little baskets - I think they are older than you think). I love the pine cones and have bought some newer ones to use on my own tree.

  5. Kelley I love, love your collection of ornaments and I can see how very special they are to you! Wonderful!

    2012 Artists Series and Giveaway from The House of Edward!

  6. i love your blog, to express your views, this is the correct way.

  7. I think my favorite are the pink pinecones! i just love those. how cute would they be in a white tree with all pink pinecones. Oh God, why was i born JEWISH????????????????????????????? i want to decorate a Christmas tree!!!! soooooooo unfair!

  8. I collect vintage ornaments too! You have a wonderful collection. Love the pine cones. I did a post in Dec 2010 when I first started blogging. Just a photo of some of my old ornaments in a pottery bowl. Around this time of year I like to go to the local antiques mall and search for a new ornament or two. I usually pay between $2 and $6 apiece. Collecting is fun!

  9. I have a soft spot for vintage ornaments too, and yours are so pretty! I love the little stocking, but my heart skipped a beat with that sweet old tinsel tree topper!


  10. OH I love these!! The tree topper and little bitty stocking are my favorites! Can't wait to see the tree!

  11. Memories come back to my childhood seeing these ornaments, With great excitement I wood look forward to Christmas just to open the box of ornaments to decorate the tree. But one year, I had some of those flat boxes with ornaments on a fauteuil and a cousin from my mom came over and she set herself down wright on the boxes with the nicest ornaments. All were shattered, as a kid she ruined my Christmas that year. I was 7 or 8 years old must of been in 1966 or so. Waw how this came alive again.
    Happy decorating,
    Atelier de Campagne

  12. Thank you for all of the great we love or ornaments or what!? They are like our children only much less expensive!

    xo kelley ; 0 )

  13. These ornaments have a special place in my heart. I love them. My mom is not really into the same stuff as I am. She's not into gardening or decorating, and if dinner comes out of a box instead of a garden she's fine with that. She does love these ornaments though and has a BIG collection of them. Her collection is from her childhood, some ornaments were her mom's, some were her grandmother's. Now I've started a collection of my own. I find them at the thrift store during the summer for $2 a box! They're just so pretty. I can't wait to get my tree and get decorating. I love using the vintage boxes they come in as part of my holiday decor too, the vintage graphics are great :)

  14. K- aren't they the prettiest ornaments? I love those old world Polish ornaments, and yes, even the American Shiny Brites. I've been collecting vintage and antique ornaments since I was about 15 years old. It's almost all I use, except for the kids' baby ornaments. Every single one has a story to me. Happy Christmas!

  15. Your collection is enviable, Kelley. I have just a few vintage ornaments -- one of which you also have -- and two garlands similar to one of yours that belonged to my mother. I use them every year along with those I have collected over the years. Most are not old but have a vintage look. It doesn't matter, I just use what I love; lots of mercury glass, fruit and vegetable themes, gilded galore and even some old Martha Stewart (c. 2001) birds with feather tails that clip onto the tree branches. It is like seeing old friends when I unpack them each year and think about the memories of those who share Christmas with me in body or in spirit.

  16. Kelly, I love antique Christmas ornaments. I have a few that I will never part with!

  17. I have a huge box of vintage ornaments that I have collected over the years. I decorated what I called a Grandma,Grandpa tree one year with the big lights, bubble lights,silver tinsel and an aluminum star with lights on top of the tree. I am like you, I don't bring them out every year, but when I do, I love looking at all the bright and pastel colors. Here is a post I did on how I displayed my vintage ornaments one year....

  18. I can't wait to see your tree all decked out for Christmas!

  19. Thank you for sharing about your collection!

  20. Oh how lovely!! - my mom (and now I ) has most or variations of most of the ones you show that she inherited from her mother! - unfortunately the supply of them is much lower these days due to an unfortunate "tree falling over" incident a few years back! that kinda sucked but hey "can't cry over broken ornaments" for very long because you have to clean up all that glass!

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