Photography, Design Work and Pinterest: Who owns What?!


 Let me start by saying that I really like Pinterest...I have lots of boards and have pinned hundreds of great ideas that are clearly the work/design/photography of others and
I usually try to give credit to the source... if possible.

 Lately I have seen quite a few photos from this blog that have been re-pinned over and over with no reference what so ever as to where the photo fact it is usually linked to some really random blog that I never knew existed, with a nice comment like "great couch"
 So here is my dilemma...why does seeing my photos pinned and used by others, which link back to their web sites etc feel like a problem to me ?  
Am I being silly or is this something that we should all be concerned about?

Now no one will probably pin the photos of my vacations
 but they might pin this laundry room

 If any content on the Internet is fair game to be pinned 
then how is it possible for credit be given to the photographer or writer, even
 if it is copyrighted material? 

If the whole process of pinning and using photos 
for either personal use or as a "visual" by a professional is just part of 
"the way things are today"...
does any one really own anything once it makes it's way onto the Internet?
 Would it be possible for someone to make money by e-publishing a short story or a poem that was written by someone else?
 What if you created the ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie
 and it wound up in someone's new cookbook?! 

 I find this really troubling 
 Should I start watermarking every photo that I post ?

or am I being too "self important" in thinking that a landscaper will steal this photo of these urns and show a client for his own benefit?

Perhaps the biggest slap in the face lately has been seeing details from my design work show up in other designers (yes designers) work...with similarities that are too close for comfort....

Is the copy cat thing flattery...It doesn't feel like it!

I know this is a bit of a rant, which I try not to do on this blog
but it's really been bugging me

I am really curious what you all think!
  1. It seems that it is too late for images to be protected. Watermarking is the answer.

  2. I've seen images recently, that I know are from your blog that just link back to pinterest with no source. I have noticed though, recently if I was going to pin something from your blog to Pinterest it automatically adds your blog name to the pin description, but when I first started using Pinterest that didn't happen. I do have friends that have started watermarking their photos too.

  3. You often post photos of interior designs (i.e. dream kitchens) you did not create without attributions. I think you have to stop doing that first. Then, add a subtle watermark to your photos.


    Here's an example where you used images without attribution.

  5. I hear ya! Pinterest SHOULD be linking back to your blog. If someone uses the image from Pinterest, it sometimes takes a few clicks back to find the original source. But it is, indeed, very easy for someone to take the image off of Pinterest and not credit you. You should contact those offenders and ask for proper credit. I think most offenses don't mean any harm, the people are just lazy about giving credit. Watermarking works to some extent but it's very easy to crop a watermark out of a photo if you really want to.
    Even worse is when someone steals your entire blog and sets it up on another blog plastered with ads. They're stealing your content to drive traffic so they can make money. I had this happen last year. They had stolen content from three other blogs that included photos that were watermarked so the watermarks did no good.
    I've even seen "BIG" websites like Apartment Therapy take photos off other people's blogs and rewrite the post to make it look like their own content.
    If you're putting content out there, I think you have to assume it's going to be stolen.

  6. I have experienced this same thing, seen original photos from my blog on Pinterest, usually pinned from Tumblr, without any credit or a link back to Henhurst Interiors. I chalk it up to laziness because you have to take an extra step to add a URL to a pin or Tumblr post.

    What I find more troubling is when other bloggers take one's photos for use on their own blogs without permission - which is not hard to get. Most bloggers are happy to share their work, on my last post I used photos with permission from four bloggers in three different countries - it wasn't to hard. I had a very established blogger with a large following use my portfolio photos off my website without ever getting in touch with me. There is something wrong with that.

    I also have asked myself if it matters, I am such a small fry in the world of design, I should be flattered that anyone would be interested in my work, but it is frustrating so I think watermarking or tagging your photos is the only solution. I have found a free program that is easy to use to add text to photos - you can see it on my photos in the post I mentioned. I can also recommend an easy program for watermarking.

    All best,

  7. this is indeed a problemo. i was going to tell you what happened to steve but he already did. i have v few photos on my blog that i did not take. most of them were swiped long before pinterest even existed. i thought watermarking was the answer but i don't know how to do and steve just explained why that isn't the answer either.

    i have no idea what the answer is. i don't do pinterest but i do see that there is a gardeners cottage pinterest site that someone created and all my photos are there.

    brother. no easy answer i guess. oh, we could stop! haha. xo janet

  8. Anon, if you read the first paragraph of this post you will see that I stated that I have been an offender to some degree, not giving credit where credit is due. However, the purpose of this discussion was not to point fingers it was simply a forum to decide how do deal with a problem that has clearly gotten out of control.
    And no.... I do not often post material I have swiped from the internet, just to make a comment about "green pillows" or "dream kitchens" in fact the opposite is true. Most, if not over 95 % of my blogs posts, consist of photography that I have taken of my own home, projects, interiors,gardens etc. and very little is from other sources.

    But..your point is well taken


  9. "Should I start watermarking every photo that I post ?" The answer to this is yes. I often find photos on pinterest that I like that go to some random spam site and if there is a watermark I will always hunt down the photo and link to the original post (for my own reference later). However, that fixes my pin, but none of the ones before it. If there is no watermark I often follow the pinned from lineage back to the original pinner hoping to find a correct link or different description to tell me where to find the source. This is far more likely to happen to recipes and to-do's something where you have to go get more info somewhere than eye candy/inspiration, if I don't click on the site for some reason, I might not notice the errant link.

    Regarding your designs showing up in the work of other designers, is it possible the clients brought pictures of your stuff to the designer and said I LOVE LOVE LOVE this style, I want this vignette, I need this kitchen, etc? I mean I found a slipcover online that was custom made and had it recreated with some changes to suit my chairs. It could be the designer copying you too, if they love your style. If they are just copying and it's not really their style though, it won't be as good. It would be frustrating, but I don't know how you can get around it.

    Many sites make only 1 or 2 images of their choosing pinnable. Tartelette is a good example, go to her blog and you'll see what I mean. At least that way you can control it a little. It doesn't stop someone from copying your images and uploading them manually. However, most people go for the easy way. ( : a post for example)

  10. That's interesting what Barbara mentions above. There must be a way to make images unpinnable.

    In general, I think Pinterest is good for blogs and businesses like designers. It helps advertise your blog (or your work) with its much greater reach.

    I have one post that's had over 50,000 hits just because of my photo. I only wish I had something to sell, like a product or design service, on that post. The power and reach of Pinterest is hard to match.

  11. I had this exact conversation yesterday with a professional photographer uncertain about putting her photos up on Pinterest (I did suggest a watermark for her), but in my own case, Pinterest has done me nothing but good. I get customers who track me down from photos, and not just of my product.

    Yes, I have seen my own photos used without attribution, and I email to ask they give the origin, but I haven't found much abuse. Maybe it is easier for me as a manufacturer, I can understand your disquiet as a designer and I don't know the solution. When does inspiration become plagiarism?

  12. I'll confess I may be one of the offenders. No harm is intended. I view Pinterest as an electronic version of the notebooks I keep with torn-out pages from magazines. Silly me, I thought that was the purpose of Pinterest.

    Perhaps one solution is to either watermark, or make your pictures non-pinnable. Either would address the problem, but if you choose the later, you might also experience a decrease in traffic to your site. Most of us lay-people won't be able to use anything as inspiration anymore, and will go back to tearing out magazine pages.

  13. This whole internet thing is sooo troubling to me in many ways. I am a teacher, and as such, I have refrained from having my own facebook pg (I snoop on my daughter's) and am constantly preaching that anything that goes "out there" seems to be forever and then you have no control over it. I love your blog, Kelley, as I feel we are kindred spirits in style. I do feel, however that the internet just makes it so much easier to "cheat" without the threat of being caught red handed...stealing (YES STEALING) your designs and passing them off as one's own is a prime example. You should be outraged. It ruins the wonderful experience of showing something you are proud of, I'm sure. Not to mention how happy your photos make me and many, many like me who look forward to your posts. Character, integrity, HONESTY. Too bad you don't have to sign a waiver attesting to these before you get on the internet.

  14. I do believe that Pinterest drives traffic to your blog. I have seen it with my own little site. I agree with Urban Cottage that it is a marketing tool. I do know that if I put a picture on my blog other than my own, it is linked directly to the other blog. (And when I used yours, I made sure to contact you - although I have been guilty on others.) But not all blogs do that, and when someone links to tumblr you can forget finding the original owner. Watermarking is about as good as you can get in all of this. The blog template I use is from Prophotoblogs. It offers the option of not allowing pinning and also not allowing the right click-save option. Here is something to home was photographed for a magazine by another blog (you are looking at 3 entities here...mine - the homeowner/dsigner, the photographer (and their blog), and the magazine.) Who has rights to those pictures? I was not paid for my home to be in the magazine...and I did not pay the photographers (the Lettered Cottage folks.)They are out on pinterest with credit to the lettered cottage because she used them on her blog. I am not complaining at all, just wondering who really has the rights? I did most of the design work. There are just soooo many gray areas, that I have about reached the conclusion, that if it is out on the internet, you can count on someone taking it.

  15. You can either use your blog as a way to selflessly share and hopefully bring some joy, entertainment, or inspiration to others without any requirement or expectation that you receive something in return, OR you can watermark everything, make the photos unpinnable, and keep writing childish ("Mom, she's copying me...") posts like this so it is clear to everyone what this blog is here for. As it is now, I am sure that at least 90% of the people who pinned your photos had no ill intentions, whether they gave you credit or not. Just be honest with yourself about why you are doing this, and act accordingly.

  16. That is stealing. You must defend yourself. Contact the thief. If they don't respond tell them you will publish their heinous acts. If they still don't respond exposé them for the bottom feeders they are. Screw the bastards to the wall. It would be a breach of honor to do anything less. Ann

  17. Kelly...I so understand your pain. I saw my work on another bloggers page with no reference back to me....We need to start putting our name on every photo, which I am really bad at. There is a program you can buy that does this. I guess we both need to do it.....I'm doing a post and you are in it...I'm hoping it will be posted tonight sometime.

  18. Once again a truly insightful Anon comment. If there is anything that I try to do with this blog it is to share ideas and for the most part I believe people view it that way. What I was suggesting here, is this is an area that needs addressing, probably by Pinterest. Again go read this post from the beginning. My thoughts were that others are getting credit for my photography can that be right on any level? What is wrong with wanting credit for that!

    And as for the pinners...that is not the issue. I love pinning all sorts of different things too but it's become so watered down as to actually where the picture originated... that is what I have the problem with.

    Anon, You clearly have not read many of my blog posts either because have shown a very narrow and patronizing view point with no real understanding as to what I write in this blog. To suggest that my comments are "childish" is actually quite funny to me. Since when is a blog post about making compost or growing a tomato plant being selfish and expecting something in return. What on earth could I possibly expect to get in return for writing a post about mowing grass! Or maybe it is my toaster lamps that has you is such a foul mood...or was it the problem with my crab grass...yep I bet that was the post that had you thinking about how childish I am!
    FYI To date I have not watermarked a single photo, so get your facts straight!

  19. If it makes you feel any better, I have pinned some of your beautiful images onto my boards but I always reference that they are from "The Polished Pebble" and add a note about what an amazing blog you have. As someone who grew up in Ojai I love seeing what you have done with your home and amazing gardens. I know that I am guilty or re-pinning items without any thought about whether the original source is credited but there is never any ill will or intent involved - I think people should be given the benefit of the doubt. Adrianne

  20. I wish I could be seems like such a wonderful place to live, a land where you can be bitchy and never have to really take responsibility for anything you say. What balls it takes to live there...*rolls eyes* If you have an opinion, buck up and say whatever you have the guts to say, but don't hide behind your anonymity and then call someone else out. Watermark your stuff Kell and call it a day.

    xo Kat

  21. It was never my intent to blame or to find fault for anyone who has pinned any of the things they see on this blog...I wanted to simply talk about it!

    I think we need to maybe direct our common concerns to those Internet entities who don't really care about this. I would bet we would find our selves in the majority.

    Not a big global issue just a few thoughts...I am not a good politician by any stretch.

    And I do love any Pins...I really do! What a mess

  22. PS It is of no fault to the pinner it is Pinterest who bears the blame for this conundrum

  23. so, if i use the "pin it" on an entry such as a recipe or a craft that i am interested in trying or design that is appealing to put on my pinterest that i have to indicate something about its origins ??????? where would this info go ????

  24. Hi Kelly,
    I enjoy your blog. Your designs and gardens are beautiful!
    I believe that if you put stuff out there on the www you are going to have those that either don't understand copyright laws or are truly just innocent. I am a kitchen and bath designer with my own construction team. It would hurt us tremendously if a client took my design to others to bid (against our agreement) But unfortunately that is a risk we all take and getting bogged down in a legal fight is not something that I (and I believe) most designers have the time or resources for. (I am not a blogger....I don't know how you can find time for both!!) I use Houzz, Pinterest and visit design blogs for education and inspiration just like I use books and magazines. I am going to bet that the fact that you are know country wide has been mostly to your benefit than not.
    Maybe a solution might be through "blogger" templates(?) that educate a new blog as to the legalities of copyright and what it means legally to present material that is not their own. I understand there are also blogger conferences where your concern could be presented and explained (?)
    Hope this helps.

  25. Watermarking helps : o ) I love your blog and the images you post. I always thought that if a photo was pinned and someone clicks on it then it would link back to the original source. Maybe I am wrong on that!

  26. I've seen my design work alot of times on other pins, but I guess I just take it as "flattery"!
    And regarding Pinning your work or anyone else's....if the credit isn't already on the photo (watermarked, etc.) then pinners are probably innocently to blame...sometimes we're "pinning" so fast and forget or don't have the time to type in everyone's link/info.....but never meant to hurt or negate anyone's credit (if i'm guilty!!).

  27. I have seen several bloggers starting to question Pinterest. I am one of them. Don't be surprised when you see your vacation or any of your pictures on their site. I have copywright on my blog and still people took my pictures on my other blogs that I had and did not ask even when I told them to before they took them. Anything you put on your blog is fairgame to anyone who wants them and that is a shame. We should be allow to own everything we post without someone taking them from us.

  28. The internet is a public place, as is Pinterest, if you don't want your vacation photo's taken and used elsewhere than don't post them , if you don't want that recipe repinned don't post it on a public not private board, guess Pinterest got the picture (excuse the pun) and now has "secret boards" .

  29. OK ... so I'm confused. I love your blog, and I have pinned some of your photos to my pinterest board. Is this wrong and would you like me to stop doing this? I want to be fair, and I can still use your photos by coming to this site and search for what I want.

  30. Oh gosh I hope I am not the one:( I have pinned and I hope I have not done harm to anyone. I would watermark your wonderful photos!!

  31. Wow , first off let me say "thanks" to everyone who chimed in...well not everyone! Here are my new guidelines:

    1. I am not going to "pin" anything unless I'm 99% sure I've got the original source listed
    2. I will not post any photo on this blog without listing the source, if I don't know I won't use it. This should't be too hard because I rarely use photos from the internet.
    3. I am going to watermark a few photos and see what happens. I have had the software on my desktop for over a year and just didn't think it was necessary but maybe it"s a good thing to do

    Ok so there you have it

    PS I pinned 3 photos this morning and in every case the name of the Designer and the blog was automatically added in the comments section of the photo, prior to my adding a comment. So it's pretty clear that that info is there if a "pinner" want's to leave it on the photo

    Have a great weekend

    kelley ; 0 )

  32. Sorry if I confused anyone ....Pin any thing on this blog you want and use it for your own files etc.


  33. I think you should watermark your pictures. I'm not a blogger but I'm a pinner and I find it frustrating when I come across something, already on Pinterest, that has no attribution. I don't like to repin something that doesn't have a link to the original source but often there's no way to know the original source if you're not the first one to pin it. It would be so much better if the picture were at least watermarked, then you wouldn't have to guess where it came from.

  34. P.S. I meant to add that I love your blog site! You have such beautiful pictures and I'm learning from your gardening skills.

  35. I have to ask - I'm an active pinner from a lot of places, but I don't know how to leave the designer's info at the bottom. I'm totally guilty of inserting a comment for my own use, such as "great couch", but I seriously don't know how to leave the info citing the source at the bottom. Certainly not trying to take away from anyone else, but many of us just aren't savvy enough to do it.

  36. Kelley,
    This was a good conversation to have. I've read other bloggers express these same concerns. I agree that most, including me, do not re-post images to steal but to share. I always link to the site I've borrowed (stolen) from. I read an article recently that has me a little worried. Here is the link to a blogger who was sued for using someone's images.
    She said when she was first contacted she thought that removing all offending images would be all that this person wanted, but not so. She had to pay an attorney to defend herself. I think that's a bit extreme, don't you? I would agree, if you are mindful and respectful of others images and link to them for most that would be all that they want. I love your posts and hope you can find a way to protect yourself.

  37. WoW---interesting dialog going on, to be sure!
    I have NOT joined pintrest, but through my blog I am able to monitor the MANY pictures of my projects that have been pinned.
    It's really cool, and flattering, to see how many people like my creativity--but--it IS disconcerting that I see a lot of my stuff WITHOUT CREDIT, and upsetting to see the times CREDIT has gone to SOMEONE ELSE for my work! But what can I do--??

    I think the bigger picture is in the fact that Pintrest OWNS ALL PICTURES that get pinned! Do people fully understand THAT??
    I've read several blog posts on the subject, including one written in depth by an attorney, talking about this potential problem.
    If pintrest wants to sell any picture on the site for some commercial ad, or whatever--they own the rights. Because it's on their site--their control. Yes, once it's on their site--THEY OWN IT. Legally. Really.
    That was pretty alarming to learn. It's all spelled out in their terms and conditions of use that you have to agree to signing up.

    So when you ask "Who owns it?" THEY DO. This is why I have not (yet) joined. Food for thought folks.
    btw---if anyone wants to read the post by the attorney, and I can remember how to find it again--I will pass on the info.
    Pintrest actually contacted her after her post, and she wrote a follow up post about the conversation with them--which was mostly positive.

  38. Kelley,
    This opened up quite a bit of dialogue that I have seen discussed many times. I think watermarking as I know it is not the answer because it can be cropped off, but maybe there is a way that the link to your blog can always be there, I am not that techy, but that would be nice. I have only had my work copied one time and it was claimed as another designers work. I wrote them and told them it was my work. There is nothing you can do once it is out in public. I am not really bothered by this, but that is easy for me to say, because I am not gaining any monetary value for my work. I think it is open season unless the person that copies your work is getting any money for your efforts. That is the way I have read the law, but I am not a lawyer.
    I appreciate you opening up this forum, but I don't think there is an answer.
    My philosophy with facebook, is if you could not say it our loud to a room full of strangers don't say it. I also don't put my little one's images on my blog for the same reason.
    Sorry for the problems this has caused you,love your work, it is unique and so inviting!!

  39. Thank you for the info Catherine, that is very scary for everyone/anyone who has put a photo on Pinterest. What is more disturbing is that so many things are pinned with out you ever knowing until it just shows up somewhere on Pinterest.

    With regard to Karens comments, I had a very weird experience when I first started blogging. I googled images of wine bottles ( I know, I know) and used a single image in a post. I never even thought about the photographer. About six months later he, the photographer, emailed a terse letter asking for it to be removed or he would sue for damages. I immediately deleted the entire post. I called an atty friend and she said he could only sue me if he could prove that I had somehow benefited financially for the use of his photo. It still scared me, so I never use any photos, period, that pop up in a google search. I would suspect that many pins come from google searches and this is probably becoming a real problem for professional photographers.

    By the way...none of this "pinning" has harmed me in any way whatsoever. I just think it might be something to think about especially if you have a website or a blog or even Facebook. I know I will

    now lets all go out and have a fun Friday night!

  40. So since it is your photography that is concerning, do we need to also list the photographer along with the blog name and designer? Also, if someone has clicked on a pic to make it larger and then pinned from that photo it does not direct you back to the blog it was pinned from. I find that to be very frustrating. I visit almost all blogs that the image was pinned from. I feel I must apologize I certainly have meant harm to anyone. I do try to give credit when I can find it .

  41. OMG that should say NOT meant any harm to anyone!

  42. This is such a tough one to answer and on everyones minds with every post. But it seems to me the real question is what came first, the chicken or the egg? Blogs cannot have a popular blog without photos and photographers would not have nearly the amount of exposure without bloggers. if you put it out there on the web then, in my opinion although not the opinion of the law, it should be fair game. It would be nice if everyone linked and gave proper credit but if not, at least your photo is being seen and if someone seeing it is interested they are going to track it down. I do think bloggers should make an attempt to get permission but if that requested is not responded to timely they should be able to post without punishment. Also, if you see your work on a site, most bloggers are more than happy to add links and other info once you contact them. Didnt really answer the question but there must be a simpler way than to have to search for and get permission, add unsightly watermarks etc.

  43. answered it perfectly!

    and I agree the watermarks make the work terrible
    thank you for the great comment

  44. worries and just keep pinning and enjoy it for now!

  45. I understand your concerns...I would watermark your photographs. The three urns are your greatest idea in my humble opinion.

  46. Kelley, this might be really tough but just let it go. The www is bigger than any of us and the world has morphed into one big ball of "share." Remember why you blog and don't spend too much of your energy getting upset over Pinterest.

  47. I agree with you.. I too am a designer, have another blog that is more
    lifestyle/ and Vintage related.. however, I think when we take the hours
    and hours of time and are diligent enough to provide our readers with
    not only a great little read, but also beautiful photos- WE should get
    the credit. Not only that we have poured the time and effort into it, but
    also.. they are welcome to jump in and create their own. Don't steal our
    joy !

  48. I think you're being too "self important" to use your own words. Get over it... we all see things that inspire us and adapt it into the way we cook, design, photograph, and live. The only thing watermarking your photos will do is prevent them from being published without your credit. Someone can still use the idea as their own. GET OVER IT! I'm sick of bloggers being on this rant. I read your stuff for inspiration and I'm about ready to quit reading all of it!

  49. Also... public ranting to your readers is NOT the way to build respect with your readers. If you want to rant with your fellow bloggers take it offline and do that through emails, message boards, etc. I'm not a blogger and I'm not here to read about your boo-hoos about the biz. I only want to look at your pretty pictures for ideas and occasionally read your posts. Other than that, I don't want it. Respectfully... thank you.

  50. Estee have my permission to quit reading! Please! In case you forgot this is my blog. There is no hand book or blogging code. I have never ever suggested to any one not to use any of the ideas seen here, in fact quite the opposite. Why would I post about something if I did not want to share it? So before you start pointing fingers and acting like you know what is best for everyone, you might want to got back and actually read the posts I have done over the years. Boo hoo indeed!

  51. By the way Estee R you do have a blog! Just in case you forgot

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  53. You completely got my attention!!

    You are a unique individual, a designer for goodness sake. Creativity flows through your pulse. I am artistic myself and love to bake and create my own recipes. I take pride in everything I do. It is a way I can leave my print on the world. I also share my recipes for others to use, but not to steal. And what you are talking about is stealing. plain and simple. Today's culture we trash the ten commandments like it's no big deal. But even stealing an idea is theft without even a proper acknowledgement or taking the credit yourself when being asked. You touched on a moral issue, so expect a lashing out from those who have no moral backbone. Also expect a lash back from those who have no idea who they are and live off of others steam. I watermark my photos, even the really really crappy ones because if someone should steal it, it could turn on me, and I have to prove i am the original author. Stinks, but this is the world we live in. It's great to be inspired, and I myself am inspired. You inspire others, and that's a good thing. Pinterest is magnet for copycats-sorry to say. Maybe it would be helpful for you to watermark your blog address to make it helpful for everyone-you are not obligated though.
    peace! p.s. anyone who steals my world's best chocolate chip cookie recipe is going down!

  54. You are absolutely right to be frustrated as this really is copyright infringement! It helps if you watermark your photos. I recently started a blog and bought "Visual Watermark." You can download it online for $20 - $40 depending on the type of usage you require. It is extremely easy to use and will help solve the problem, but there will still be those who may crop it out before they post it on their blog. I recently started my own blog and have run in to issues at times with wanting to post an image on my site from Pinterest and can't find the original source because it has been pinned so many times. There needs to be some sort of "code of ethics" that requires pinners to always site the original source. Maybe Pinterest will figure out a way to always program that in there?? These are just some of the problems with the Interest...still a bit of the Wild West with difficults keeping it regulated.

  55. I don't think you're being selfish, or unnecessarily worried ... it's a concern for sure. I see all sorts of things on pinterest that are mine, but are credited to someone else, and it's so frustrating! Plus, not only are our blogs a way to gain valuable praise, advice, and community ... but a way to voice your opinions - no matter what they are! Don't listen to the negativity! I love your blog - and I'm gonna be here along with lots of others no matter what!

  56. Hi Julie, I did buy visual watermark! A long time ago actually, and I really like it! thank you

    And thanks again for those that had such interesting things to say and to share how they feel. It is unfortunate that a few have chosen to twist what has been written here, and use the comment section to scold and behave in a really ridiculous manner...I mean come on! It is a discussion about putting a name on a photo for Pete's sake!

    Alrighty then....I'm over it ; 0 )

  57. Hi Kelley,

    I must confess that I have been guilty of pinning some things without proper credit, however, I have found that if you click on the image it always sources back to the originator, i.e. your blog. Now I believe I will just always name the blog on all my pins. Some pins automatically bring up the blog name as credit and this is the easiest way to get credit. Right now if you pin a picture from your blog it comes back with a long string of characters indicating a blog, but not the name of the blog and I believe that is why most people remove it.

    I pin a lot of original artwork, but I do so after I have found the credit, i.e. artist's name, medium and title. It is usually easy to find by clicking on the work and following the history. However, sometimes I have to google the artist to ascertain the medium and title info. If I can't find the artists name I won't pin the image. As I am an artist and have never pinned any of my work because I am reluctant to share my work and have it be uncredited. I am now in the process of getting a watermark so I don't have to worry. If you do this make sure your watermark doesn't cover the image or no one will want to look at it - just put it in a corner.

    I love your blog and believe it is true that having people pin your images is an indication that your work is good. Unless you are an international designer with a large client base, it is unlikely that someone imitating your work would come to you if you reside in another city, state, country, etc.

    This may not help, but I hope you appreciate it anyway.

    Please keep blogging!

  58. Wow. I don't have a blog but had pictures of a wedding shower taken from Facebook and put on someone else's blog. She took the credit for my work. I didn't appreciate it at all. I do believe that watermarking is the way to go.

    As for Estee Renee, she needs to quite reading! You have a wonderful blog and I have enjoyed it for a very long time. Nasty remarks like that have no place here!

  59. Whew! I have been behind on my blog reading. There have been so many good points made here. I agree with those that encourage watermarking. I write my little blog in Windows Live Writer and all you have to do is click to watermark any photos. It is true that you can clip it out fairly easily but an honest person would not do that....hence the issue...I love being able to pin others work such as yours so I would hate to see all of the images become "unpinnable". Pinterest is a big source of traffic to my blog as well...watermarking right now is the best we can do!

  60. Very nice blog, thanks for your generous info. More power to you!

  61. Oh, I feel so bad! I just found your blog and I love it. I have been pinning away for my home inspiration board...I know that's totally different from using your images for commercial gain, but it is putting your pictures out there. I think you should water mark them. It not only gives you (well deserved) credit, but makes it easy to go back to your blog if you find the picture on pinterest.

  62. That's an annoying thing... I see people using pictures of my pillows to sell their pillows on Etsy and on eBay, not only pictures but even the listings descriptions are simply "copied and pasted", it just doesn't justify, as certainly their product might have not same appearance or same quality construction as mine... Not to mention all the time and money I have spent in props and photographic equipment to ensure I provide customers with high quality and interesting images...all gets taken away for free.
    But yes, internet seems to be a place where people can display bad manners with no criteria (or consequences...). You should consider watermarking your photos .

  63. wow.

    I have been away too long.


    Well here goes my two cents... From a design student's perspective who also happens to like to cook and writes a little bitty blog that gets like 30 hits a day...
    1. IF even one of my crappy lighting food blog photos gets re pinned I will do a little dance for joy and feel famous for a minute.
    2. Ignorance is bliss. I barely have time for my school projects and cooking and blogging never mind time for reading the only 3-4 blogs I can squeeze time out for combing the internet for misuse of my photos - so maybe it is is better that I never know if my great photo of beef stew or my Facebook photos of my cats gets used by someone else!
    3. And the most important... As a graduate design student I watch everyday as "google" and "bing" etc are used to source "inspiration" images which students promptly download (right click style) and add to their presentation boards. NOW to be clear no one takes credit for the images (as in "I set up these pillows, adjusted the lighting and took the photo") AND the students always indicate that they sourced the photo from the internet and why they love it etc. BUT they never are give any website credit nor are they expected or encouraged to do so by the instructors. I have brought it up once or twice and gotten sour looks. (don't spoil it for everyone) I AM GUILTY of the same thing with my board presentations. In fact I specifically comb the internet for higher quality (higher dpi than 72) so that when I blow the images up to present on 24x36 boards they will look good. I think the internet has become a "free library" without the employees around to regulate "photocopying." Doesn't mean it is right or that what we do isn't wrong...
    Watermarks are the way to go.
    As for pinterest. I disable the notifications about re-pinning. ( I don't care about the "social aspect" of that site) I create a board for whatever project I am doing and simply pin images there for inspiration. I LOVE that I can log in when it is time to complete the project and "click" on the image on the board and it takes me to the website from which I researched at an earlier time and pinned originally so I can than either download it for my illegal use or read and access the info the website offers ( kinda like visual bookmarking) BUT I do not take the time to track down/check if the site which I pin the image from is the original owner of that image. To be honest - who can take time do that? So I think the burden falls on the original author. watermark. perhaps make the really special ones "unpinnable" - but maybe there is a niche market out there for some how attaching a permanent serial # ( i.e. website) to an image? someone, anyone? can you market that?

    Ok for the record...
    I love your blog - don't stop.
    I have never used your images because we do mostly "contract commercial" projects.
    Beware the internet -it is a free resource for all out there.

    you can have your blog back now - I am getting off my soapbox!

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