Holiday Wreath Project: Finished

Finishing this little wreath took a bit more time than I had thought....
but it was a fun project 
 So the next job, once the wreath of grape vines was finished,
 was to decorate it with greens and things I gathered from my garden

I did actually purchased some Reindeer moss too 
for a nice pop of color

I chose greenery that would stay somewhat fresh looking after it dried 
and things with interesting texture
 Using floral wire and floral tape I made  
small bundles to attach to the wreath

I dried some orange slices too...why not?
As you can tell, I'm not sure I did these quite right!

 For the bunches:
Boxwood, Rosemary, California Pepper-berries, Olive branches 
and of course some lavender!

I used some more small grape vine sticks for the picks, 
which blended into the wreath

 The orange slices went onto these floral picks which have pre-strung wire attached,
 so I could easily add them to the larger bundles
Here is the first one finished... but it had way too much tape showing 
so I added moss to the base of each bundle 
to keep it looking really natural

 I really wasn't sure how many of these I would need...
 I just kept arranging and moving things around,  adding more greenery,
until the wreath started to look balanced and full

 The other problem that I had, was determining
 where the actual top of the wreath would be

It just sort of found it's own top 
after most of the greenery was added

 Millie kept me company and I think she may have thought there was a chance 
 a treat or two would  fall on the ground...but she only got a stick to chew on!
 what?  no cookie?
 Here we have the finished wreath, simple and natural
and a bit  
"Charlie Brown"  
out of shape
 last a little ribbon made from old mattress ticking 
and a pair of vintage ice skates

 next project:  the holiday mantle
I wonder how long that will take me?
better get going!

  1. What a beautiful Christmas card this makes. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I love all the stuff you put in the wreath. This is something you could do year 'round.

  2. Lovely natural wreath, and you had me at "pepper berries". Just love those things.....used to order those by the case when I had my own flower shop!

  3. Love your's so wonderful that you just gathered it all from your garden :) the vintage ice skates are fabulous!
    Always love your projects!

  4. I LOVE the dried oranges! I was going to do some for our baby evergreens out front. Did you dry them in teh overn or with a dehydrator? The wreath looks WONDERFUL! Those skates are cute, too! Never seen those except in pictures.

  5. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! I dried the oranges in the oven on 175 for about 6 hours but they were still a bit sticky so next time I think I will let then go over night!

    xxx's kelley

  6. Absolutely beautiful Kelley! I'd rather have your "Charlie Brown" out of shape wreath over one of those perfect fir wreaths from the store! It's perfect, and so totally you! Merry Christmas! :)

  7. I love these beautiful projects. Stunning!

  8. I really like your grapevine wreath with all the dried herbs and fruit. I wanted to use some of my herbs to use for decoration, but didn't get around to it this year. We, my girls and I did however, manage to make our own grapevine wreath for our front door for winter decoration. We just took a trip to Michaels to get the supplies. I was going to post a picture, but then I saw you were working on one, so didn't. But now that I see how gorgeous yours looks, I think it will be safe to post mine as it will not be a copy-ha! But what I like about yours is that it is perfect for winter and isn't specifically Christmas, so you can keep it up all season long. And that is why I chose the grapevine wreath as well. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. thanks for being my #1 fan! I feel like I should send you a gift basket or something ;)

  9. Kelley

    You have such a knack for making the simplest of things FABULOUS!

  10. Great job, Kelley. It suits the warmth of your home and its decor so well.

  11. Nice job! I love making wreaths too. Yours is so natural you can use it for a long time after Christmas as well.

  12. Kelly, it looks beautiful. There is nothing like a fresh wreath....I put mine up a little early....I bought some boxwood wreaths at Trader Joes and there all ready dying.... its been so warm.

  13. oh, you make me want to try!!! love your homemade goodness!

  14. oh my gosh, Kelley! Again, you've spoken directly to my own heart with that wreath!! Last time I was in Ojai, I actually burst into tears smelling the pepper-berries. Beautiful.

  15. I need to get some of those pepper berries. Such a pretty color. Nice job.

  16. That WAS a lot of work - but of the creative variety. Your wreath is truly one of the loveliest I've ever seen. Not another like it in the world - ART.

    Robin in N.C.

  17. You inspired me! I'm going out to my backyard and doing the same!!! Love your creativity...

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