The trees on our property give us many things... 
beautiful silhouettes 
 shady spots to sit

 big branches for swings

they draw your eyes to the sun and clouds
a tall lacy country skyline 

they welcome visitors along the gravel drive

 and invite you to walk barefoot in the grass 
beside the creek
and the fruit trees give us wonderful sweet oranges and lemons

 and crunchy apples
and the peaches...yum
(I had to pick them all early because the squirrels love them too)
but the trees provide a place for animals and birds of all kinds
wrens, woodpeckers and finches
owls, hawks and orioles...are just a few of the birds we see (and hear) every day

yes...more eggs now!
the little Junco laid 4 last week

and this week we have babies
 not a cute as I thought they would be...
but I'm sure mama thinks they are just beautiful

so this is why the trees are so wonderful,
they provide so much my family and for other families too

I feel like I need to hug a too?


  1. What beautiful trees! How special it is that you have baby birds too. Hope you have a great week!


  2. Beautiful trees and such a lovely post Kelley. Your property is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. hello Marie, Michelle and Karen! So happy you like the trees too! xx kelley

  4. So lovely Kelley, I'm a tree hugger too! ;)

    xo Kat

  5. You have a little piece of Heaven on earth!!! Such an amazing trees and yard to enjoy!!!

  6. Just spectacular!!! Makes me feel like hugging a tree, too!

  7. How beautiful! We planted our first fruit trees this spring and I'm dreaming about the day we have fruit!

    1. it is simply wonderful to pick fruit off a tree in your yard and eat it right then and there! I do it when I have dirt on my hands sometimes and even that doesn't matter!'s that much fun ; o )

      xx kelley

  8. such a beautiful garden, and those trees!.....always love seeing the pictures....

  9. I love coming to your blog. It helps me destress! It helps make my day a positive one!

  10. Great post Kelley- I'll never get over how gorgeous your property is. I'm off to hug a tree.... ;)

    1. thank you Jeanette, Claire and Tricia!

      tree Hugs all around

      kelley ; =))

  11. The beauty of your place and photos is almost enough to make me want to move to California! Such a lovely post.

  12. Your property is SO gorgeous!

  13. A beautiful post. So glad to see more of your property. It is so wonderful--like a garden of eden! ~Delores

  14. Sometimes we forget how important they are to our landscape. Thank you for making me take a peek at my own. I loved seeing the pictures of your winding what you have done with charming...I would expect nothing less!!

  15. Your gardens are so have done a fabulous job Kelly..


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