Vegetables As Art: Part II

If you love the look of letterpress and you enjoy cooking
you will thoroughly enjoy 
Patrica Curtans book featuring 

 The book is written in a chronological format, 
which is really interesting when you see how 
the menus, the artwork  
and the PRICES 
have evolved since 1971!

 many of the menus in the book 
were created for specific Birthdays,
 New Years and Bastille Day

 there are wonderful menus 
for special guests as well
Patricia shares her process of print making
 and you really can see how time consuming 
these menus were for her to create

I suppose the menus most importantly reveal the art of simple food
 and what is in the forefront 
of the slow food movement...
 the farm to table philosophy of eating well,  
supporting our local growers 
and educating children and adults alike about 
what "food" really is

Alice Waters most important project, aside from the restaurant,
has been a non profit program called 
the project started about 17 years ago at 
Martin Luther King middle school in Berkeley a way to teach children about the importance of healthy food...growing, cooking and sharing food at the table 

Chez Panisse almost was almost lost to a fire this past year 
but has since reopened 

I truly appreciate the art of letterpress and of course 
the beauty of the garden and a well cooked meal... 
Chez Panisse seems the embodiment of those things

in my own kitchen
 I have a few of Patricia Curtans prints framed 
and haphazardly placed  them on open shelves 
along with dishes and glassware

I had to take apart my cook book in order to frame these little prints
 but I love how they look 
and they remind me of the simplicity and beauty of vegetables

even if you are not a gardener...
 we can appreciate the
beauty and art 
of a ripe red tomato

Enjoy the day
  1. Again, love the lino-cuts! I love how your framed prints aren't centered on the page, too.

    1. Hi Andrea, that's interesting you picked up on that. I actually intended to cut the copied prints down but I loved how they looked on the upper left hand side of the paper and there was no visible edge so that is how I had them framed. The framer really liked the look of them printed that way too.

      xo Kelley

  2. Such lovely art! And I adore how you displayed the art in your kitchen! Made me smile...enjoy the day!

  3. I paint and now I grow vegetables. It's a natural - thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. love these cute prints...I have one of your designs on my post...check it out..

  5. Great post Kelley. I'm passionate about the farm to table, eat your view, slow food movement. It's really just about how we lived before supermarkets, etc. Alice Waters is my hero!

  6. In my own opinion, with a menu like that, who wouldn’t be enticed to eat, right? I love the design coz’ it looks so pretty and sophisticated, totally world class! Plus the colors, the fonts are just perfect and irresistible. She really is purely talented. Too bad, I don’t have that kind of gift.

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