Ahoy Mate: Framed Sailors Shirt

We have a pretty small laundry room, which felt sooo cramped. 
So a few months ago, I ripped out everything in this room and started all over.  I did a post about it here.  I doubt many people read it so here's a little update and a few more fun details that make folding socks a bit  more enjoyable. 

Is there such a thing as "re-posting"?  I guess so

I wanted some sort of a vintage article of clothing for the art work in here and I found this 
 really beautiful mens sailor shirt...jacket?  for about $20 dollars at a vintage clothing store.  I had it framed in a black shadow box with white linen backing.

It is a beautiful dark blue wool and there wasn't as much as a splotch or tear on it anywhere.  I  folded the sleeve so that the details on the cuffs could be seen and I think my sailor boy might be reciting the pledge of allegiance!
The bright "cleaners" sign adds to the nautical colors and the sign says: Kelly Ave....too funny.  There are only 4 shelves in this room, which I like, because it keeps me from buying too many cleaning products.  
I love Mrs Meyers, in case you didn't notice.  
Here is the utility sink from Kohler.  It can be purchased with or without the birch stand.  All of the details about the items in this room can be found in the first post, if you need more info.
The wood top pops off and it is really a nice deep size.  This would be great in a potting shed or a kids bathroom too.
Just for fun and to store my scrubbies and sponges I used these large glass cylinders from the Sundance Catalog.  The stainless shelves are from Danver and would look great in a kitchen or utility room.  These are 36" in length and I believe they make them up to 60"
One more sign... that's what I charge to do the laundry
And finally, the ceiling fixture, from Barn Light Electric, with the light bulb cage ties all the colors together, while not  seeming too cliche "nautical"
I love this little jacket.  
My Grandfather was in the Navy, so I think of him when I look at this : )

Thanks for hanging in there last week and as always a huge thank you for your funny and happy comments.

More good stuff....on the way 

  1. Holy Cow! Are you Mrs. Meyer or did they have a major sale? I don't think I've ever seen anyone that collects cleaning products. I do love that lavendar fabric softener though.

  2. i am always wow'd whenever i stop by. you always amaze me with your creativity. thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. Yes I know the Mrs Meyer's thing is a bit weird. But thats what I'm using right now and I like to stock up when it goes on sale!

    Hi Grace, thanks again for stopping by : )

  4. Well, I was thinking about posting my laundry room, but not now! Seriously, you have that industrial look going on that I'm loving right now. My laundry room is more Pierre Deux and I'm sick of it! I love Mrs. Myer's too, but have been known to fill the bottles with cheaper stuff! Don't tell. Love the sailor shirt. My dad was a sailor too.

  5. Hi Kelley,

    Nice to see another room of your house. I have read the previous post when you did change your laundry room. What can I say I'm a die hard fan!!!! The frame sailor's jacket looks great, as does the rest of your room, and I think the two signs really give it a unique touch. I noticed the giant peg sitting on the sink. We had to make one of those when we were in High School and I can honestly say mine didn't turn out as well as yours (hahaha) Obviously, woodwork was not my strong point, I made a letter opener once and the edge of the blade was so thick I couldn't get it under an envelope to open, it would have been better as a door stop!!!! Hope you are enjoying your week. Will call in again soon.
    Take care.
    Tasmania, Australia

  6. Kelley...you are so creative! I need some punch in my laundry room. It was remodeled 8 years ago but still needs some fun touches. Thanks for the post!

  7. I remember this post from way back, and loved it then too! Love what you did with the sailor shirt, too, and now you've got me thinking of copying you! LOL! I've already copied the botanicals - what's next!?!?!? Thank you for constantly inspiring us!

  8. the original laundry room post was one of the first (if not the first) that I read and commented on! Still great and even better with the sailor! You have inspired me to "decant" my powders etc into nicer containers! I will be on the lookout for just the right containers! Thanks!

  9. Janine, hi again! I never took a wood working class but I doubt I could make much of anything!!

    Alicia, so glad you like it!

    Hi Artie, I was thinking of other things that would be fun to frame, a boyscout uniform or maybe a vintage western shirt!!!

    Carol, the little cans for the soap are from ACE hardware and they are ice buckets, about $10 dollars each!

  10. That's too funny Kelley...I just did a post today about spring cleaning...which included my favorite cleaning supplies...which are Mrs. Meyers...now onto to the laundry room....I l.o.v.e. it...the sailor shirt looks amazing framed...and also...is that your home in the post below...with the seltzer bottles...it looks gorgeous!


  11. I loved that Kohler sink, but instead of paying the high price for it, I purchased a Franke stainless steel sink and had my carpenter/contractor build a similar base. It looked great in our laundry room!

  12. Hi Andrea, LOve me some Mrs M, glad you do too!

    Anon, what a great idea and I bet it wasn't all that hard to do!

  13. kelley,
    i LOVE the laundry room. you have added the perfect touches to decorate it and the sink is so awesome. hoping to get ours done soon and leaning toward industrial with galvanized metal wainscoting. the light is fantastic- and so is the website where you found it. thanks for the inspiration.
    ~judi ;)

  14. Hi Judi, it sounds wonderful! I agree about Barn Light Electric, they have some great stuff! thanks for stopping by : } kelley

  15. LOVE it - hope you've made up some wonderful story about the original owner of the shirt and how it came to be yours

  16. Just read through some past posts and realize you live in my old stomping grounds - I was in Laguna for years - and when I first started in the design business I did one of those huge homes on Ocean - but that was in the 70's.......OMG I'm old !!

  17. Hi Mary, I have no idea about the original owner but he was not a very big guy, I think people were smaller in the 1940's. And your not OLD your just well "oaked" like a great cabernet...as am I : )
    PS love Laguna


  18. I love the framing idea it's so inspired!

  19. Your laundry room is as beautiful as the rest of your home Kelley.
    I must admit I'm a little jealous of your sink. It's really great looking. I think I need to get some Mrs. Meyer's. I keep hearing how great their products are. Plus I love their graphics!

    xo xo

  20. Great laundry room Kelley,am going to check out the sink as I'm in the market for one but was leaning toward a copper one for that area,my laundry room/mud room are connected to the kitchen so closed cabinets are for me & gives me storage for my vases,my prop cabinets!! thanks for the post.Linda

  21. Hi again Linda, copper sounds beautiful, but I don't think I would like to keep it clean! : )

    Brooke, I know you could do something amazing with a couple of these sinks. I think using two side by side in a big bathroom sounds really fun. And yes the graphics on the Mrs M products are great! k

    Hi Patty, send me a pic if you do one of these!!! kelley

  22. Oh my....just "found" you. AND...now I want to do laundry. Well, only if it's in YOUR laundry room. LOVE everything you've done!!!!


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