To Melaine: My Sweet Savannah & new friend

~ 'A delightful surprise from a new friend '~

What can I say except thank you for the wonderful post about my crazy idea called "blogging" &  the polished pebble

Melaine,  AKA My Sweet Savannah, found my blog, somehow, and asked to do a post about it....No big deal right?

Wrong...big deal

here is a link to her post  

Thanks Melaine
you are the best of the best

  1. you and your home deserve to be all over blogland. i can honestly say that your home is my favorite out of all blogs out there! thanks for always inspiring me. xo grace

  2. love your glad it was featured!!! I'm a proud follower now!

  3. Yes, a big deal indeed. Thanks to her post I found you! ;)

  4. So so deserved! Your taste and style is bar none...NONE I tell you!

    Great interview!!

  5. Hi Grace, what a sweetie! I hear you are a Rustic Rooster groupie!? I love your blog BTW...xx kelley

    B Y & M: thank you for following along : )

    Morning T: Yes it was definately a big deal for me, thanks for the nice words of encouragement

    Hi again Linda, Thanks and can I borrow your birthday "smurf guy" sometime?

  6. She's the reason I found your blog! Soooo glad she did a post on it! Love it here! ;)

  7. I found you through My Sweet Savannah. I am so glad that I did! I have really enjoyed your blog.

  8. Hi, I just found you thanks to My Sweet Savannah, and am so thrilled I did. Looking through your blog roll, we seem to share many of the same sources of inspiration. I look forward to reading more. Take care,

  9. you are too kind, I don't know how I didn't see this before! You are the sweetest and I envy you and your talent!!! Melaine


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