Country Living in Ojai

Just in case you were wondering.... I'm still here, just a bit behind schedule
My modem went out,  as did my phone and I forgot my camera!  I did remember to feed my dog however...
I will catch up on all of your new posts this weekend and I hope you will stop by next week for some great garden ideas and lots of pictures from Ojai
Have a wonderful weekend

  1. Yes, been missing my "fix" from my favorite blog!:)

    Have a great weekend--we've got beautiful weather here in the Pacific Northwest--happy day!!

  2. Hi Kelley,

    Well, without sounding desperate I have really missed you. Glad to hear you are okay and that it was a couple of technical issues. Enjoyed this post, loved seeing photo's of Ojai. I just love how you put everything together. I look forward to seeing more photo's of Ojai. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  3. Looking forward to some Ojai photos! Glad your back!

  4. Love & miss Ojai!! Waiting patiently for more pictures & can't wait to see what you do to welcome spring @ your door!,Linda

  5. Looking forward to more photos...the flowers are lovely....
    Luke is returning tonight from a week trip in Malibu....they had a fun beachhouse there all week (he was w/our friends)....he's now wanting to live in CA, he loves it!
    We've had 80 degrees days lately, but now a cold front blew in and it's back to 36ish!
    have a great evening and thx for sharing the flowers..

  6. There are no new posts about my house Kelley, so I'll be right here waiting for yours! :) I (somehow - somewhere) misplaced my chargers to my cameras ... so I couldn't update anyone even if I wanted to! LOL! Oh the joys of a reno.

  7. I love your little buckets . . . and I saw the one with the burlap shade hiding back behind. Such an eye-pleasing post.

  8. It is good to be missed and you were missed!

  9. Jeanette, well I have to say if you really want your son to move away from home just send him to the "bu" for a week with the pacific ocean at his feet. Luke can live with us too! : ) kelley

    Artie, will you please find your camera chargers already, we are waiting for the photos of the new "potty room"

    Thanks Carol, that was soo nice of you, heres a hug {hug} kelley

    Love WYL: I love those bucket lamps too. They are old ice cream maker buckets and can be rewired into lamps fairly easy.

  10. I love these images~ your home is amazing! I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up with you. :)

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