Eleven for Eleven Part I

I had a seance last night
Ethel Mertzola...

 We looked into her crystal ball
for design and lifestyle trends
 for 2011

Here's what we saw:

Urban Farming

 I think even more so this year we will think about where the food we eat comes from....
More farm to table or garden to table etc...

Health & Longevity
 are on the top of everyone's list for 2011

Which brings us to the urban garden...
the family garden will be a key concept in landscaping and in home design, 
even in the smallest of spaces 


This will have a huge impact on how we design homes,
remodel or even rethink the use of old products we currently are using...
in addition to looking good

Do they help me save time in my day to day routine?
Are the things I use saving money and energy?

 Will they work for me into the next five or ten years?
Will my children benefit from this purchase?

Living off the grid

Light with out electricity

Warmth without fuel

 and the ability to control our consumption...
on our own terms

All of us think more often about what we are consuming.....
and how much we pay for it every time we get a utility or water bill
or fill up the tank

Getting the most out of energy is pretty important and I believe it will continue to be on the top of our list for many years....nice car!

Size/Downsizing Matters

Do I need 5000 square feet of "Home Builder" fluff?

That is currently the question many of us are asking ourselves...

If I can afford to live anywhere...

Where will it be...
 And what will my home look like?

More importantly... is my house a place I can call "home"

Or has my house become my check book/equity line on which to borrow?


Re-use & Re-Purpose
Think about all of the great design we have seen lately using reclaimed wood
 or a repurposed industrial item...

Can I get it used? 

Maybe on Ebay or Craigs list...

Will it be cheeper?
Or will it be a big pain to re-finish and maybe it's not all that efficient anyway?

And what can I do with my old Volkswagen tires?

 who knows...

The answer really lies with using our imagination...
Manhole covers anyone?

 I think we all will look at some of the items we purchased years ago...in a new light

Is it still relevant today?

I loved it then
But now...?

I still love a bug

Will I still love it in ten years?

  If I don't...
Can it be used by someone else for something other that it was actually intended?

What are your eleven for eleven?

Part II  coming right up

  1. What a great post! I have been trying to pay very close attention to where my food comes from over the past 3 years, mostly for health reasons but it has completely changed the way I eat...for the better!

    These are all very valid points and things we should all consider. I just had the whole size/downsize discussion with my hubby over the weekend as we pondered the benefits and pitfalls of adding on to our house, I'll keep you posted! And I'm digging the manhole cover!

    Kat :)

    P.S. My dream house would be a small cottage in Fiji, built right out over the water with a big Plexiglas floor!

  2. What kind of fridge is in that photo? I'd love to know since my husband thinks he invented it - but now I'm seeing a photo of it and it's exactly what he designed - but already exists!!

    thanks & great post!

  3. Oh, man I LOVE the fridge too! Where is it??

  4. Hi...that is the 48" Sub Zero Pro series and it is beautiful! Looked at it a few weeks ago and I felt like I needed some medication...

    Take a peek here: http://www.subzero.com/PRO48Refrigeration

  5. What a great and thought-provoking post...Really good job with this one- xxoo Diana

  6. hi kelley,

    i think people are getting smarter b/c they have too. the economy is still not v stable and i think people are still a little scared to spend too much. i love that subzero. i wanted one but could not afford it though. thanks for reminding me about it!


  7. Great post!! Can you do me a favor and at your next seance, see what her crystal ball has in store for me! ;)

  8. Very though-provoking post. What can we reuse/refurbish? Where can we grow veggies?
    Our back yard is a virtual jungle...wetlands...that, by law, cannot be touched. I'm truly thinking of enclosing and raising the front beds and growing there. Who cares what the neighborhood asso. says... :-)

  9. Lovely and wild insights for this year! Love harvesting form backyard produce. Healthy living and prosperous New Year!

  10. An excellent post and I truly think you have spotted the new "trends" (hopefully not trend but here to stay)
    I feel a bit righteous already since there are only 3 new things in my house (living room set, bed and fridge) everything else was purchased second hand and re-purposed!
    and I grew those stripey beets (chiogga variety) 3 years ago in my vegetable garden!!
    ok enough pats on my back!
    "Less IS more" and as I always tell my husband... just because it is on sale doesn't mean we need it!

  11. Hi Kelley!

    Happy New Year! I loved this post and think you have hit the nail on the head. I'm still working on my gardening - although my citrus has ALL been hit with that new aphid : ( I'm slowly but surely embracing technology (I finally joined the rest of the world on Facebook!) Looking forward to everything you have in store for us in 2011!


  12. I LOVE this post!! And I totally agree with all of them! There is a certain joy found simpifying; in growing your own food--be it through your garden or having your own chickens, reusing cast off items, living within your means or even better choosing to live under... I blog aboutliving on an urban farm, smack dab in the middle of Phoenix,trying to live purposely...Thank you for writing on this wonderful topic! xo, Caroline


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