Not all that stylish...but here goes


Wow, I got nominated for a 
stylish blogger award
What should I wear?
Vintage or new....?  
Is it in LA or will I need to hit Manhattan....

What?....I don't get go anywhere?
Or shop for some new Manolo's?
And I need to write something?

You're joking right?!

Ok....I'll do it anyway!
Twist my arm...

Two of my favorite bloggers actually tapped me for this task.

Jeanette, truly a great friend and a downright wonderful person.  Here is a link to her blog: JVW Home.  She is funny, creative and gorgeous too! 
Do we hate her yet?  Just kidding of course...

And Artie, also a wonderful friend 
and about as talented as any young designer out there.  
You know him via Color Outside the Lines
I heart Artie

So here is how this works....I must divulge 7 things about myself and then pass this award on to 10 bloggers so they can do the same.  
Sounds pretty simple right?

this post took me forever

Here are the sad but true facts....
  1. I like to iron.... as in using an ironing that just about the weirdest thing ever?  Its like meditation for me.  I don't do it very often, about once a month but it's a zen thing.  Oh and my favorite thing to iron is cloth napkins!  Are you excited for me?  Ironing a 12" square piece of fabric...what a party animal...
  2. I ski.  Actually very well and I have skied with some really famous skiers.  I will name two of the top of my head...Robert Redford and Stein Eriksen.  Both wonderful skiers and really funny people.  Oh and Stein likes Schnapps!
  3. I like to fish....I have bagged a Marlin, Barracuda, Bass and Trout, Halibut and the occasional tin can and other peoples fishing lines... I can bait my hook with live stinky anchovies and dead squid and  I can also scale, gut and fillet...OK now that I have made you all sufficiently sick I'll move along
  4. I am a crazy nervous mess on airplanes.  I'm not sure why...I think it's the fact that I feel like I'm in "lock down" with a bunch of coughing strangers for hours....and I can't get away.  Oh and I always seem to get the extra security pat down.  Usually by a big scary lady who looks like she wants to slap me and thinks I have contraband in my shoe. 
  5. Speaking of shoes...I love shoes...enough said
  6. I am constantly in need of one or all of the following:  a manicure, a haircut, a visit to the dentist, gas for my car, a trip to the grocery store, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, a pair of reading glasses, a triple AAA battery, my car keys, a doggie potty bag, lunch, my purse, a shower....this list just goes on and on!
  7. If I could go back in time and change my life somehow, here is the thing I would do a bit differently:  I would have taken more time in my 20's to enjoy the world and nurture my creativity and spirit a bit more.   It's OK to be selfish sometimes, especially when you are young.
Now.....passing  this along
You are officially Nominated for
The Stylish Blogger Award....drum roll please

Cabinet Stew
Simple Daisy
Seagrass Interiors
Vignette Design
La Borda Blue
Boho Farm and Home
The Adventures of Stig and Lolo
Rustic Rooster Interiors
Low Tide High Style

I chose these blogs because I really enjoy them...
along with about 400 other blogs that I try to read....

and if you don't feel like playing along that A-OK with me too

Gotta if I could just find my car keys...


  1. OH MY... My heart is RACING! What do I wear while sitting at my computer {shhh I’m in my PJ's} indulging 7 things about myself! First off THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for nominating me for the stylish blogger award! WOW! This is pretty neat... I don't think I've ever been nominated for anything. {Big hug} By the way I get so much traffic from your fabulous blog!!!! I should make more comments, but the minute I start to make any comments on any blog my kids are like magnets. Right now they are both sick in bed watching TV that’s why I’m writing you a book. Lol Ok I'm going to play the game! yaaaa


  2. Congratulations Kelley! I LOVED your list!! I am right there with you on loving to iron cloth napkins (no shirts;) so know you are not alone!!
    omg... skiing with Robert Redford??? I LOVE RR! I would ski into a tree because I would be staring at him. I love your #6 and couldn't agree more with your list..... and #7 oh, so true!!
    fun, fun list.

    p.s. isn't that Artie the best?!!

  3. So sorry Kelley I was stuck in the selfish tunnel when I last wrote... Your list is wonderful! # 3, 5, 6 & 7 are on my list too. I wish I did more in my 20's... ! 5 really is the winner... I can relate! lol ;)


  4. Love your list. Guess what? I love to iron too...and I LOVE to iron napkins AND PillowCases. ..when my kids were young I even (Women of the World forgive me please) ironed their T-Shirts- Yes. I. Did.

    And....I am NOT a good flier...I would rather drive...which won't work for say...Hawaii..uh-huh. We always get the FULL pat down because our daughter once dated a man from Pakistan and we are on THE LIST. It has always been such a fun experience...

    Loved your answers..and I heart Artie too. He is a character, isn't he...think what Scott must go through (hiding now from Artie).. Hugs-Diana

  5. This just proves what I've always known about the person behind my FAVORITE ARE FABULOUS!

    Sometimes over dinner, my husband will say "Anything new from Kelley?" (you're a staple @ my house for "oohs and aahs" and inspiration..did you know?! :) ) I always frown w/ a sigh and say "No, she's most likely off doing something fabulous!" If RR isn't fabulous, I don't know what is!

    Please keep "picture posts" coming. It's been a snowy, dark winter here in the East and I'm running out of inspiration.

    P.S.I'm currently designing my side yard flowers (in my head) like yours in, orange, yellow and purple!

  6. Ok, you're a doll...this post was a surprise b/c I hopped to your blog today hunting for the pic of your previous home front door (Mr. Ed style) you have one you could send?? (door is for a potential project....details later gator!)....Then I spotted my name on the post! LOL!

    I don't have time to write about each of your 7 things, yet....but first off RR?? How fun!!! I used to be a good skiier but haven't done it in ages....i too love to fish (fly, deep sea, bay) and I like to bird hunt! Funny cuz I thought of adding those tidbits after I had already written about me....your post was adorable and I'm so flattered Kelley about the sweet words, really!

    I'll ck out the new blogs later too....


  7. Thanks Y'all!...As Jeanette would say. And here is another juicy tidbit about RR or Bob as he is usually called. When I skied with him I was young and he seemed really really old! I think he was in his 40's. He is also not a big macho guy...pretty short in fact. Oh and after we were finished skiinghe gave me an autographed B&W photo of himself! Too funny! There were a bunch of us girls skiing together and we thought that was really weird!

    But I still like Bob! Stein is much more fun however, but really really old!

    Oh well xo kelley

    And Hi to Anon! Would love to see how your garden turns out!

  8. Loved learning these tidbits about you...
    Ironing? Well...when I finally get around to doing it, I kind of enjoy it...IF there is a good movie on TV. I, too, wish I had started to feed my creativity when I was in my 20s. But like many of us, I was too busy being in love...raising babies...etc. Then in my 30s it was all the school stuff (and another baby!)...and moving with hubby's jobs. Things really got moving when I hit I would say "40 with FLARE!"
    I look forward to reading the responses from those you have chosen to follow your lead...these are also favorites of mine (and I LOVE Artie's blog!). All of you are very inspirational to me...

    As for your keys...check the pockets of your husband's jacket. That's where my keys resided for 3 weeks!(see my blog)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  9. Seriously Kelley?! I am too honored to get an award from YOU! I am honestly blushing my stylish?! Well, I just did get my hair done after about 2 1/2 months of looking at my yucky roots in the mirror!
    You are one of my favorite reads, you are simply amazing and your award is well deserved sweetie. I do love the fact that we are somewhat "neighbors" that have never met. We need to remedy that and hook up soon! Im thinkin I make a stop in Ojai and we make a road trip to the Rose Bowl flea :) What fun it would be..... a Kelley & Lolo Adventure :)

    Luvin' you chickee!!!


  10. Oops! In my blushing/embarrassed state I forgot to mention all the things I adored about "you".....

    #1 - Ironing. I used to do all of my family's ironing when I was growing up. All 7 of mom used to make piles for me and I would set up shop and do all of the ironing. I loved it. I still do. Its kind of a bummer that my husband rarely dresses up. I dont have much to iron :(
    #2 - Too bad RR didnt like Schnapps! I wonder what other souvenier he would have given you if he had! LOL
    #3 - Not too much of a fisher - I would rather be IN the water with the fish. Altho I have snagged some pretty amazing fish myself. A 30 lb Ono in Kauai is my most memorable. I got strapped in and everything!
    #4 - My husband and I must be on the Watch List. We always get searched. ALWAYS. We swear that next time we fly we are going to pack a bunch of naughty things in my suitcase so when they open up my luggage for all to see they will get quite an eyefull! Muah hahaha.....
    #5 - Dont EVEN get me started.
    #6 - My husband doesnt understand how I am one of the most disorganized organized people he has ever known. My house is spotless if you stopped by, but dont EVEN look in my car....and I am always needing a glass of wine too ;)
    #7 - So true. Eventually I am going to be that 80 year old lady that struts her stuff in a bikini and heels. After all the years of worrying what others think and self doubting myself, I wont give a shit then :)

    Yep, after reading all about you I am pretty sure that we are two peas in a pod :)

    ps - Im goin skiing in Mammoth over St Pattys :)

  11. Lol!! Great post Kelley! ;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. congratulations... and what a darling list... and we are so much alike... if only i could have automatic refill on my gas tank...he he... xoxo

  13. I'm right with you on the ironing.

    Congratulations! You deserve it...

  14. Kelley - congratulations on your award! Well deserved of course!! My favorite part of these is learning about the person behind the blog and your list was wonderful! I'm a terrible skier but would certainly make a huge effort with Robert Redford (one of the many reasons I loved reviewing Downhill Racer). Totally related to #6 and don't even want to think about 7!!

  15. Kelly , I almost choked on my coffee when I saw my blog on your list! What a great honor coming from you!! I definitely will play! I love the ironing tidbit about you! That made me laugh b/c I will share a similar craziness!
    xoxo's Nancy

  16. Congrats Kelley! Your blog is indeed stylish and just perfect! I love it! I am honored that you would nominate my blog. Coming from you, it is one of the biggest compliments! Thank you! I will play along too...I'll have to go iron and think of some ideas!

  17. Kelley I'm speechless!!! I feel so bad that I'm JUST now commenting. To be honest - I've had a bit of a blogging problem lately. Things in my real life aren't getting done because I'm blogging! Tell me I'm not the only one!!! SO - On Monday I made myself PROMISE that I wouldn't blog until my to-do list was done. Long story short - I'm just NOW seeing this post and I'm completely honored! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm also still speechless that you skiied with RR??!!??!! Jealous. Off to make my list!


  18. good gravy...i'm so happy i found you after midnight - you totally cracked me up in this post/explanation of yourself...

    your newest follower:
    Anne Marie

  19. THANK YOU!
    Here I was innocently settling in with a cup of coffee, reading you latest entry 2 days after it had posted and NEVER expected to see me (cabinet stew) there at the top of your list of nominations! I feel honored as I am just a small speck in this world of blogging. Although I write mostly for myself and as a way to record my recipe ideas - I have to admit I have enjoyed the sudden uptick in readership. Now I know why!!!
    I will write a post immediately but unfortunately I don't read that many blogs (only 4!) because sometimes I have to "work" at work ;-)

  20. So happy everyone likes this blogger award!

    I really had a list of blogs a mile long that need to be recognized but I will do that on another post.

    We will all be checking back to see what is on your make it good!

    xo kelley

  21. Alright Kelley - I just posted about my award :) Thanks again sweetie ....this was fun !!


  22. Just found your your list and I am in total agreement about the airplane thing. I have never been able to articulate it quite that well! And #2...would that have been at Sundance? My husband used to teach skiing there and he's always telling the kids stories about his now famous students. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  23. Hi Annie, Not in Sundance but in Park City...he (Bob) came over to ski for the day and have lunch with the resort owners!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful day today....kelley

  24. Thanks so much for the award Kelley! I loved your list and we could be fast friends all except the skiing part, and may I say wow...Robert Redford?!! Once upon a time in a land far, far away I was a college level athlete, and I was in pretty darn good shape (sigh, those were the days) anyway, I tried skiing...many times actually, but I failed miserably each time. I got bored on the bunny slope so moved up a few notches without the skills to match the move, so let's just leave it at this, you know those bales of hay they use to surround the lift poles?...they are there for a reason...people like me!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend and thank you again!

    Kat :)

  25. Moochass Lucille Ball would say! And given my lack of spelling and speak/writing weirdness...yes to all of the above. help!

    and just one more tid bit about Bob...we all thought he was cute but not that can that be?

    was I in a coma? No....there we just cuter boys


  26. Cute! Wild woman,fish gutter you!

    Hey..I am a skiier too. Not so much lately, though. Remember the Mahre brothers...I skiied with them.Well. Followed them down the hill!

  27. Delurking here. Didn't think there were too many others out that that love to iron. It is a zen think for me too. Plus I love the instant gratification of it. I was taught to iron when I was about 12, starting with my Dad's handkerchiefs.

  28. Congratulations! I love skiing, too but ironing??? I would love to have ironed bed linens--a luxury. Do you iron your sheets, too? Very impressive about the fishing abilities...I like it all up to the cleaning of the fish. You are tough girlie girlie!
    Mary Ann

  29. I love ironed sheets too CCC! And I do ours and will not put the clean wrinkle-ley ones on the beds. I am shocked at how many closet "ironers" there are out there! We need a fan club or something. Maybe a magazine devoted to the art of ironing....I guess we already have that...thanks Martha!

    xo kelley

  30. I love this list!! #6 was great! ;)

  31. Great list and thanks for sharing what you like. I never thought that someone truly enjoys ironing.

  32. Thank you Kelley for the award! I'm flattered! I will try to participate, although I don't know if I can come up with 7 things...I love your seven things. I could put about 5 of them on my list too. Airplanes? I'm a wreck. (We should never fly together!), Fishing? Part of my life. And I'm also in need of manis, pedis, haircut, coffee, diet pepsi, wine, etc. You are one
    funny lady! I thank you again for the award!


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