Eleven for Eleven Part III


Let's get Trendy
Ethnic, Preppy & Bohemian
Wow...I need to check the calendar...what year is this again?

If you are going to use color...and I totally think we should...
I like Old School Ralph Lauren
and Ralph Lauren in 2011


Grey Menswear






Vintage Floral

Restaurant inspired

Hotel Chic

mixed with:


black and white



metal, iron and leather

open, woven


Do the gut check...

Before you buy...

If you are
  NOT 100% percent in the boat...don't take the trip!

If there is anything I plan on doing this year it is this...follow to my true style,  stop the impulse purchase and trust my instincts!

More people say
"if I only listened to my heart and waited for the
I would be so much happier!

Are you glad we contacted Madame Mertzola?
Check her out here:

  1. I LOVE RALPH. There I said it! If there is one man on this earth who never fails to inspire me it is him. So classic. So American. I'm still working on the gut check. Great post.

  2. I loved Ralph Lauren's look long before I knew who he really was. He is earthy and yet refined and classic without being boring. LOVE it all! xxoo Diana

  3. Anything Ralph! My favorite designer ever.

  4. hi kelley,

    well you know i love this post. and everything you mentioned here (just about) you can wear too. after just finishing the project 333 i know i'm a ralph addict. so following what you love will def lead you to your own personal style. well done!


  5. Yes! Right on!!! Staying true to our design style is the most important thing. It will give you the cohesive look that is found in so many pictures of rooms that we love. And Ralph never disappoints. Never.

  6. I'm with you...go with YOUR true style! If it's not "you", you will not be happy with it in the long run...

  7. Hi Kelley,

    So nice to be back, haven't visited for a while!! I wish I could say like everyone above that I have been into a Ralph store, but alas they don't have Ralph Lauren in Australia. From what I can gleen from photo's I have to agree with everyone above and say it all looks edgy without trying too hard, trendy and being in the forefront without the mass produced looking stuff......and I think (speaking from observation and a little experience) that the mass-produced can sometimes kill a room and make it look cheap and it's lost it's decorating value barely before you get it out the door of the shop.

    I couldn't agree more with you Kelley about waiting for things you love....I really don't understand people that buy things that they barely even like and then live with them everyday....if that was me I would be running to the hills....we have just got rid of the old t.v. cabinet that my husband and I have hated for so so long and I was asking one of my husbands aunties whether she still wanted it. She suggested putting it into the sunroom of my house for storing 'things'. Is she joking???? I hate the @@$#%^$^^ thing, why would I want to keep it HELLO it is so fugly....it's taken this long to get rid of it and finding something we love.....only 16 years!!!! I kid you not....that's the kind of thinking that makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever!!! And yes, I agree with you Kelley, only buy from the gut. I see so many things that I like, but if that instant feeling of me not only loving it but not being able to live without it is not there then it stays. I also ask myself if I will still love something in 20 years time!!!

    Sorry, such a long comment. Hope the New Year has started out wonderful for you and your family. Will call in again soon.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  8. Ahhh...Ralph Lauren's the man...love his style.

  9. I love all those influences and you are absolutely right about the "gut check" - you never want to say "why did I wait so long to replace..." or "why did I ever buy that in the first place!"

    Have you heard about this new trend: "steampunk"
    check out a brief article on it here: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/ideas/gallery/steampunk/

  10. Hi Everyone....sorry for not commenting on your wondeful comments....wow does"real" life get in the way of "blog" life.

    thank you all so much...love all of the thoughts and ideas you have!

    xo kelley

  11. great photos, fun post!!
    I LOVE #11, the gut check!!
    I always ask myself "do I LOVE it", not like, but LOVE? Then, '"how will I feel if I leave it?" If I feel sad or know that I will just have to come back for it tomorrow then I should probably buy it! After having had a business for several years I have to fight the urge to buy because it's a good price, or worse buy because I have a strong 'horder' gene!!!
    happy weekend!

  12. They're all fabulously chic! Love this post! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  13. I included your great post about the Crystal Cove Cottages in this weekend's Coastal News -Thanks!!!!!

  14. Thanks for the reminder, Kelley. I need to do more gut checks when I'm buying things. I'm very impulsive - but luckily it usually does work for me.....until that is....I get tired of it. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  15. I just realized I never commented on this post!
    I love the ole barnwood for the kickplate area of the bar and so many details within the images.
    RL is just amazing and I adore his style....

  16. Sent you a "stylish blog" award on my blog post today Kelley!

  17. AMEN SISTER!!! I'm finding all of these things that I LOVED tucked away to make way for things that were "trendy" or popular on other blogs - so that I felt like my blog was relavent. Since I kicked that way of thinking to the curb Jan. 1st, I am SO MUCH HAPPIER!!! Stop by my blog on Tuesday, I'll have some pictures up for you! :) xoxo, hope you're well!


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