Blogging and Photography part II

 Even the simplest cameras come with some pretty nice software.
It's fun when you have some extra time to play around and use the "effects" settings 
On the prior post I showed some shots of Mary's gigantic agave in color 
and here are the same shots in black and white
I think they look completely different 
and even more abstract black and white

 The photo above was still much more interesting in color

 We spent our weekend probably doing what everyone else was doing...eating and trying to enjoy the last long weekend of summer...
 On Sunday morning the light on Newport  Harbor was really beautiful so I took out the trusty macro lens and just walked around the dock
 Some of the shots shown here I changed to black and white and others are in color
 I like the shot above because it is hard to tell 
what is a surface and what is a shadow

 Here is one shot shown in both color and black and white...which do you prefer?

 This shot of the cleat is in color but almost looks like b and w

 Old rope is really fun to photograph 

So there you have some thoughts on photography...and blogging

Thank you so much for commenting and sharing the types of cameras that you use
 and also the tips on software and editing

Photos are great in any room and when you shoot and print them have instant, original awesome is that?!

I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the pictures & the inspiration!

  2. As much as I adore black and white photography, I think I like your shot of the rope above in color better. Do you anything about a device that "calibrates your monitor"??? I read somewhere that it makes a big difference in your blog photos. Any idea?

  3. Thanks for the lovely post {good encouragement for those of use who want to blog regularly, but a "simple" camera will have to do for the extended foreseeable future}!

  4. Hi Lisa...simple is always good!
    and for kelly,

    I just edit after the fact...probably not right

    oh well


  5. I like the first cleat in colour - can practically smell the salt~

  6. I love the black and white photos. With a few exceptions, they are more dramatic and abstract. Who needs reality anyway?

  7. i love all the pictures of the knots, they are beautiful! and in the color/black white option, i like the color the best :)

    Libby on the Label


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