Little Miss Hooiser gets a make over

 I have this really nice "hoosier"
 style cabinet that I was using in my office for storage
 The  brown paint was probably added not too long ago 
and I figured that underneath  
would be some really pretty older paint...

Miss Hoosier just never looked good in brown...not really her color
 So I loaded her up in my pick up and headed up to Ojai for a makeover

There is nothing better than a project that involves power tools!

First we give her a power wash...this is sometimes easier than using stripper and you can control how much paint gets removed

The brown paint just peeled off 
Next step...a good sanding
 or micro-dermabrasion 
It was a really pretty day so that made the job much more enjoyable

Miss Hoosier and I had a good talk about her life 
and how she much prefers being single right now...
especially at this age

The more paint that came off 
the more the old broad... 
excuse me ...I meant  bead board 
came to life

My arsenal of make over items!

and doesn't
Miss Hoosiers wood look refreshed?

I pretty much took this cabinet completely apart 
and threw away all the hardware
because it was really bent and "newish" 
soooo last season

Next step is waxing...I used  clear BriWax for this project but
you can also get Briwax with stain added 
if you want color in the finished product 

 So here she is after her make over
She looks sooo different....

is that really you Miss H?!
 I am now using Miss H for storing napkins,
 placemats and that type of thing

I think she likes it better in Ojai!
 The hardware is new reproduction from a source called House of Antique Hardware
I have used their things quite a bit 
and have yet to be disappointed
 The little numbers are old French door numbers or apartment numbers which I purchased a while back from my wonderful blogger friend Andrea!
Please visit her at Faded Plains 
she has a great little shop too!
 And of course we need some good lighting...what better than a toaster lamp!
Such a great accessory...for Miss H
 I found this weird little storage thingy on Ebay 
and it looks right at home...maybe to store a cook book or some magazines

so there you go

new duds on the old gal make her really shine

hope you like Miss Hoosier now
...she had low self esteem
 but is feeling so much better

; 0 )
  1. You always have the best ideas! What a great way to re-purpose a piece of furniture. I agree: the brown was not as nice as it is now. Perfect storage solution for what you have in mind. Nice you have room in the house to bring such a piece in. I would be hard-pressed to find room for something like this in my tiny new space.

  2. Totally renewed. Looks more like 'herself' in white and worn.
    - Joy

  3. I Love love love how this turned out. Thanks for sharing the results. You have a great eye for design. Francine

  4. Like the powerwash idea. I have some porch furniture I think I am going to give that a try with.

  5. Love the CUTE tale of Miss H, Kelley! Another of your great transformations!
    From another Miss H,

  6. Striking transformation and I LOVE the hardware! xo Diana

  7. she looks chipper! love the canisters too! :) xoxo's Nancy

  8. love the new look. can't believe you managed that with a power washer. I would never have thought. She does seem happier! liz

  9. Thank you guys!
    And I must add that the power washer has become a most favorite and downright lovely tool. I use it for everything....well not everything...Mille my lab runs for cover when I start it up. Guess what she is thinking?

    xo kelley

  10. Looks great! So much better than the brown. Love that you used the other jadite towel bar on the side of the cabinet, looks like it's always been there. P.S --I think Millie could have her own fan club. She's so cute!

  11. Not only was she painted brown, but it was a horrible brown! LOVE finding all that wonderful patina underneath :) If Ms Hoosier ever gets tired of being in ugly, boring Ojai (hehe) she can come see me in Orcutt. I have her sister (a vintage beadboard closet) that we are "fixin" up right now to be our kitchen pantry closet! She had quite the power wash/stripping event 2 weekends ago :) She was a closet in a historical Victorian Mansion in Los Alamos in her former life. Now she gets to hoard all sorts of yummy goodies in my kitchen!!
    As usual - everything you touch is awesomeness :)

  12. Who knew furniture could get micro-dermabrasion?! Ha! She looks so much fresher. Seriously though, I can't believe you got this kind of transformation with a little sanding and power washing.

  13. Kelly, it came out amazing. I love it and it looks so good at your Ojai house. I love before and afters. We just posted one on our blog. Check it out. Thanks.

  14. Love the new makeover for your favorite furniture piece but I am so in love with the green canisters they are gorgeous!

  15. This makeover is gorgeous. I love the balded paint look on her. The way you styled her with the turquoise glass and the milk sign is just spot on. I wish this was in my kitchen! Great job!! andrea @ townandprairie

  16. Nope nothing like a shower and a clean outfit to make a girl look great. I am so happy you have done this makeover glad she is feeling & looking so wonderful....Thanks for sharing!

  17. Seriously amazing job, Kelley! She looks sooooo much better bright and white and fashionably chippy! :) Luv it!

    xoxo laurie

  18. love her new makeover....the patina is so beautiful....
    she looks happier!

  19. Love it so much more now post-face lift. She is a gem.

  20. It's nice to have a little work done while you are young enough to appreciate it:). I'm sure she feels better now when she gets dressed up!

  21. Kelly,

    Oh she looks so much better! I love what you've done but your story is hilarious. Reminds me of Elle Woods talking....


  22. you are one brave broad ... hahaha ... miss H is just what I imagined underneath!

    been missing you girl ...

  23. Kelley, it looks spectacular! Could you send one of those bread boards my way, looks like you have at least one you could spare! :) LOL j/k!

    I love the new life you've breathed into this old hoosier, and it looks so beautiful with the way you've styled it. I love those gorgeous canisters on top, too! Umm, do you need my address?? LOL!

    You've got superb taste, and a beautiful eye for creating gorgeous pieces and timeless vignettes! I love love love that you've posted this, gives me half-a-mind to run out and find a hoosier myself ...

    hmmm, where could I put it!?!?!? LOL!


  24. So much better than the brown! Love the new hardware! Thanks for sharing.

  25. wow! that exhausted me! can't believe you did that yourself - it looks great, love how your house is looking too. sooo cute!!!


  26. Miss Hooiser says:

    Well just thanks so much! I mean reeeally!

    Ms kelley can be a bit unkind with the power washer...if you get my drift
    but she sure knows how to clean out the nooks and crannies...and baby I got 'um.

    And I must add that I feel so much more like myself .

    Turn key and model home ready. I am soooo looking like a "repurposed" lovely...don't you think?

    I love Ojai but I really belong in Hollywood...please tell your friends that I am available.....

    just don't tell Ms Power Washer

    love and kisses...

    Miss Hooiser

  27. Love the new look! I am drooling over the glass jars and bread boards.

  28. Love it! And love the photography/blogging post...good info for newbies like me!

  29. SHE LOOKS GREAT! And I bet she feels great too! It is funny thing when I cruise ebay and wonder "now who is gonna buy this random wood rack thing?" and kinda scoff at the person who put it up on ebay in the first place - but now I am inserting my foot into my mouth as I type -because clearly you and the sellers of these things have faith that a match will be made!

  30. I found it on Pinterest already. Brilliant results! You earned that one.

  31. She turned out beautifully! Love all the glass canisters on top - gorg!!

  32. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog, and I'm so glad I did. I love your taste. This is a great transformation. Where do you find canisters like that? I am in love!

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