Designers that Inspire: Briggs Edward Solomon

I am seriously in big time love 
with the design work of 
Briggs Edward Solomon
Clean, uncluttered and beautifully curated

 He mixes vintage and modern 
making every piece of furniture, art work and finishes stand out
 His interesting use of light fixtures is wonderful and fun 
As spare as these rooms are they really seem comfortable to me

 The way he grouped the items on the wall  below is really unique...don't you think? 

White, grey black and neutrals
 are repeated in most of his projects

I think I went through his portfolio for about an hour and just couldn't stop looking at the homes he has designed

 If you would like to see more, grab a glass of wine and 
 find it here

Have a happy weekend


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Will visit site once I get my glass of wine, HA!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. never even heard of him. i love this look but am surprised that you do! you're the color queen kelley! i'm off to take a peek at his work. thanks for sharing. xo

  3. Kelley I just spent some time going through his portfolio, I am with you on this one, Omgosh amazing restraint and perfectly executed rooms. I loved my tour and was sad I could not pin. Kathysue

  4. I do admire this look and try to create similar in my own home...though I do have 4 young adult children that like clutter. The minimalist decor in a neutral palette is so calm and therefore comforting to me. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! He really uses the "less is more" approach to play up the beautiful architecture doesn't he? I love the simplicity and the mix of old and new.

  6. Such soothing interiors to come home to. Have a great weekend.

  7. Gorgeous! I want to sleep in that bedroom!

  8. thx for sharing this beautiful portfolio....the "older" i get, the more edited/curated room is for me....a clean, uncluttered room just feels so great...
    one of the photos with the black kitchen chairs was the inspiration I needed today, for the kitchen in the farm we're redoing! so thank you!!
    when the farm is redone, i'll have to link back to this picture as the inspiration....
    have a great wknd,

  9. Lovely lovelt lovely! Althoug I think a few grown kids and a big black dog could make it look a tad different.

  10. The staircase is to die for. Love it.

  11. Thanks for bringing him to my attention! I love how those chairs with the ribbons down the legs remind me of ballerinas!

  12. WOW!! Love his style of decorating! Reminds me of Darryl Carter's look. Thanks for posting on Briggs Edward's work!

  13. Thanks for the introduction! It is so peaceful and still full of detail, really wonderful.

  14. Thanks for the introduction! It is so peaceful and still full of detail, really wonderful.

  15. OH my whats not to like...serene graphic calm sophisticated!

  16. Hi Kelley!

    Yes, their work is beautiful!

    Since I now subscribe to PP via email, I've gotten lazy about leaving comments! But I wanted you to know that I enjoy reading all of your posts.
    Your bathroom remodel is inspiring our bathroom remodel in Oxnard, so I thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent.

    I hope all is well with you!


  17. I posted about your great photography today. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better photographer!

  18. Never has the 'Less is More' adage rung so true. So chic, so elegant, so many wonderful ideas from a Master. Lovely post Kelley.
    Millie xx

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