Garden Notebook Ideas

 Here is a peek at my Garden you can see it is a working diary

It is my road map...
it tells me what  actually went into the yard
and the main structure of the garden

It includes notations on irrigation, french drains,
 conduit stub outs for lighting etc.
as well as the planting guide

By the way,
 I am not a Landscape Architect
 nor do I have any formal training in landscaping or horticulture

I am a self taught gardener...
I read and I work hard

so guess what?  
anyone can do this too!!!

*note to self...get a good manicure STAT

 All of my drawings are included in the front part of the binder
with the initial lists of what I wanted to plant....
obviously this changed quite a bit as we progressed
but essentially the plan remains intact

These photos show my planting guides
divided into 5 main areas... this is just the front half of the property

 What I love about this reference guide, is that I can now re-work the beds as needed 
but still look back on the initial planting and see how we did.

 Actually we have lost very few plants and are now in the editing process.....what I mean is we are removing and dividing plants that just got too huge.

That is not a bad problem to have!

Our mantra this fall will be: divide and conquer

 Many landscape Architects 
really don't like to over crowd a garden 
and plant
 " can to can" 

But I purchased plants 
that I knew we could divide later
 in other parts of the garden 
as they matured
 Plant lists and
new purchases are all included
 My master plant list was huge 
and I worked on it for about a month before 
we actually ordered anything
 We actually had two phases of plant orders 
for the front 
as the main areas of the garden were finished
and ready to plant

Nothing ever sat around and got neglected or dry

Actually even today when I go tho the nursery...I only buy what I can plant in a day or two 
never much longer than that
Included in this binder are lots of visual references as well
I need to add some of my own photos too...which I think will be a nice addition

I hope this helps you to get a start on your own garden projects....


off to the garage for my pruners!

....yea it never ends

  1. This is just so very smart. Yes, you need to add photos! I look back on photos of our trees, and it just amazes me how some were as tall as me 10 years ago and now they are tremendous. Your notebook is an invaluable tool. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. This is a great idea to keep track of what you've planted. My husband is the master gardner around here, and he has a great memory in naming all the plants, but I think a notebook like this would be useful to me. This was the first year I planted a veggie garden and I'd like to note what worked and what didn't.

  3. Kelley, you are such a devoted gardener and it really shows in your planning, care and successes in your yard. It is a large & beautiful environment that you have created. I know how much time, effort and investment it takes. I admire your work so much!
    Irrigation for us is a big factor as water is precious as the water bill will witness.
    Have you had great successes with peonies? How cold does it get in Ojai? I know of the hard freezes and the massive crop damage there that have occurred in the past. What is the usual 'cold' winter low temperature? I am VERY dissatisfied with the peony that I bought that is for this warmer So. Cal environment. An ugly blossom...maybe next year???
    I have a million questions and you continue to answer some of them with every post. Thank you.
    xoxo, Chris

  4. This is why I like coming overwhelm me with creativity.

  5. Dang you are organized! That would be my dream.....that book you have created is pure gold!

  6. Kelley,
    This is such a great idea. I used to have a small landscape business with my friend. For 13 years we planted our own yards as well as those of our client's. We learned a lot but really didn't document as well as we should have. I've retired from that business but my own yard receives am much attention as I used to impart in the business...I am going to take the time sit down and note what is currently thriving and make a list of what I need to replace and begin this notebook process. Thank you for such a great idea for a tool that will undoubtedly become indispensable.

  7. I salute you, Kelley! Your garden is all the more beautiful because of your thoughtful design! I do want to thank you because on one of your notebook pics I saw Texas Ranger! I have had that beautiful plant for quite a few years now but had forgotten it's name! It all came back to me when I saw it! When it blooms its georgous! Hmmm...a notebllk to keep track...!

  8. I wish I were as organized as you...such a great concept keeping a notebook...I am always trying to remember what blooms when from year to year!

  9. I REALLY wish we had one of those! My husband and I are enthusiastic but disorganized gardeners!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and
    suggestions for creating and managing your
    landscape they have certainly worked well for you. I intend to print these posts and use them for my own. Your garden is lovely and so rewarding after all the effort required.

  11. Thanks for the share! I really like it that you are organized. Nice page.

  12. I'm now living in a townhouse but I had kept a notebook like the one you have which I left for the new owners when we sold our big house.
    PS I want to print like you do!!!

  13. Okay... I have a garden notebook too, but after seeing yours I might just have to burn it!! Wow- so orgainized, I love it. And, your plans are beautiful- great handwriting!

  14. All of your hardwork shows in each and every photo, Kelley! You're gardens are a constant inspiration! :)

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