Guest Bath

Remember this little guest bath re-do?

 Well, after using this room a bit,
I deceided that the wood top was just not practical
While sorcing stone for my kitchen I thought we should 
put a marble top on the vintage table 

The carrera looks great with all of the other tile 
and now the vanity seems more finished

There is also a 4 inch backsplash across the back which is better for clean up 
and any problems with splashing water

The ogee edge is a nice touch too.

I used this same ogee on the Carrera in the kitchen

The new top gives us a little more surface area to put things on 
while getting ready for work

This little guset bathroom is a really nice space 
and I'm happy with all of the details...especially the new marble top!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

More summer projects to come...


  1. It really looks wonderful - like it was meant to be! Love how you've decorated the table! I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  2. Fantastic! I think it is not only practical but look great!!! A back splash is a must for any sink that gets some real use!

  3. Better all round - have a wonderful weekend Kelley ~

  4. I love this bathroom. That chippy old table turned vanity is wonderful. Love the farm house style decor.

  5. Love your Bathroom! Oh my, so Beautiful! Love the chippy table and the door in the corner.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love it, love it, love it, down to the sweet little pink persimmon box. The textures in your imagery are just stunning.

  7. I liked it before, but I really like it now! And what is that flowering thing? A scarf? I couldn't take my eyes off it in all the pictures!

  8. I love your guest bath. It is charming and has so much character! I found your blog through velvet & Linen. Your sink is on my wish list to order. Love it.

  9. Oh my gosh... Kelly, I can finally leave a message. I love the new top. It is perfect with everything in the bath.

  10. I love the new top and can see how it would be so much more functional! Happy gardening!

  11. I have been ensconced in my own antique sale for awhile! Free at last!
    I love the marble top! Isn't it fascinating how a 'situation' will speak to you and tell you what it needs? Love it, Kelley!
    xoxo, Chris


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