Beautiful Food Photography: Donna Hay Cookbooks

Cookbooks can be inspiring in many ways...
of course they inspire us to be a better cook
but there are those cookbooks that inspire us to eat a bit more healthy 
and to take more time and care in the preparation of a great meal
I have found food photography can inspire me to take more care 
in how I use my camera too
A food photography 
feast for the eyes are the cook books
 by Donna Hay

Donna is the Australian equivalent of Martha Stewart

 Her books are full of wonderful simple recipes 
and impeccably styled photo's
She has a cookbook out called Seasons
which has wonderful recipe's sorted by the 4 seasons of the year
If you see it take a peek

Here's to the start of a delicious week!
all photos from Donna Hay Cookbooks
  1. You know how I love beautiful food photography so I will be looking for this! Thanks for the introduction.


    1. You will really love this cookbook Kat!

      kelley xoxo

  2. I feast for the eyes and a delight for all!Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love her books and the photography, so simple and pure.

  4. This is making me hungry before bed! Lovely images.

  5. Oh my gosh...these look so good...I'm going to have to get her book.


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