Ice Cream Bucket Flower Pot


 This is an easy way to add some green
a bit of country charm 
and flowers to your home

all in about 10 minutes!!!

 Line your bucket with waterproof floral paper 
and use a staple gun to secure it to the bucket
because my bucket is tall and I don't wont tons of potting soil in this bucket
 I add some packing peanuts to the bottom

cover the peanuts loosely with a bit more floral paper

add potting soil and your flower of choice...
I'm in love with geraniums right now

a little green 
a little county
what could be better?
Have a wonderful weekend

  1. I love this and how you lined the bucket... you don't need drainage though?

    1. You can't keep these in the house for more than about two weeks unless you have a really sunny spot. I start with really wet soil and then water very sparingly. The floral liner is not totally water tight so I usually water these in the sink or on the porch and then bring them back in. The peanuts really help too!

      xxx's Kelley

  2. I love this too and have a wonderful vintage wooden ice cream bucket in an amazing shade of green and would love to replicate this but I too am wondering about the drainage?
    Are there holes in the bottom of the bucket?

    1. My bucket has a rusty bottom with a little hole but you can use anything with the floral paper. I,ve done lots of baskets using this method and they last a really long time.

      : O )

  3. I love this and thank you for this awesome idea! I have some items that I would love to use for planters.


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