Quick and Easy: Lemons in a Jar

 This is a very easy recipe for preserved lemons
 Preserved lemons are an essential ingredient in Moroccan and North African cuisine 
(neither of which I know anything about) 
but I find myself adding lemon juice to so many of the things I like to cook
 so I thought I would try a batch of Preserved Lemons
 see how they taste 

 You will need about 6 lemons 
to fill a small 2 cup container 
I used Meyer lemons but any lemon will work
Slice 3 of the lemons vertically leaving a bit of the base intact

 In a small bowl pack about two tablespoons of kosher salt in to the lemon cavity
 repeat with the remaining two lemons
 Place the salted lemons in the jar 
and add an additional 2 tablespoons of salt
 Squeeze the juice from the remaining 3 lemons
 and add the juice to the jar
 The juice should cover the  lemons
 Refrigerate and shake the jar every day (or when ever you happen to think about it)
for the next few weeks
In about 4 to 6 weeks your lemons are ready

Guess what?
These are wonderful!

The finished flavor is 
 salty pickled  & lemony
Once these are pickled you can eat the whole thing, rind and all

So far I have added these to rice dishes, 
in a butter sauce over fish 
in a chopped salad! 

I think I might try  pickled peppers next!

  1. I love having preserved lemons and limes in the refrigerator, that add such a fresh, salty zest to any dish that is a little flat in flavor. I freeze them for a couple of days with the salt, which tenderizes them, and then pack them in olive oil {which becomes quite flavorful as well}. Fabulous photography!

    1. I like the olive oil idea too. I was thinking it might give the oil an "off" flavor but I will try it now!

      Cheers, Kelley

  2. Oh how delish; I have never done this, and cannot wait to.

    Please do join my latest giveaway and feature.
    Art by Karena

  3. My mouth was watering just reading this!

  4. K-
    I just read your feature in Country Living. Great job! What a lovely way to start the summer, a great garden article, and of course, your awesome interior styling, too. Congrats, girl! These lemons look delish-- I love lemons, they definitely say summer to me!
    Andrea B.

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  6. I have been wanting to try making these! I am a lemon "aholic".

  7. What fun - I am going to give this a try! Will you post some of your favorite recipes using these lemons? I, too, know zip about North African food.
    Thanks for sharing,


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