Bamboo Day Bed


Small bedroom idea:
I have a small extra bedroom that I sometimes use for guests and occasionally use as an office.  It is only 10x10 so it seemed out of the question to even try to put a standard sized bed in here.  I opted instead for a day bed.  I tried out three, only to find each time that they could not get into the space because of a weird door/corner that needs to be negotiated before you actually get into this room.

The best solution or perhaps the only solution was to find something that came apart in small pieces and could then be reassembled inside the room.  I found this wonderful bamboo day bed from a company called Padmas Plantation.  It is real bamboo and was a snap to put together.  The other nice thing is that it came with the mattress.  I really like the sides and top canopy. While its not the most comfortable for a good nights sleep it will work in an pinch and is great fun to sit on

I next added a large back cushion in down and covered it in a vintage linen sheet with fabulous embroidery.  It is a natural flax color and really nice with the grass cloth wall paper.  The bolster came next.  Also down filled, they are from Matteo bedding and are done in a black ticking with woven cotton ties on the ends.  I have used these bolsters on beds and they work great for that as well.

A few more ticking pillows added to the cushy little nest.  I put a vintage french suitcase filled with dried hydrangeas above the bed.  The basket was cut out along the top ( I hated to do it but sometimes you need to sacrifice for beauty) in order to get the flowers in. 
After trying a few more accent pillows including this vintage french floral, I just couldn't seem to find the right balance.   To the right is the hydrangea bouquet and the colors needed to sort of mimic that of the basket.
Below is a detail of the vintage sheet used for the back cushion.  The embroidery is really super!

Using ticking again to tie this room together I added some pretty tie backs to the drapery.

I ended up with the strong blue floral pillow in the end.  It has touches of yellow and coral as well.
For the desk lighting, two large natural wood lamps from Wisteria were used.  I am actually redoing the shades as we speak because I'm not crazy about the shape but the lamps are great.
The ceiling fixture is a little more feminine.  I found it at a small local gift store and it worked out beautifully.  It is made with sea pearls and glass beads on a white metal chandelier style frame with little beaded votive caps.
The art work on the opposite wall is actually reproduction "oils" from done on canvas and framed out in heavy deep black. is one of my "go to " resourses for less expensive art work.  I particurlarly like to do the prints on stretched canvas if that option is available. Grass cloth wall paper from Philip Jeffries.
I found this old suitcase years ago and and had my upholstorer make the base for me.  It mimics the bamboo and makes a wonderful coffee table.  The rugs are Ralph Lauren flooring.
The work desk is also in the faux bamboo or Chinese style, with black lacquer detailing from Milling Road.
The chairs are done in vintage feed sacks.  I did a post about these a while back.  Really nice structure and they are small so they fit well in this room.  A vintage peg rack for guests jackets on the wall to the left and some small plant stands with chinoise jars round out the colors and tie the theme together.

Here is the bed again almost done! The little green boat dock sign I found on ebay and it looks cute and the color is great with the trunk coffee table.

All finished.....I like bamboo and this bed is tons of fun!!!
Happy Friday~*~kelley
  1. so precious!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it all!!!

  2. Joni, thanks so much! What a sweetie...kel

  3. Beautiful, once again! Love your style! Wish you were close by to design my house (Philadelphia).

  4. Okay, once again, what's not to love!!!

  5. Love the daybed with all the wonderful fabrics, colors and textures. I also had to check out your 'sign' collection. I am crazy about original vintage signs as well, and finally, Millie looks like a great dog!

  6. Love it! The colours and textures really do it for this room. Glad you shared.

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