Vintage Fabric: Color and Contrast in Pillows

I recently purchased a wonderful set of French drapery panels from Wendy Lewis at Textile Trunk. They are an amazing vibrant teal with really rich deep blues and pinks. I maximized the use of the fabric by backing them in a solid linen and then tried them in various locations in my little media room. Much to my surprise they felt really warm and cozy without being to feminine.
I have had the chairs in the teal damask for a while. They are Barclay Buttera Home. The punch from the floral was really interesting.
The Chinoise lamps also compliment nicely. I had the shades done in purple, yes purple linen.
The starting off point for this room was really the purchase of the oil above the fireplace by Jean Jack. I own two of her pieces and I love them both. She paints primarily houses and barns and uses bold angles and colors. You can visit her web site to view more of her paintings or visit her gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Here's another view of the lamps with the purple shades. The console is an antique pine cupboard with a black stain.
The sofa, also from Buttera is tobacco linen and pairs nicely with the teal colors and the use of baskets. I used grass cloth on the walls from Phillip Jeffries in a natural color and simple weave. The basket coffee table is Ralph Lauren
Yes those are bread boards....a new collection. I know, kill me now...please!
The little reading lamp is Fortuny. It was a splurge but is an amazing piece and just glows in the evening. The sisal rug is from the Ralph Lauren flooring collection and can also be installed as carpet.

Here are some other shots of floral mixed with ticking and feed sack fabric. I am especially fond of the sweater weave pillows as an addition to groupings because of the texture.

The texture of the Orkney chairs with the ticking is very simple but nice as well. Chairs are from Mainly Baskets.
The floral pairs nicely with these simple pillows too. I got six pillows out of the 2 drapery panels.

While not vintage, the velvet add to the softness of the room. I added the faux animal print pillows as I would use a floral but it is not quite as busy. Note the colors of Jean Jacks painting over the mantel. It has the chartreuse and purple I used in the fabric choices.

Yes that is a picnic table in my living room! I'll save that for another post! Well I guess that's enough pillow talk for today. I need to go make my bed! Happy Tuesday~*~kelley
  1. Beautiful! Love, love the pillows!! And the way you coordinated all of the fabrics together. Your house is lovely & you have a true knack for decorating.

  2. I LOVE your cottage, and that is such pretty fabric. I just can't help it, I LOVE colorful, large flowers . . I try to steer myself in another direction sometimes, but I love them.

  3. Bread boards...I KNOW! Great photos.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments great~*~kel

  5. * What a wonderful, charming home you've created!!! Just super-delightful!!! And what a treat to see some things from BB~~~ I adOre his pieces, & especially his shop in Park City, UT~~~ "YUMMY EURO!"~~~

    Surprised, & "PLEASED AS PUNCH" too, to see you using the European fest-table & benches! I brought back a set from our many years living in Germany, & keep it in our storage place to use outside during big parties~~~ reminds me SO MUCH of our fun times while living in Germany & Austria, & the narrowness of the table AND the benches really work well when entertaining large crowds! How FUN & CREATIVE to use it as you have!!!

    Have marked your blog as a FAVE ~ Many thanks!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  6. Hi Linda, OMG thank you for the warm greeting and I can't say how pleased I am to have you read my little "sumthin" of a blog. I am just starting out but enjoying it so much!!! I hope you continue to follow my progress....all comments good or bad are welcome, warmest regards~*~kelley

  7. Can't say it enough - beautiful, great style, great design, great collections. (I have that disease too ;-)

    ...and let me just say how ironic that I just learned about Fortuny Silk/Lamps in my interior design class last night!


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