Dog Beds: finally some nice choices


DOG BEDS: After three dogs and nearly 20 years of enduring some of the ugliest pet beds ever, it seems someone has finally realized that these over sized pillows of hairy dirt and dog grime actually are part of our homes landscape. The green canvas above is the classic "dog nest" from Orvis and can be monogrammed.I recently purchased this wonderful hemp striped bed in Green, from Harry Barker. It is wonderful to have on the floor and my dog Millie loves it.
They are also offering a round toille version. The beds can be purchased with the fill or just as a cover.

This bed is a subrella fabric and the fill is waterproof as well. I purchased this bed to take on our boat and the only problem I have had is that the fabric has not held up as well as I think it should have, but it is a great stripe and does repel water.
I love this bed!!! The down side is the cost; around $1000.00!An alternative are the dog blankets which come in so many nice stripes and can be used for the couch or car as well.
Another contemporary version in wood with bright cotton pillow. I'm not sure how much my dog would like this bed however, it seems a little hard and not very good for snuggling.
These are from photographer William Wegman and come in nice graphic prints and colors. Love these!

And what pampered pooch wouldn't love her own Airstream complete with dog bowl accessories. A girl can dream can't she? Now go fetch! ~*~ kelley
  1. HA HA! Look at that little streamline! :) Gorgeous! I wish I could justify spending $1000 on a dog bed. I have to make sure that Abby and D don't see this post! :)

  2. I know Artie, would't they just beg beg and more beg for the trailer! xo kelley

  3. Kelley!!! I'm hoping you and yours are ok! :) stop by and let me know. And if you come by soon, I'm doing a giveaway via inglenook decor, so you'll wanna enter to win!


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