Weekend Getaways Update: Catalina


Catalina Island Getaway:  Part II

I really hadn't planned to do another post about Catalina but we just got back from a really fun weekend there and I thought I would share a bit more about the fun things you can do in just a couple of days.

So we will start here at the Pleasure Pier in its bright green paint with its famous neighbor the Casino to the right.

This is pretty much the heart of the action on the water,  whether you are just here for a day or have come by boat for the weekend.

Above is the Holly House also known as Look Out Cottage.  Built for a potential wife that alas told her beau she would never live on an island.  It is said that in later years the builder of this wonderful home posted signs around  the property that said " No Women Allowed".  I guess it was that little thing about her marrying another guy, that sort of sent him over the edge.

On the pier you can buy tickets for all the fun activities that Catalina has to offer.  It is sort of like Disneyland except the nature show is REAL.  The glass bottom boats and Submarines are really popular.

You can also rent a boat or kayak here, for the day

I love this U-Drive sign....hmmmm would that look great in my family room or what!

Parasailing is really popular too.

Moving right along lets get to some of the good stuff like drinking, eating and shopping.

This is some serious fried fish heaven.  It was closed for a while this summer and is all new and spiffy with the same menu.  One of the things I can honestly say about Catalina is the food is not really very good given the fact that you can catch a fish about 5 feet from where you are dining.  Having said that it is also not all that expensive to eat here either.  There is alot more junk than healthy,  but you can't miss with this little outpost.  I want the "Seafood" sign sooooo bad.

Note combo #1 which can be shard and you get fries and coleslaw with it!

Eric's is the best for people watching.  They also serve food and have great Margaritas.

Lets do some shopping.  Well, how about the House of Wood?  What's in the House of Wood you ask...well, lots of uumm well thingys and sort of wood like uumm stuff.  I'll just show you.

I actually like stores like this because there is something for anyone.   Even Pirates (top left corner)

And well..yes that is a tree coming out of the wall and yes it is wood.  Well, OK then!

This is a great little breakfast spot right in the middle of town.  Really an old school fun coffee shop.  

 There are also dozens of Ice Cream parlors that sell waffle cones, freshly made and the smell is wonderful.  It is sort of a waffle-palooza.

This is the best Mexican food in town and it is really cute and over decorated on the inside, which is precisely the way I like Mexican restaurants to be.  Lots of mini lights in the shape of a chilie peppers and plastic flowers and did I say great food?

      I think we need more to drink.....hic up

A young couple own this business called The Dingy Dock.  They sell organic produce and staples as well as meat, fish and chicken all frozen, but this is great if you are boating or camping and we found the produce to be the best in town.  Another plus is they sell boat parts.  For example:  when your generator impeller breaks, you can get one here and also get some organic beets.  Soooo cool!

Another great find was this new store called Golden State.  It is located in the El Encanto building in town which is one of my favorites.  The owner, Meg is a wonderful artist and silkscreens clothing, cards, and textiles.  She also carries jewelry and pottery from local friends.  She is planning an Etsy shop soon and I will be sure to link you to her site as soon as it is up and running.

Heres a shot of the Casino light fixtures at night.  You can pay for a GPS guided walking tour but I think
most people can figure out where to go without it.  It is really almost more fun to explore on your own and come arcross something really interesting.

Another shot of the Casino murals.  My photography does not due justice to these.  The colors are just amazing and they are about 30 feet high.

The Blanch W, the longest tour boat ever!

So I will end this post with a few more shots of the lovely lady Catalina.  I came to this island  for the first time when I was around 5 years old on a charter boat owned by my Uncle.  I have been back many times over the last 30 years but always as a tourist and observer.  The colors and activity of the island are what make it so special and beautiful.  The island is vintage and new at the same time.  I hope you will make a point of visiting here too if you can. 

 Off to the mainland~*~kelley

  1. If this post seemed a little disjointed =it is!!! I used a new template format from blogger and I hate it! Stay with me, I am still working on this one! : ) kelley

  2. Loved the photo tour...I'll have to put Catalina on my list of places to see before...you know the rest!! hehe

  3. Thanks for doing this Catalina post! It was great to see your pics and relive old memories of many summers spent there when I was a teenager.

  4. Hi to all, I cannot wait to go back to the "house of wood" I know there is something to be found! details to follow......


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