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I was a menswear buyer and merchandiser for many years early in my career and I have a love for men's clothing.  I never designed a single piece of women's wear nor did I consider myself a very good shopper when it came to my own wardrobe.

 As an ardent student of the "Ralph Lauren" school of menswear, to this day,  I love mens clothes.

 I buy them for my husband and son and I love the look of menswear as it relates to my own closet.  Sometimes I scour the markdowns for a size small cashmere vest that a guy would never wear but works perfectly for me!

I would consider myself a catalog junkie and the new Orvis Clothing for Men catalog is really special.
What is not to love about these bright chunky watches!

These are the nicest sweatshirts, from the Montana Morning collection; nice colors and really soft washed out feel.

Love this boot.  Very Ralph Lauren-ish

This is where it all started for Orvis; their incredible Fly Fishing rods and reels.  These are from the Adirondack  Collection and will set you back about $2000 dollars.

This luggage is really great looking and looks pretty functional as well.  I could totally see a woman using these.  That satchel is great.

Gotta love the dog stuff.  My pal Millie has this collar.

No comment....snooozing now

Cute pea coat and scarf

I like these unbreakable plates and the rosewood tableware, really pretty

I must admit the women's section is in serious need of some new talent in the merchandising dept.

Need I say more?  So silly looking, who would wear this?

I actually like this hat better, sort of like a kitty on your head.  Check out the Orvis catalog for the man in your life.  I think you'll agree there is some great stuff.
happy shopping~*~kelley

  1. hi kelley,

    i too love menswear. my #2 son works for RL. i just adore his stuff. have you ever read the blog - a continuous lean -
    i think you would love it.


  2. Have you ever had a chance to visit their store in Manchester VT (headquarters I think?) If not you should plan a trip back east. My husband and I go each year to visit friends, farmer's markets and the sale in August. They have a giant tent sale with GREAT DEALS. You could make a trip out of it doing the Cabot cheese factory, Ben/Jerry's factory and maybe some non-fattening historical stuff.

  3. Hi Kelley! I love, Orvis for the men of Museville and am a huge RL fan, too. Orvis, Terrority ahead - mmmm, mmm! ...and I admit - I have the khaki satchel from the Territory ahead men's dept and use and carry it everywhere. =)

    Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Halloween!
    xo Isa

  4. Got my catalog in the mail last week. Just love that pooch sitting in the gorgeous leather chair!


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