Seawead Pressings: Botanicals from the Ocean


I received an email today from a wonderful group of artists (a family actually) in Victoria British Columbia.  The name of the company is Coastal Prezence and they do the most amazing pressed seawead botanicals.
I actually sort of stumbled onto this company and then followed up with a phone call and purchased three originals.  They sell prints of their work as well and were very helpful with the selection. 

They view their work as Gustav Klimt/Art Nouveau inspired and find that even those that don't live near the ocean are drawn to the shape and uniqueness of their art

What was new in this particular case is the pressings are now being matted in such a way that the canvas presentation wraps around the sides
It is the movement of the kelp within the pressing that make these wonderful when grouped together.  They sort of flow into one another and the colors are just beautiful.  The brown and ochre colors with the specs of pink are amazing. 

Here is another example of the seaweed in a mixed media fish print.  I love these!!!

Here are the 3 that I purchased.  I framed them with a very tiny metal frame (from Exposures) and they came pre-matted so that worked out great.
I hung these at the very top of our stair well;  this is leading out to the roof top deck. 
 They really make a wonderful collection hung just about anywhere.  
I hope you will visit them. 
 I can't even begin to imagine the trial and error it took to perfect this process but it shows in the details!

Here is a link to their site:  Coastal Prezence Seaweed Designs

  1. These are truly unique! Thanks for telling us about this group. I'm heading over right now...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. These are pretty cool, I have to say! I kind of get the Klimt associations in some of them but maybe crossed with a Japanese woodblock print. The gallery wrap treatment makes them feel little crafty to me; the framed ones are much more elegant. If they could print these on fabric, I think they'd replace grain sacks in a heartbeat...and be in Pottery Barn by 2011. Wicked nice! steve

  3. Hi Kelley,

    Thanks for this great post. Aren't there some talented people out there? These look fantastic, something just a little different. The three you picked out and where you have placed them on your wall are just stunning, the colours, the framing, everything. Some say that white is a colour that is boring and cold, but I think the picture that you have shared for your stairwell shows that is not so. If you show this photo in 20 years time, it will not have dated an iota. And the white with the wood stair trim is an all time classic. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

    p.s. Please do a post on your previous decorating...I would find it so interesting how your style has evolved.

  4. Kelley,

    Ok so now I'm jealous. They look fantastic in your stairwell. Your home is so freaking gorgeous, I can't stand it. I love the ones you picked. They are perfect for the space.


  5. Kelley,

    I found out about the shopping adventure with Eddie Ross through Grace {Grace Happens BLOG} plus she's a rooster shopper/friend of mine. She said we should go... So we all just decided on a whim to do it. You should sooooooooooooooooo go! How fun would that be! I would love to meet you! We can put our running shoes on & run through the aisles together. LOL!!!!

    p.s. Great post... & I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! I have BLOG envy to YOU! :) I'm on a BLOG low right now... Need to get a little excitement over in my BLOG land {rooster land}... I'm BORING right now.

    Hope to meet you one day!


  6. OooooOOooo. I love those. And I LOVE those right there! A grouping of 9 or 12 would be fantastic too! Of to check them out!

  7. I would love to see a photo if anyone buys a few of these. They really are unique and modern.

    Alex, you are so NOT boring...I love all of your posts! k

  8. Hi Kelley,,Love the colors & patterns of your prints,went to the website & love their work!!! Beautiful colors & prints,,was wonderin what size of print you bought hard to tell in framed photos,perfect spot for them!! Thanks for sharing the website!! Linda

  9. Hi Linda, The outside dimension of the matted pressing is 16 x 20. They come prematted which is nice. The pressing itself is about 9 x 13. If you call them they are very helpful, Hope you get a couple I know you will really love them, xo kelley


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