Don't Panic...It's Organic

Meet Dot
Dot lives across the road from me in Ojai with her family and her boyfriend...
Thunder is a bit smaller than Dot and a bit older...but don't tell him that
 One of the many benefits of country living is that it allows you to have animals...
Both large and small.  

 The weather has been so interesting this fall,
 with lots of rain and then warm sunny days...
Which has made the fields flush with soft green grasses.

Perfect for the animals....  

 To go exploring....
 Or just to enjoy the sunshine....
 My neighbor Christine brings Dot out to the orchard almost every day,
 for a few hours,
 so she can get her fill of the lush fresh grass

When Dot comes out to graze, everyone else seems to join her...

 An additional benefit to all of this grazing, is the "by-products" that can be used in the garden for fertilizer.
Christine uses a combination of the pine shavings from the horse stalls and manure to fertilize all of her fruit trees
 It's a relatively simple process and one that I have started to use around all of my citrus trees as well
 I did a post a while back about Christine's wonderful fruit stand, 
which you can read again here
 She now has her fall fruits available, including apples and pomegranates and the usual sweet oranges and lemons found all over the valley

 Dot was just finishing up her afternoon snack when....
 Here came the rest of the group...

 Thunder felt a bit lonely and left behind... he came out for a roll in the hay too!
 Not to be outdone....
 Christine's dog Roxy felt like a ride around the orchard would be a good idea...
 Oh well....I'll just walk then

 What fun to see a horse in the front yard...enjoying being a horse 
 And we get the added benefit of the organic fertilizers for the garden
 For free!!!
 Thanks Dot
Thanks Christine for the fun afternoon
I guess this is what you call friends...with benefits!

Have a great week


  1. what a great compromise....and you get to watch horsies :) yay!

  2. hi kelley,

    what a great neighbor. i LOVE horses and can't wait to go riding again. what a pastoral setting you live in. i'd never leave.


  3. Lovely the horses with the cat and dog. I cannot imagine old my horse ever allowing a dog to be on her way!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. this was lovely! hope you have a great week too and that you have some furniture at your new place?!

  5. haha - I loved that the cat and dog got into the act too! Thanks for brightening my post-Halloween candy slumber!

  6. What a nice post. A hour or two with animals does a person a lot of good. Wish I was a neighbor too!

  7. Loved all the photos.. what a fun day!

  8. Oh...I have always loved horses. I used to have a beautiful quarterhorse, Ginger..but that was in another lifetime it seems. I love that the cat and dog jumped right into the act...literally for the dog!>) You are right about the is one of the best!

    ps...Do ya have any furniture yet? Hugs- Diana

  9. * I just "FELL IN LOVE!"... with DOT... what a SWEET BEAUTY!!! And it looked like PRECIOUS THUNDER knows it, too!!! They make such a cute pair relaxing in that beautiful field!

    LOVE it. too, that it became a "cat n' dog act", with darling ROXY n' cutie-pie "kitty"... WHAT... A... LIFE......for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

    I thank you ALL for warming my heart this election eve!!!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  10. Ok....I am in LOVE with thunder! What a face!
    Love this post!

  11. I love this post...I'm a sucker for horses.

  12. Can I just tell you-Yours is my favorite blog! Animals, decorating, gardening, a little real estate,'ve got it all and it just brightens my day to see your pics read your blog. Always interesting and appealing. Thank you thank you. XOXo

  13. What a nice surprise!!! I your photoshoot!!! We love Dot, Thunder ...and Christine of course. I can't wait to show this post to Ben.... we've been taking carrots to them since he was a baby. We have an amazing neighborhood : ) We are all blessed.

  14. Awwwww.....this makes me miss my horse I had many years ago...... :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I really enjoyed the pictures and the writing, thanks for sharing your day!

  16. Totally loving this sweet post! The pics are just adorable and beautiful!! Thank you!!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  17. What is an organic lemon/lime? I guess now-a-days you can add the word "organic" to something and try to sell for top dollar.

  18. Oh, I am so jealous. Horses, cats AND pomegranate trees. I'm putting in an order for my next life. And I love the new blue cupboard.


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