Inspirtion for the Holiday Table: part 2

 Well this won't be hard to figure out...the Farmers Market about from farm to table
 These wonderful local farmers put out a spread that is just amazing...
 My favorite cherry tomatoes from Tutti Frutti

 The radishes were as big as golf balls if not biggggggger!

 I love the crafts too...these are from a couple of creative young women...the name of their company is "Drift"

 I bought some of these
 Strawberries are never ending in this part of the state...and they are huge!

 This farmer specializes in dried veggies and fruits...I bought these for my stuffing and sun dried tomatoes for a potato side dish

 Loaves, breads and sweets 
How pretty are the Poinsettia? 
So that was enough to inspire is overwhelming sometimes to see how much food is produced in this part of California...all organic and local

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Now get cooking!

  1. What amazing, fresh, and healthy food items. CA truly is the food basket of the nation! And I want one of those driftwood trees!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Kelley.
    ~ Sue

  2. Oh! I am soooo jealous. If we HAD a farmer's market this time of year it would consist of popsicles and frozen lady fingers! Beautiful photos- Hugs- Diana

  3. Hi Kelley, How wonderful to get fresh fruit and vegetables this time of year. The driftwood trees and wreaths are so cute!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Lucky you! I'm jealous too. That looks like our farmer's markets in summer to early fall, minus the poinsettias. Local and organic is wonderful, just a little harder to find in our cold winters.

  5. Wow! I'd love to hop on a plane...NOW! This produce puts ours to shame. And those driftwood trees...double WOW!!! I'd love to have one of them. Even though I live near the beach, I rarely find driftwood...unless it's from a palm.
    Back to cooking... tonight it's the pies and chocolate mousse. It sure does smell heavenly in the kitchen...
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. hi kelley,

    beautiful, beautiful produce. no wonder we love to cook. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. clink, clink as you say!


  7. ...enjoying my last few minutes of peace...before the beautiful Thanksgiving chaos begins!

    Thankful for you and your beautiful blog!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Kelley!
    Love the pics and the driftwood pieces are amazing....I'd take one of those home....
    I give thanks today for bloggin' friends like you!

  9. How lucky you are to live there, so jealous! Our local farmer's market is so short lived, beautiful photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! You inspire me to search for Hachiya persimmons this weekend.

  11. just catching up on my reading from the long weekend and boy am I glad I am looking at these beautiful photos! I am so jealous of the fresh veggies and fruit - all we have here in the Boston area is overpriced not-so-fresh produce flown in from various parts of the world.

  12. Love all your beautiful pictures! Happy Holiday!


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