The Furniture Diaries: Chapter 2...chairs and a chaise


Here is a new addition to the living room...the Kenton Chair
from Noir
It comes with neutral linen upholstery, which is actually very nice
if you don't want to customize the fabric 
I reupholstered these with some vintage burlap grain sacks and finished off the arms and the back of the seat in slubbly white linen

The grain sacks had a hand sewn seam on either side... 
which looks like welting but is actually part of the original sack

The graphics are wonderful and the faded teal stripe down the center pulls in some color that I will use on some other furniture and pillows
 The second item new to this space is this vintage steel campaign chaise
 It has some classic detailing that make it almost sculptural and industrial
 It can be folded completely flat or positioned for reading and lounging

 I am sort of working on the details for this area as I find things that I like...I can't tell you how much I dislike the fireplace surround...oh well

 More fun pillows...some with old patches!

 This beautiful whole cloth French Boutis was purchased through Wendy at 
Textile Trunk...I love the dark grey, the reds and the touches of teal.  
Perfect to lay across the foot of the chaise or use on the sofa.

 So this gives you a feel for how the room is shaping next chapter will be about the dining "area"... using romantic florals and white washed wicker

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thanks for stopping by and I totally love all of the thoughts and comments you leave!

Oh... and here is how the centerpiece looked on Turkey Day...I got everything in the basket from the back yard!  No joke!

  1. Kelley,
    I don't know how you expect to be in this condo, but I think I'd have to make (have made) something to slip over that black granite fireplace. Everything else is beautiful! Steve

  2. I love the Kenton chair and how you used the grain sack. Everything is coming together so wonderfully but I didn't expect anything less from you.

    Would you mind sharing the paint color on your walls?


  3. Oh Kelley, it's MAGICAL - I absolutely love it!! I'm going gaga over those chairs from noir. You gotta call me and let me know where I can get them. I'm so tired of my house, it needs some life. LOL! I love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. Kelly- That is unbelivable (well...I mean I DO believe you) that that "seam" lined up to look like cording. How the heck did that ever happen? If you had WANTED it to happen it wouldn't have.

    The room is shaping up nicely...whassa matter you don't love that lovely, sleek, black, 1980's fireplace surround? Seriously? Bwhahahahaha...Sometimes God just plays little tricks on you...but then lets you find a really cool chair, you know?

    Can't wait to see the dining room..and the bounty of your backyard is something else! Marverlous! Hugs-Diana

  5. are so correct and so funny!

    Steve...I'm working on it and to Judy...not the best of colors!

    Artie...I will email you the info!

  6. hi, i just remodeled my kitchen and a carpenter that helped me used hot glue (gun) to hold some molding before attaching with brads. this held wood to the wall and was surprising strong. i don't know how hot your fireplace surround gets but it's worth a try! and it pops off with a little pressure and no damage to either surface. he used little round globs. just a thought. good luck. jd

  7. Hi JD...that is a great idea! I will think about how it might work.

    PS Millie seems to like her photo taken, quite a lot these days.

    She is laying on her binkie...dear God!

    Kelley : )

  8. hi kelley,

    how long have you been there now? it looks like you've been there forever. the attention to detail is amazing. your pillows are gagagorgeous.


  9. Hi Kelley, the shutters against the wall are great -- and the chairs, well of course heavenly. The chaise is quite cool, too.
    But I'm really liking the wall of prints -- what did you use?

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  11. Your living room is coming together beautifully. LOVE the new pieces you brought in, and the style of the room.
    I cannot believe the centerpiece you made from the backyard - AMAZING! All the best, Lori

  12. This is fun...just sitting back and watching you (re) create!! Gorgeous!

  13. Holy cow! That room is coming together so yummy I want to eat it! I want to sell all my furnishings and start much fun. I love Noir. I have seen their pieces at the Furniture mart in Atlanta. The shipping from California is pretty steep, and their minimums are quite high. Might have to buy retail as I am in serious love with those chairs!

  14. Love your new chairs Kelley. Excited for you cuz I know you're so happy to have more furniture in there! Can I tell you how much I love those vintage doggies?!
    Also, on the FP: what about finding the right size vintage shutters,free-standing, that are bulky enough to stand on their own? So, they stand closed or slightly opened just to provide an architectural element & take away from the black? If slightly open, then a large plant in a vintage bucket in the middle. When you need to use the FP, then just open them up on either side.
    I have a pair of vintage shutters that have been inside/outside and they're bulky enough to stand on their own, even on windy days. EBAY has alot of cool antique ones.
    If you do this idea, then the bread boards might have to go elsewhere in the room, so that it's not too much heavy wood in one vignette.
    Just a thought!
    Let me know what you think....

  15. Shutters would work! I know I'll find about a big beach towel?

    thanks for all of the ideas...: )

  16. Hi Kelley! You're really pulling the place's looking wonderful! I love the chair and the chaise. The vintage grainsack is beautiful and you I love how you let it be the star of the chair, and the chaise...that's just plain cool! Don't worry to much about the fireplace...your beautiful decorating puts it so far in the background that it's hardly noticeable, and the shine just reflects your talent and creativity that's taking over the space! :)
    xoxo J~

  17. Hi Kelley,

    WOW, it's all looking fantastic! The two chairs with the grainsack look absolutely stunning and I can't believe how the stitching on the sides worked out. It was meant to be!!!! Is the ol' leather chair part of this?? Is it just out of shot??? Am loving everything Kelley and have to say am so GLAD to see you kept some of my favourite things from your last house. For instance, the botanical prints on the wall, the breadboards and the wooden container that used to be on your dining room table. Looks good next to the chair with the magazines in it. I think I've waffled on enough!! Always enjoy calling in. Thanks for sharing. Oh, before I go am loving the vintage chase also. Is it very comfortable?? You have done such a gorgeous job mixing all the textures and I couldn't agree more with you in regards to the French Boutis.....Gosh did I say I was going now, yes well....better go...can't wait to see the dining room.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  18. Hi Kelley! Definitely the grain sack's incredible!!! I absolutely love it!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today and for stopping by!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  19. love your living room! sorry i'm a little late at responding to your comment the other day...but the cement planter consists of the following:

    portland cement, peet moss and perlite. I believe the ratios were 2 parts/ 1.5 parts/ 2part. just mix and mold:)

  20. I think it is all coming together beautifully!!
    but I have to agree the fireplace needs to be covered.
    you could get a tall vintage folding screen - the kind people change their clothes behind and just hide it totally but that would eliminate putting decorative stuff on the actual mantel. My second idea would be to have some custom "wood" wrap-around built that could slip up against and around it. Custom so that it wrap around the sides and "touched" the wall but with an opening so the fireplace itself could still be accessed and used. As well as the top could still display stuff on top. Can you picture? I can. :-)

  21. Hi Kelley! Those grain sack chairs are just amazing!!! Lovely job on those! But then again....I'm obsessed with grain sacks.... lol! It's fun to watch your room slowly come together and reflect more and more of you. :)

    xoxo laurie

  22. whoa. uneral. i've had my eye on those new noir chairs. did you notice how much some of them look like windsor's chairs in her own line? your room looks great! about the fireplace - do you use it? why not screen it off,or velcro fabric, or put a ooh ooh ooh - put a grass cloth wallpaper over the tile, tape it!!

    thank you for your kind words about my new design. got some negative opinions so i loved the nice ones like yours.

  23. Yahoo Kelley and Millie (love that Millie's taking time out of her active schedule for a cameo or two) Looks great! MORE PLEASE!!!!

    -I'd be super happy if you'd just take a random pic of whatever room, wherever you are (Ojai/condo)and post it everyday. I could drool for a good long time, be inspired, and have something new to add to my wish/to do list everyday :)


  24. Love both chairs but the vintage campaign chair stole my heart. Space is looking great!

  25. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love what your doing. I adore the way you use color through pillows (l.o.v.e. the pillows)...Ohhh...and I spy the old field pages behind the sofa...I'm so glad you took those from your other home, as I think they're amazing.

  26. I KNEW you'd make it look amazing!!!!!!

  27. Where do you live? Please the door unlocked so I can back up my SUV. I have pleanty of room for all 3 chairs!

    Your room looks absolutely fantastic!!!

  28. you are so very talented Kelley! Your living room looks great. How about (with your talents and all;)building a faux "box" mantle that you can just sit in front and over the marble??
    I LOVE that chaise!!! love.


  29. Have a contest for suggestions of what to do with the fireplace. Two categories: 1) the fire can be lit. 2) no fire. I keep thinking of fences, altars, upholstery, doors, shutters, flour and water paste decoupage, trees, covers like radiator covers. Anything has to be better than it is now. Love what you have selected so far. Ann


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