Little Hooters


 Yep...I have a pair of them
 Weird little Owl andirons, for the fireplace...
 with funny wonky eyes that light up when the fire gets going
 The eyes follow you not matter where you are looking....sort of creepy...but I like that about them
 My little owls are probably from the 50s,
 but there are older  owl andirons with amber eyes that can get up there, price wise 
 You can find similar andirons to these in the $150-$350 dollar price range
 They are so fun and interesting and children love them!
 The funny little feet and the branch add to the charm...
I swear this little guy needs some glasses?!

What  a hoot!

Oh please... did I really just type that?

Next post....

a great 

  1. HA!! Yes they are a "Hoot" ;)

  2. I once saw Cat andirons like that and though they were the Cat's Meow. Did I just say that? Well, guess I am in good pun company! Loving your funny little owls...a bit creepy with those big eyes following you as you move around ;>D Hugs- Diana

  3. I guess you could say that your Hooters are HOT!

  4. Oh...I would so love to find some of these!!! Thanks to my sorority days, I have a collection of owls...enough for a HOOTennany!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  5. These owls are really cute in a creepy kind of way! The eyes lighting up and then following you could freak someone out if they walked in a dark room and saw only these eyes. I do think they are adorable though!
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. Owl have to admit (ha!) that I have never seen owl andirons before. Very cool, if creepy!

  7. Love them! Never seen ones like this before~I love owls!


  8. Definitely a hoot!

    And yes, you did see an ice cream bucket lamp on my blog! Inspired by someone......hmm.....I wonder who that could be?!!!!

    It sold the very first day of my sale!


  9. Love them...and love the idea of a cozy toasty fire even more!

  10. We had an OWL-O-WEEN party for Halloween. I have collected owls for some time but a friend from church (little old lady) would go around to all her haunts and bring me a bag full every Sunday. She even found owl lamps! Owls have taken over my dining room, living room, kitchen and hall and I still have not taken them down..........

  11. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the smile!!

  12. I have never seen these before, and if I had before you explained, I wouldn't have known what they were for. Thanks for sharing...I love your blog!!


  13. I just saw a pair at the antique store... didn't have eyes like yours.

    I love owls!


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