Anniversary Toast in the Lavender Garden


It's my Wedding Anniversary...I will humbly admit to have been  married to the same person 
for 31 years
I was a child bride of course!
Time  to celebrate...
so's how's about a little bit of  Champs in the lavender garden?

These are my favorite little slurpies for drinking glasses necessary!
This is a light Rose' Sparkling Wine called Sofia

Francis Ford Coppola developed this wine for his daughter Sophia 
for her wedding
Chill and then pop the top and sip through the little straw...seriously fun!

I set our little afternoon treat, with just a few things....
Champagne, Strawberries and Chocolate
so very simple and romantic...don't you think?

 the little bouquet is a few thin and frilly stems of 
wild poppy, grapevine tendrils and lavender
 I planted these poppies from seed and they have taken forever to bloom 
 but today they seem especially pretty 
and almost transparent
 the Lavender garden is in full bloom

 and the grape vines are taking over the entire Apple orchard...literally!!!!

 for the chocolate...just supermarket stuff
my husband loves gummy bears 
( he doesn't read my blog so I can tell you this weird little detail)
but I should have served those too!

 tuck a few mint sprigs into your berries...I think it  looks prettier 
and it smells amazing

my table covering is an old piece of toile fabric

and the cocktail napkins are old hankies...washed and washed and faded so beautifully

So...Cheers to you too!
have a happy weekend

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  1. That is wonderful Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy anniversary to you , it is my wedding anniversary also 16 years for us...
    I am going to have to find that wine, love it .

    1. Happy Happy #16!
      Get the little sodas/champs you will love them!

  3. What a perfect celebration, congratulations on your thirty-one years Kelley - and you covered all the important food groups...

  4. Congratulations and best wishes!

    The poppies are simply lovely......

  5. Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 38th today~

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! What a great way to celebrate! We celebrated 27 years today, and went out for pizza...I know, don't be jealous! ;-) I will have to look for that wine!

    xo Kat

    1. Pizza sounds really good! Congrats to you and Mr Tide!!!!

  7. have been married as long as I have.....I love takes commitment, work and love to enjoy a good marriage...its worth it!

    1. I agree Julie! All of those things and a lot of wine too!

  8. Happy Happy Anniversary Kelley ... all the best, and here's to another 31!! P.S., gorgeous table - simply perfect!!

  9. Congratulations and happy anniversary, Kelley. Beautiful photographs.
    XO, Victoria

  10. Happy anniversary! Love the celebration setting. Those wine cans are sooo cute!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I just love gifting those cans of Sofia, almost as much as I love packing them up for a picnic! The photos are all gorgeous!

  12. Hello,

    Happy anniversary! We also celebrate with those cute Sofia wine every year on our daughter 's birthday. She spells it the same way..
    Have a nice weekend.


  13. Happy Anniversary! You've found, & held tightly to, what has escaped or been let go of by so many.

    Best wishes to the bride and congratulations to her groom!

  14. Thank you all for the wonderful fun are anniversaries of all kinds! I like them much better than Birthdays

    Cheers, Kelley

  15. HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary!! What a wonderful simple way to celebrate... well I am off to buy some wine/champs now!

  16. Kelley,
    Happy Anniversary! I love the cans of champagne, even the color and font on the can is appealing. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. thanks so much Karen...I like the fonts too...and there are little sayings on the cans too! Just really cute all around ; o )

  17. Happy Anniversary Kelley! I love those little cans of clever...and your strawberries look fabulous!!

  18. Congratulations on a long lasting marriage! We are just a few years behind you. As a fan of red, everything in your post is wonderful....from the precious drink cans and straws to the gorgeous photos of your flowers to the linens to the berries and chocolate. Perfection!

  19. Happy anniversary! We will be celebrating our 32nd this August. You have given me an idea how to celebrate, something very simple and sweet. My husband loves gummy bears too, and of course I'm a chocolate girl! Can you tell me where to buy Sophia?

    Happy weekend gardening!

  20. Congratulations! How did I miss this? Everything is beautiful, of course!


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