Benvenuto: Camisoni Premium Extracts

Today I want to introduce you a really interesting company and a new sponsor! 
This artisinal producer of premium cooking and baking extracts 
dates back to 1876  
where Antinio CamiSoni started selling his then famous extracts 
in the town of PortoFino Italy

 The family has a very long 
and the product continues to be made just outside of PortoFino 
where it is bottled and shipped  all over the world.
If you go to your neighborhood grocery stor,e most of the extracts sold for baking 
are actually imitation flavors
Camisoni extracts cannot be found in the grocery store and are made much the same way as when Antonio started his company
with passion and attention to detail 
for a superior product....I wish more companies thought this way!

 The products range from the traditional such as Vanilla, Coffee and Almond

to  the more exotic 
 like ginger and pine

you can add the extract to cakes, pies and cookies 
as well as ice cream, brownies and candy...any where you want a more flavorful addition to your recipe

I think the raspberry would be great added to a homemade jam recipe or a fresh fruit cobbler
and I'm definitely going to add some to my granola recipe...probably the almond

Check out their recipes and baking tips 
and interesting facts about Camisoni Premium Extracts

Can't wait to try it and share how I use it in 
some of my favorite recipes

Grazie for stopping by

  1. A good extract can make all the difference in the world when you are baking or cooking, I will definitely check them out!


  2. find the absolute best of the best...I can't wait to try anything Italian...actually wish I was there right this minute...


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