Shabby Chic in Beverly Hills

This lovely home in Beverly Hills, 
belongs to Jessica Simpson and it was recently listed for sale.  
Lets takes a peek...

What is interesting about this particular house, is that it has been owned by quite a few celebrities over the last 20 years, including Ellen DeGeneres and Paul Hogan (AKA Crocodile Dundee)
It was built by Kerry Joyce in the early 1990's and has undergone a few transformations 
primarily, in the way it is furnished.

Jessica hired Rachel Ashwell (girl crush alert!!) to help her
furnish this beautiful house
who doesn't love a sweeping staircase?
The house is in a gated and very private area of Los Angeles,
but take a look at the window coverings in every room...double and sometimes triple layering to insure her privacy

You can just about imagine all of the kookoo 
nut jobs wanting to look through her windows 

I love this cozy room...totally Shabby Chic but very elegant 
 The lighting in this room is really wonderful 
and there are numerous chandeliers throughout the house, each one a bit different

The choice of rugs in almost every room
are very subtle, faded pastels

Interesting there is little to no artwork, just mirrors
The formal Dining room...
love the beaded Chandelier  and the damask wall coverings
The long puddled drapery is perfect with Rachel's fabrics and overstuffed white slipped furniture

what a great kitchen...a bit industrial and a bit country with a great stone checkerboard floor
The mix of maple, stainless and brass is really great
another view of the kitchen and the interesting island
It looks like the backs of the cabinets may be painted aqua?!
A pretty little breakfast room
I would use wicker chairs in here with big Shabby Chic pillows
Vintage inspired elements in this classic white bathroom, but not overdone.
Notice the brass faucets knobs on the nickel faucet set
This must be the master bedroom
The bed is so pretty and simple and how about the turquoise velvet curtains
love those!!!
Another view of the master and a huge mirror
Notice the grey and cream striped wall paper used in the sitting area
Another bedroom with pretty wallpaper and soft pastel rugs.
Again, not a bit of art, just a mirror
The family room has great doors and windows &
this is probably where a flat screen resides  
this room feels like it is missing a few things, don't you think?
but she may have taken furniture out for the MLS photos
or she probably wasn't living here at the time

I'm sure you heard that she bought Ozzy and Sharon Osbourn's home in Hidden Hills,
which is just just a few miles from her old home
with ex-husband Nick Lachey
 The Osbourne home was decorated by Martin Lawrence Bullard

It will be interesting to see if she hires Rachel Ashwell again!
I hope she does!
but back in Beverly Hills...
the Nursery for her new baby girl all of the pillows.
She is now expecting baby number two, so I suspect she needs more space for the kids.
another sweet is the pink daybed?!~
 The grounds are very lush and private which is pretty typical of homes in
Beverly Hills and Brentwood
 Gorgeous pool and patio
 The balcony on the second story is 
off of the master bedroom sitting area
The koi pond and fountain are lovely 
and I suspect the grounds are actually much more impressive 
than these photos show

 another little patio off the family room
with wonderful trellises and beams

 The entry at dusk

the twinkle lights are so fun and romantic!
Maybe these were done for the Holidays and she decided to leave them year round?!

I remember seeing this house in a magazine years ago ( I think it was Elle Decor) so I did a bit more digging around and found some old shots from when Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee and his wife)
owned the house

I loved it then too,
but look how different the interiors are 
 It's hard to tell if this is the same room in these two photos (I think it is) or two different rooms 
but much of the furniture is the same

the mantels are a bit different too

I prefer the windows without the drapery
 and the brass rods
Rachel Ashwell's version below
What do you think?
The Master and sitting area with a pretty needlepoint rug,
totally different than today
Below is a shot of the Master bathroom from the Paul Hogan days
I love this bathroom
I would suspect those windows 
now have heaps of drapery for privacy
 but the linen sheers in this photo 
are beautiful

The dining room before:
and now today
Interesting isn't it?
how different a room can look with  a few changes
Hope you enjoyed the tour 
Most images via Sotheby's 
read about the listing
thanks for stopping by!

  1. A very interesting post that I really enjoyed reading. Comparing the spaces was so much fun, but the thing that intrigues me the most, and you mentioned it, is the absolute lack of artwork in the home, save the corner of the family room. It just looks incomplete to me, unfinished and is a perfect example of what artwork adds to a space. The image of the Osbourne's home and that door, that exquisite wooden sliding door, well It's incredible!

  2. I just adore all of the white sofas and the landscaping!

  3. After reading this are a few more thoughts.
    1. celebrity doesn't matter Hire someone you like AKA Rachel Ashwell and let her do her job
    2. keep it simple
    3. enjoy your home and your time with the kids
    4. fire up the grill
    5. remember you are really lucky

  4. joni webb recently did a post very similar to yours....after seeing this both times i can truthfully say that money doesn't necessarily buy beauty....i love your home and joni's much, much more than what these expensive "designers" came up with!

  5. i've been meaning to write you and congratulate you on the CL article!! i was so excited when i opened my issue and saw your home!! great article and of course great decor/gardens....

    i love the turq curtains on this post too...they're my fave and of course that great kitchen with checkerboard floor.

    hope you're having a great summer...i've been truly enjoying all your posts but haven't had time to comment on blogs lately cuz
    we had a water leak in our house...long story i'll have to blog about, but we're basically having all new wood floors put down, etc!!

    have a great wk!

  6. Now that was a fun tour...the home is the side reminded me of what you had done in your old house....I like collecting good ideas for those eye sore areas out side of dinning rooms...this one I also will save for my files...

  7. This was actress Jami Gertz home originally. Kerry Joyce was her architect and decorator - I've saved the entire spread (I have the Paul Hogan, with Kerry Joyce, version too) - the old fashioned way. In a 3 ringed binder!

    My tear sheets don't have the magazine identified (imagine a time when publishing credit was not as important) it was likely Metropolitan Home.

    I think you're correct that currently, the home is stripped down for marketing - but a quality stager would have insisted on at least some artwork! The best lesson from this home being featured so frequently? Your personal style is just that, and a home with good bones can absorb most decor impulses - just do it! :-)

    1. Hi Linda, I did know that Jamie Gertz had the home built originally but I have never seen photos of it when she owned it. I agree with you...a great house will continue to be a great house even if it gets redecorated a million times ; o ) And no one can copy someones true personal style

      xo kelley

  8. Eh. Just looks like a photo shoot to me; it doesn't seem like anybody actually lives there.
    I do love that kitchen island.

  9. Eh. Just looks like a photo shoot to me; it doesn't seem like anybody actually lives there.
    I do love that kitchen island.


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