The Big Squeeze

 Yum...its orange season
 Our family orchard has about 15 Valencia orange trees
 And right now is peak season for harvesting.  
Valencia's can stay on the trees for a very long time and continue to ripen.  
 With this many oranges to juice, I went in search of the best 
and most efficient way to juice these baby's
I've owned a Krups, a Waring, an Acme 
and probably at least dozen other brands over the years... 
But lo and behold
 Juicing nirvana:
The Breville
 This juicer is a power tool for the kitchen 
 I typically juice 50 to 60 oranges at a time and can get the job done in about 10 minutes, with a yield of 3 quarts of scrumptious yummy juice
 The juice just pours out of the fruit and you can vary the amount of pulp
 with the different sized strainers.

 The arm of the juicer simply drops down 
and requires absolutely zero effort on your part,
 to get the oranges squeezed

 This machine gets every last bit out of the fruit and all you are left with is the rind and it is so user friendly!
 I read many of the reviews on cooking web sites about this great machine 
And I can add my own now....

Now who's got the bubbly
I feel like a Mimosa...

Have a healthy and juicy weekend

  1. Very cool, both the juicer and the fact that you have fresh oranges from a family orchard!

    Kat :) *raises hand for a mimosa!*

  2. love that!!!;) Now Im craving an orange julius!! xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. oooooohhhh! Love Orange Julius too, haven't had one in years, thanks Rachael

    And heres a "clink clink" with Kat

    xo kelley

  4. This is something that I really miss about living in the foothills. It is too cold here for citrus but just down about a thousand feet in elevation, there are huge groves of oranges and madarins especially. You are so lucky to be able to have these at your disposal. There is just nothing like fresh juice. I will have to check out that juicer one of these days. Do you think that Sur La Table would have it?

  5. Hi Kelly! Boy that looks good!!! I need a new juicer. Mine was a hand-me-down from my aunt...35 years ago! But it still works... I like this Breville one...may just have to break down and buy one.

    I miss our grove...I grew up with one in front of the house...about 50 trees: temple orange , a couple of sour orange trees, tangerines, mercots, satsuma, grapefruit, lemon and Persian and Key limes, and the most amazing Ponderosa lemon tree (These are HUGE lemons!). Next to the house we had kumquat and calamondin trees. We also had guava and avocados...when the squirrels didn't get there first. My mother go to the street for the paper, stop to gather enough oranges for breakfast, then squeeze them and serve us fresh orange juice that was "kissed by the dew". I was so spoiled!!! (one of the perks of living in central FL)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. Love the fresh oj and thanks for the tip about the juicer! I am going to hold onto that one because ours is going to break anyday now. Enjoy those mimosas! xo Caroline

  7. i'm in for mimosas girl!
    ok this is why i soooo wish i could have a Calif garden...oranges? and valencia to boot? that is sooooo our freeze recently (and even in Austin, Texas) our ONE dinky orange tree froze....I was thrilled b/c it finally started growing good(it was a small tree we planted the yr before)...then it got zapped. I'm not sure HOW it was forgotten b/c all our other good plants got wrapped for the freeze....

    but I'll still have to look for that juicer even if I have to buy the store bought oranges!

  8. These juicers are every where. You can get them at Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma but I think the major Dept. stores have them too.

    Sorry about your frozen tree Jeanette ; 0 (


  9. I will be buying oranges today because of you! My family thanks you in advance.

  10. Wow! Does that look good! Lucky you...

  11. i so love this post and will probably go buy the juicer.... i have my little krups and it works but i love this one... i am so envious of your trees (i live in seattle) when i travel to california i just love all of the fruit trees... i find them so fascinating and cool... i pay $300-$500 a bottle for "real fresh juice" here... but i love it so i pay it!
    xx pam

  12. Oh yum!! I'm with whoever mentioned orange Julius (makes me think of the Del mar Fair! ; ). Although I'll never say no to a mimosa!
    Xo, Melissa

  13. I love fresh squeezed orange juice. Your photos make my mouth water!

  14. I love tangerine juice, and they are so sweet right now. I might need that juicer!

  15. thanks so much! Love your blog ......and will get this juicer! I'm in Montecito! lots of oranges and lemons and tangerines too!


  16. Great tip!! I adore oranges but usually just eat them whole, not juicing. Now if I had my own orchard, it might be a different story!! And mimosas - now you're talking!!

  17. The orange julius, the mimosas, the fresh squeezed orange juice! Yummmm.

  18. YUMMMM! Ironically I have a load of lemons that my relatives in California (Westminster) mailed out to me recently -so I have been cooking a lot with lemons. But may have to juice a few and start summer lemonade early.


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