The Modern Vintage Bathroom


We are starting some remodeling on the interior of our little house in the country.  
The bathrooms will be the first to go....and boy do they need to go.
  I have been looking over all of my clippings and design books for the right elements that will work in the small spaces but still feel open and uncluttered.
This is humble house, so I don't think we want to go too overboard with the design. 
 It should feel vintage but at the same time be modern and clean and 
definately not fussy.
These photos of wonderful bathrooms seem to have that certain something.

But in the end,
 I decided that the more minimal the design,
 more importance will be placed on the fixtures
and the more timeless the end result will be.
 These last two photos are the bathrooms of architect Elizabeth Roberts.
She currently lives in Brooklyn, with her family in a restored 1860s brownstone
But do these bathrooms feel right in a home of that age?

I really think they do!

Here are the elements we have purchased for our master bath remodel

Console sinks from Porcher Lutezia Series
 we will use two side by side

The faucet sets from Kohler, the Purist Series

 The freestanding tub is Randolf Morris
 and can be found at Vintage Tub and Bath

The tub filler is also from the Kohler Purist Series 
The shower system is from Hansgrohe  called Raindance
It has an exposed thermostatic valve and handshower

And sconces from Schoolhouse Electric Co
This is called Rensselaer
And finally....
The floors will be a honed Carrera or Thassos 
in a stacked mosaic or basket weave

something similar to this...
I'm still looking!
(tile from Waterworks)

I will take some "before" photos this weekend


  1. Wonderful!! I vote basket weave!
    I love the sinks - they remain spacious in the small space with room to put a large basket of something underneath.

  2. Love it all Kelley! Gorgeous and timeless for sure. That tub....*sigh* I bet you cant wait to hop in it after a long dirty day in the garden!!
    Happy Wednesday my dear :)

    ps - I see one of your vintage basket/tin/chest finds under each console....

  3. Love your inspiration pics! And your choices are going to look stunning! That freestanding tub is such a luxury. Love it! Can't wait to see your marble bath finished.

  4. Kelly, I love everything! The sinks and tub are fabulous. I know with your touch the bath will be beautiful.

  5. Your bathroom is clearly going to be fabulous. Love your vision and your picks! Especially love the light fixture!

  6. So gorgeous. The sinks are fabulous and that tile...yum! It is sure to be a show stopper.

  7. It's going to look amazing Kelley! I love all of your wonderful tile and fixture choices and console sinks are my absolute favorite! Love that first very pretty!

    Kat :)

  8. I am so happy you think the minimalist idea will be good.

    Wait until you see the before photos....OMG!

    thanks for stopping by!

  9. Love all your choices. Right up my alley. Can't wait to see the before and after shots. I just got the "go ahead" from my husband to remodel our downstairs guest bathroom at home. It is soooo ugly. Why have I lived with it for so long? I'll be following your remodel for inspiration!

  10. hi kelley,

    i approve.

    so which bathroom will be mine? seriously.


  11. I can't wait to see all those element pulled together. It is looking quite wonderful! Hugs-Diana

  12. I love the console sinks but I'm totally IN LOVE with that sink using the old end table with the spindly legs. Love the marble but not too fancy for the country? And those Rensselaer lights. Gotta go buy me some right now. Totally HOT!

  13. it is going to be so beautiful! i love the sinks. our virginia home has the kholer purist fixtures exactly like the ones in the photos. we loved them! and we also purchased toto toilets in our california home. they are so awesome. i can't wait to see the final reveal!!!

  14. Addendem: Their Edison bulbs are fantastic!

  15. I'm swooning over bathroom #2. I love all the creamy white, the curtains, the lighting, the vintage cabinet and the touches of black. All together is a perfect fit for me.

  16. Love all the elements you have chosen for the master - can't wait to follow along with your progress!

  17. love your choices!
    hey, i noticed your great new profile pic....are you a brunette now? you look maahvelous!

  18. Aaah can't wait to see how it turns out!


  19. Love your choices (and love School House)! We also mixed traditional with modern in our master...and it was the faucets that were the modern part too. It's going to be so wonderful...can't wait to see it!
    xo J~

  20. I cant wait to see how your bathroom turns out!Your inspiration photos are gorgeous~ Hugs,Rachel ;)

    French Farmhouse 425

  21. Wow...wonderful exciting for you! We re-did ours a while back and its soooooooo tiny..but I love it!!! All the best,Chrissy

  22. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!

  23. Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration! I am currently working on updating 3 baths and it is quite the process:)


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