Got Bait? Lamps from vintage minnow buckets

 Here is a new lamp I worked up for the extra room in our little condo. 
 I  use this room as an office and it has a hide-a-bed couch for visitors...which I rarely have had since we moved.  Is there something I need to know?
These are vintage Old Pal bait/minnow buckets. 
 The graphics are wonderful and bright.  There's that red color popping up again.  
Each bucket is different, but the same size and shape.  

 For the shades, I used a vintage french dust skirt. 
The contrast detail at the top is original and we slightly shortened the length.
Using a plain linen shade as a base, 
we slip covered it with a single seam at the back and attached it with stitching at a few  spots along the top to prevent it from moving around.  
You could probably use glue as well and maybe skip the rear seam all together.

 My office set up is pretty bare bones but it works for now.  
I needed a really narrow desk in order for the couch to be folded out as a bed.
  This is a reclaimed wood product, actually a console, from Halo Styles that sits on wood saw horse legs.
The down side to this desk is I can't spread anything out and I haven't found a good solution for the printer yet...any ideas
I was thinking of a basket...maybe?
I know.... is my computer huge...or what!
The chairs are smallish, vintage wicker, with great old green paint

 I had a few yards of the Bennison floral left over from the dining room chairs and I like mixing florals together so I used it for these chair cushions.  
I added a 1/2 inch flanged welting for some detail.
 Keeping this room really bright and simple was the priority but it still has to function as an office and a bedroom. 
Here is sneak peek of some of the other items in this room.
More red!!!! 

Now where did I leave my scissors?

  1. Love this room! The lamps are charming - love the contrast of the rustic buckets with the floral. Everything works beautifully together and totally envious of your beautiful large monitor. What about a rolling cart for your printer? Like the lucite ones from cb2?

  2. Love the lamps! They're adorable! When I first saw them I thought "How cute! They look just like little skirts." Further down when you said that they were dusting skirts. Well, shear genius! Why haven't I thought of that? Love the room! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very cute! I also love the dog bowl for the notes holder.
    Here's a great solution for your office, check out Brooke's idea here:

  4. Nice little office set up. I'm with you though-there's not much room to spread things out. I just went with a smaller desk..and..don't printer is set up on a wooden fold-out TV tray (you know the kind that came in a set of 4) until I find a better solution. It is the perfect size and doesn't take up much room next to my desk.

    Lamps are is the cushion! Love the fabric...Hugs- Diana

  5. Very cute. Love the lamp idea. Great.

  6. well isn't that clever?!! and yes your computer is huge (note to self: dust before photos or Kelley will be able to see every "bunny" in the house!;)
    I have that same 'dog' bowl. I once started a collection, then realized I didn't need another collection! love how you have used it!
    happy sunday!

  7. Hi Joan, too late...I saw your "bunnies"
    xo kelley

  8. Hi Kelley,

    Your 'office' as with everything you do looks stunning. Love the unusual lamps with their equally gorgeous floral shades. I also really love the trestle table that your computer sits on....I've been thinking of one for our sunroom one day, when the kids are a little older and I can furnish this room for real!!!

    I also love the white pull-out sofa bed (thingy) and love the splashes of red. I LOVE RED, it makes me feel really happy!! I'm also loving the grey cane wing chair...all gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful week Kelley. Will call in again soon.

    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  9. LOVE IT! have inspired me to tackle my office/studio today.

    I truly love the bait bucket lamps...I can see them, sans flowery shades/skirts, in my husband's office (if I can ever get him to clear up his desk. We both work best in chaos...truth!)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  10. I can't believe I got rid of the two I had! OMG! I never thought lamps! Those are so gorgeous! I love the shades! Why am I not a genius like you? :)

  11. I really love those lamps. Question? Do you make your own pillows and those great floral "lamp skirts"? Or does someone else do your sewing? It is all so beautiful.

    What about a vintage suitcase for your printer? You could leave it closed when not in use then open for printing. Just a thought...

    Love your blog. Thanks.

  12. Love the small space solution and looks gorgeous as always - but I have to say I like "shar's" idea above the best -

    by the way who dusts in a beautiful skirt/apron? 'cause I don't!

  13. Shar: I have a wonderful upholstorer that I have used for many years. I have to say though this is the first time they made a slip cover for a lamp.

    I did in fact solve the printer issue. I tried a few baskets etc and could not get it too work right. I ended up putting it in another room with some cabinet doors to conceal it. It kind of a pain but it's OK for now!


  14. Stack some old luggage and put the printer on that! All looks great!
    xo J~

  15. Try an upside down basket! take it off when you use it! And stick it back on!


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