Garden Update: A few new things

The garden continues to change and mature... 
We keep finding interesting and secret spots
to create little niches and places to sit

 Some of the projects have a support grapes, as in this case

 And some of the projects have been inspired by the view 

Or the location, 
in relation to where we work in the garden

 At the very rear of the veggie garden are two peach trees.
  The spot was a little bare with just this bench,
 but a wonderful vantage point.
What could we do here?
 On a recent trip to Big Sur, up in Northern California, 
we were taken with this wonderful arched pergola.
 This seemed like just the thing for a vine covered spot in our garden,
 and it didn't seem like it would be too difficult to build

I also wanted to add a little folly to the pergola...just for fun 
 These are new gates,
which have been "ageing" in the yard,
for the last few months
 The details are vintage looking 
and they are now really rusty and look right at home 
 The arches of the pergola are made of large  glulam beams with a 12' span.
It took a while to find a manufacturer,
 but eventually we found a supplier who made them out of cedar.
The funny thing about these beams is that they are made first to your specs
and then sent out to be bent.

The wood will have a similar patina to redwood over time 
and we have used redwood on almost all of the other garden structure projects.  
 The top is made up of alternating 4x4 and 2x4 beams
   The same turn buckle and wire system, 
will help to support the vines when they are newly planted
 The rusted gates are now at home along the front.  
They don't really close or do much,
 except make you smile.
 I really like them...
The arch of the gate fits nicely with the arch of the beams
 I have always wanted a Wisteria vine in my garden and so this will be the place.
Wisteria grows like a weed here in Ojai....not really sure why
There are many old beautiful vines on the historic buildings downtown, which people seem to ignore but they are really amazing when they are in bloom
  I am hoping this will be a wonderful spot
to sit when the vines have matured 
 A simple project really.  
I will get the vines planted next week....
not looking forward to digging those holes!  

I'm sure there are about 4 million rocks,
  lurking under the surface, waiting for the tip of my shovel!

Notice the blooms on the peaches...

I can't believe it!

Spring has sprung


  1. Holy mole! Beautiful! I think I need to get myself one of those pergolas, with the grapes too of course. I am boring over here and grow my grapes over an it! xo Caroline

  2. Your yard is beautiful! I would love a yard like that! WOW!

  3. Lovely! Excited to see the lush blooms of the wisteria in contrast w/ the succulents and rocks.

  4. I love your gardens Kelley~ I wish I could be there~Your chippy bistro table and chairs are wonderful too! Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. what a fun project! can NOT believe it is Spring there!! yay! that means it will eventually get here!
    love the gates... I have a couple of things outside getting patina myself;)

    Your yard is gorgeous!
    enjoy that beautiful weather!

  6. Uh...yeah...Dear Kelley, I will be stopping by soon to steal those chairs! They are so awesome! Ya, I still say awesome!

  7. Love the addition...cannot wait to see wisteria dripping from the beams...Oh it's going to be so beautiful!!! You must share photos...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. Please tell me that echinacea and crocosmia photo is from last year. PLEASE!

    Love the gates. And love the fourth photo looking across the lawn at the house.

  9. Inspiring photos.... Imagine how pretty it will be next week after all this anticipated rain!

  10. Kelley- Gorgeous...and I LOVE those new/old "gates". How perfect for a little added interest and the echo the curve of the pergola nicely. Well done. oh- and I love the little peach trees too~ Hugs- Diana

  11. just think of this ... gardening burns 200 calories an hour !!! yippee

  12. Thank you for the comments,

    I must add that I have "tweeked" my back..if that is a word.

    I will not be doing much gardening for the next few weeks.

    Thanks for stopping by and as always I love to hear what you are thinking!

    xo kelley

  13. What a lovely garden and love the new arch and gates. So sorry you hurt your back - I have done that - most definite NOT fun!! Hope you'll be feeling better soon!!

  14. Love the new structure!...Good girl to plant you wisteria on that!...we had one @ our old house and it took the gutter and jsut twisted t!...But it looked stunning curling along the railing...we had to cut it back 10' twice a year...I miss it!.....Stunning & fragrant!

  15. Uh Oh...I have done that and it is mighty painful......stay low for a while :) I must admit I get so jealous of your wonderful weather in Calif.....being able to work outside most of the year.....

  16. My mother has two wisteria vines she has been trying to grow for like 15 years - they grow great but never bloom! We traveled many years ago to Venice Italy where they also grow like weeds and they also thrive in my neighborhoods along the coastal north shore of the Boston area.
    My amateur un-documented opinion... They like cool,misty nights along the ocean with warm days. Something my mother doesn't get in southern, central new Hampshire.
    Wisteria will be perfect on that perfect pergola!!

  17. love it...the wisteria will be beautiful on the pergola!

  18. Ahhh. Your yard is pure paradise. LOVE the curve of the wood. They bend it, eh? It'll be a beautiful wisteria folly!

  19. Is this garden on your bare land you said you are working on? Is the house we can see the neighbor? I'm confused because earlier in your blog you showed this same house--and I understood that to be the house your sold? But now it's a beach house you sold? When you spend most weekends on your land, caring for your garden where do you stay?
    Also, are your showing present pictures of your garden? or past pictures?
    It is all so confusing!

  20. Hi Kelley; WoW..your gardens are so beautiful and your pergola with their perfect gates included. Nothing is more rewarding than creating something from your own 2 hands and getting them dirty. I love California and miss living there a lot, only got to for less than 2 years in the San Diego area. It just has the most unique smell, hard to explain. I really love your blog and I can't wait to see how your Wisteria grows and enhances what you've built. Have a great sunny weekend.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  21. It's gorgeous now, I can't wait to see it with the vines climbing!!

  22. Awesome that you talk about digging in the garden! I have met many rocks in my digging too!


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