Stalking Furniture


Have you ever stalked a piece of furniture?  
I have. 
Not just one piece, but many. 

I saw it one day... tucked away in a dark little corner of a great antique shop.  
I leave and pretend I'm not all that interested. 

 I go home and think "that was such a great piece" 
I hope nobody buys it.  

Two weeks later I return's still here.... Oh my.... it's even cuter that I thought it was!

I go home and think "maybe it's overpriced" 
I hope nobody buys it.

Three weeks later I's BLUE....and it has rust!!!! I take a picture with my phone so I can secretly look at it later.  

I go home and look at the picture...and think "I love it, it's perfect".
I hope nobody buys it.

One month late I's still there.  I look at the price tag...$450...Is it worth $450?
No turning back....

I buy's mine...YES!!!!

wow that was alot of work

Rusty Blue Garden Table 
one month of stalking

  1. It was waiting for you :) It is perfect against the floors and with your accessories! Congratulations and I love the color!

  2. I do that ALL the time! But you were very lucky this time... That it was still there! You are one Lucky lady! It looks fab! The color gets me excited! LOL


  3. A single word answer to your question ~~~~ YES!

  4. $50 for the table; $400 for the charm!

  5. I've stalked every piece of furniture in your house, including those patterned club chairs you can barely see in the photo of the living room. Oh, and the Hollywood Regency bamboo armoire/unit. TO DIE FOR!

  6. definitely worth the stalk. if you absolutely LOVE it you should always buy it right away, rather than run the risk of losing it to someone else. wonderful purchase!

  7. Hi Kelley
    Found your gorgeous blog this morning - looking forward to reading through some of your posts. I noticed the one about Kathryn Ireland (one of my favourite decorators) - thanks for the mention of her book "Creating A Home", I'll look for it.
    Your chippy blue table is gorgeous & yes, I've "stalked" furniture too :-)What a great find!

  8. Kelley,
    As I was reading, I kept thinking you were going to say eventually that the table was sold! So glad it waited for you! You were meant to have it and it looks beautiful in your home. I do the same thing too--stalk furniture!

  9. That is the reason I try not to venture out. I become obsessed with 'things' and even lose sleep over it.
    You made the right move Kelley, it IS worth the money spent and the time stalking it. :)

  10. story of my life!
    (fear of commitment.)

  11. Who knew there were so many furniture stalkers out there!!

    We should start a club...?!

    : ) kelley

  12. That's pretty darn cute - I too, have stalked furniture, so I know what you are saying. Love the squirrel shot.

  13. wow...she's beautiful! and i'm not talking about the squirrel. haha. the rusty blue is perfection. i'm having stalking desires all of a sudden!

  14. So true. Unfortunately I usually find that if I don't buy it the first time around it is gone. Which is even worse. Love the table and I love the piece in the background with the bamboo!


  15. Love that table! Yes I stalk furniture too, you should see my garage...YIKES! Just found your blog, very creative so of course I will be back...Marcia

  16. Hi Kelley,

    LOVE, LOVE your blue table. The patina is gorgeous and it really looks wonderful in your room. At the moment I am looking for a sideboard to hold the HUGE t.v. but am having no luck. Every town I come to I go into all the shops just in case and nothing. This table was ment to be yours and I'm so glad it waited there for you. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  17. it was meant for your home! i love it!!
    your house is always sooooo beautiful, every vignette....
    yesterday my husband and i were sitting in our "piano room" and i told him the lighting was so beautiful outside at that moment & that a lil vignette in that room looked like the "lighting of Polished Pebbles" house! ( I always love the lighting in your pics and thought it HAD to be Calif &/or the camera type....but yesterday's sunset created that same light! (don't know if that makes sense or not, but it did to us seeing the light in our white room w/the light of outside , the greens of the gardens thru the windows, etc., in it's beautiful cast!) (and i'm typing on my FIRST cup of bear w/me!)
    have a great day,

  18. Wow! Stalking Success Achieved!

  19. Love it. It has the perfect patina and the color is to die for. I'm sooo jealous! And, of course, I have stalked furniture too.

  20. What great comments, stalkers everywhere.
    The club has officially been started, any nominations for officers? Should we have special hats? I think so!

    have a great weekend xxkelley

  21. yes, I have stalked furniture and one of my favorite pieces is a clock that I went back and forth looking at for several months. I know it was worth the price every time I walk by it and smile!

  22. Kelley, Kelley, Kelley!

    What a funny post. Yes a thousand times yes. I've stalked everything I own just about.

    But I must say that table looks spectacular in your house. And OMG your house just keeps getting prettier and prettier. The lilacs!!!


  23. I love it and I love your sense of humor!!!

  24. That table looks like the sky is floating right in the middle of your room!
    I'd say this is stalking at it's best!


  25. Oh the envy I have right now :) What a stunning table - funny how sometimes things are just meant to be! So happy I stopped by, I look forward to following! xo

  26. It had your name written on it...
    Looks great!

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  27. oh thank goodness it's not just me!
    the table was soo worth it ...
    i love it...great find...

  28. Your table is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. the shade of blue is perfect! I also love the glass jars with the green lids...really...everything you pick is just gorgeous!

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