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Meet Amber
Amber is the creative force behind a new blog called;
She describes herself as "shy" but we have emailed and talked on the phone, just because of becoming blogger friends... not at all shy, I think!
Amber is a stay at home mom, with this little cutie, 3 year old....I bet she's busy!
But she has also made a serious personal commitment to a charitable cause by joining a running club called: 
The goal is to raise funds by running a half or full marathon and she started her blog to chronicle her experience. 
 The funds raised by Amber will go to support research for Lymphoma and Leukemia.  This type of cancer is the most common in children
 and it has a special place in her heart.
And in my heart as well.

Yep..... Amber it does!!!!

She has lots of new gadgets and thingy's to help her along....but in the end its all about the running....and she's doing a lot of it

She even had a interview on local San Diego the hat Amber!
Blogging is a personal adventure
 and running at this level is too!
I think you will enjoy her blog and maybe you would like to follow along on this great journey with her...
Is she cute or what?
Having a loved one with cancer is a very long and sometimes lonely road,
 but it's nice to know there are those that hold that journey in high esteem.... giving up hours of their personal time for the benefit of others.
People they will never meet and never know.
I did a post over a year ago about my own journey, which you can read here

Thank you Amber 
You're my hero

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  1. I've had the pleasure to meet Amber through the rustic rooster... & I can only say POSITIVE things about this woman! {her daughter is adorable} Her strength to train & raise money is AMAZING! I trained as well with the same team & I know it's a challange... But nothing like a person who has Cancer! She's awesome! You can do it Amber!!!! I still would love to help any way I can... Yes, A BLOG post about you is on the way from the rooster chicks!!!!!! Hope to see you soon! I do enjoy reading your blog as well... Keep up the hard work!!!! :)


    P.S. Kelley that is so kind of you to do a post on her! You rock too! :)

  2. hi kelley!
    i read all the time but rarely comment. TNT is a wonderful organization. I have done olympic distance triathlons through them many times and can't say enough good things about them. Ironically enough, my own mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. This is a crucial cause and a wonderful way to give back. Thanks for helping put the word out!!

  3. hi kelley,

    i just went back and read your older post. i never knew you lost a son to cancer. i cannot imagine how you lived through that. my sincere and deepest condolences to you. that fact that you garden, cook, decorate, blog, walk or even breathe is a testament to your inner strength and beauty. i'm really speechless.

    i will go to her blog right now and give my support.


  4. Hi and thank you!

    Most of the time I blog about pretty pillows and gardens....but sometimes it's good to step back and talk about things that are not fun but are happening around us every day.

    So keep the faith and hug your family's so important!


  5. humbled by your post and the comments! thank you for sharing my story!



  6. I'm blown away by your story and your strength. My mom does the 3 day breast cancer walk every year - she walked in it the first few years, and now does the sweep team (she drives the Titty Taxi! : ) We go every year to cheer everyone on and it is one of the most incredibly humbling experiences. Our family lost a very close friend to breast cancer, and two this year alone to different types of cancer. I agree - cancer sucks. Way to go to Amber!


  7. Completely humbled by your experience. I can't even imagine. I feel for you and cancer does SUCK!
    Good for Amber for running for cancer! Maybe someday i'll do the same:)
    Thank you for shaing your very personal experience!

  8. Good for Amber. My daughter ran that same race in San Diego a few years ago, in honor of my Dad who died of Lymphoma and my best friend who is in remission from Lymphoma. I remember your story Kelley and I know this is very important to you. I can't imagine.... I would love to send a donation.
    Cancer sucks!

  9. thank you for bringing such an important story to the blog. Cancer has deeply affected both my family and my husbands.

  10. yes i agree CANCER SUCKS! i have lost a wonderful father inlaw to cancer a few years ago! Kelly, so sorry about your are an inspiration to many and myself! I lost my baby sister to a random act of crime and I know exactly what you mean by "Hug your family & keep your faith" you just never know but, with Gods blessing I get thru each and everyday!! God Bless you and Amber :) xoxo's nancy

  11. Such wonderful comments and thank you all for sharing your stories.

    Cancer affects almost everyone and yet it's very hard to talk about. We live in a world where we are somewhat afraid to admit that life is not perfect and that lousy things often happen to good people.

    I will be doing a "good deeds" post every couple of months.

    thanks to all of you again for sharing,

    kelley xxoo

  12. YAY Amber!! Thanks for sharing her with us Kelley.


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