Vintage Kitchen Canisters

 These wonderful vintage enamel canisters are so appealing and fun.
They have dozens of uses in the kitchen, bathroom, as office storage and even in the baby's nursery

This old german bread box says "Give us this day, our daily bread"
Something about the shaker simplicity of the plain grey is very appealing, I think

You can find these in so many shapes and sizes and the prices are relatively low
It might be fun to mix in a canister with great graphics
This little blue one is so tattered and worn...I love it
Pink for the baby's nursery...this would be great for diapers

A collection of mixed shapes and colors maybe?
A big blue fish poacher on your coffee table to hold....whatever
I actually purchased one of the items above....can you guess...?

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  1. I have a white with black trim enamelware bucket that I keep my cleaning supplies in.

  2. Ummm...I'm guessing the cracker pail? OR....The pink one? Or the one with blue- Ha! Did you notice how sneaky I am-cuz that last guess covers just about everyone of them! lol Now-Do Tell! Which one did you get? I like them ALL! Diana

  3. Fish poacher, fish poacher. With baby white rose plants.
    But I want that German one. Oh my.

  4. I love them all!! I guess the last one?

  5. far you haven't got it right....but I love the fish poacher soooo much too.

    I love the cracker pail also Diana!

    xx kelley : )

  6. my first thought was the blue fish poacher b/c i thought you could hide a bottle in it. but you said no. so my next guess is the pink baby pail. grandma?


  7. wrong again..!
    no grrandmas here....that I am aware of....too scarey

  8. ps I an so old Icnt spl xxkley

  9. I love your blog!
    Love this post too. I have a few antique/vintage tins also. I love that German bread box and the cracker tin. They are great displays for kitchens!

    Thanks for sharing~


  10. I guess the German Bread Box. I love these old canisters.

  11. Hmmm, I think you purchased the flour canister. They are all fun though. I particularly like the little cream colored pail with lid and handle.

  12. ... be still my ❤

    the shaker grey makes my knees weak

  13. I think you purchased any one of the ones with writing on them -consider your thing for "signage" but the more I think about it - I think maybe you own them all!! :-)

  14. Well OK enough of my nonsense....I bought the little blue one at the top of the page with the bail handle. But they are all great. I think the fish poacher might have the most potential and you could probably use it if it was in good shape.

    Carol is right, it is surprising that I don't own them all, but a I am making an effort to curtail my need for collections! It's hard!!!!

    thanks for playing along...kelley

  15. Lots of very fun vintage finds!!
    Good job Kelley!

    Art by Karena

  16. Hi Kelley! We definitely share a love of enamelware, girlie! I have one that says "Simple Pleasures" on it that hubby and I call our 'pickin' pot'. We take it with us to the garden to pick veggies for dinner every night. Then there's the big pale blue stew pot, and the elongated serving pot and.....well, you get my drift..... lol! Fun post!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk


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